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Harakiri Or ‘Kiri’ For Gota? President Is ‘Misguided’ By His Own Intelligence

Hell broke loose when President Sirisena expressed his displeasure over top three Naval officers and ex defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa – war heroes were taken to the Colombo Courts but what ails president to speak so?


The man who said if anyone proved to be corrupt and substantiated with evidence, he will not spare them. But the President was annoyed and angry for questioning veteran senior politician M H M Fowzie or misuse of state vehicles.

He blamed the CID, FCID, and the Bribery Commission for working based on political agendas and ‘not complying to be independent’.

The President told that last year also military officers were taken for questioning and he expressed his displeasure.

“Few Weeks ago too, the CID took three top Navy officers who fought the war to courts. I was totally against that action,” he told the audience gathered at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute on October 12,

He said, he sees that the Independent Commissions should be focused and maintain ethics and policies, should know their limitations and areas of work as well.

He pointed out that he was not informed about former defence Secretary Gota taken to Colombo Magistrate last week where he was detained for few hours before he was released on bail.

“If there is an issue regarding Avant Garde and Defence Ministry involved, there is a way to probe. There is a method to follow on such cases. As the executive President I was not informed about Gotabaya being taken to courts and bailed later on,” the President asserted.

Gotabaya and six others was detained in connection to Avant Garde case in Colombo Courts for few hours before Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya granted bail and released them last week.
President also pointed out that couple of military officials who are in police custody for more than 10 months and their cases are not being heard. “When I inquired, initially they said its only for two weeks. After two weeks they said 3 months will be needed. Then it went up to 16 months.”

He stressed that if these officials have found guilty, then a case should be filed.”If no case against them release them or grant bail and continue with the probe,” he added.

He said he did not want to bring this matter but now he had to. He pointed out that we should be responsible and these are human rights violations. The FCID CID and BC cannot work on political agendas.

The point is, why not probe? Whose political agendas is the President talking about and what’s upsetting him actually?

According to inside sources President is being ‘fed’ with information that is triggering all these chaos.

Apparently, some group is watching on the coming events and informing the President who in return is ‘watching’ how certain officials conduct themselves and the parameters they use when dealing with the VIP cases.

Director General of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption Mrs. Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe seems to be ‘leaking’ news to the media every time she meets the President. This has been told to him.

It is alleged that she, after meeting the President releases the news to a leading newspaper. This has been happening for considerable period of time sources say.

On the other hand, the President when meets her has been discussing about the corruption and bribery cases coming next and she notifies him the names and the issues. However, she has ‘avoided’ telling about Gota’s cases that was taken to the courts recently on the Avant Garde case. Why she did not mention his name is a point to ponder too.

The President concluded that all of them were working on political agenda which means not in favour of his party but obviously the United National Party (UNP) – his co partner of the unity government.

He said “I will take stern action if the officials work on political agenda” which means they are on the ‘other side of the fence’.

The inside sources say that the President has also noticed that every time Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe leaves the country, the FCID, BC and the CID become ‘active’ and summon people on corruption aggregations.

The President is in a state of discomfort because it ‘looks’ like he is ‘involved’ in these matters when the Premier is not in the country.

He was made believe that he is fetching the FCID CID and the BC to work on the cases. Why is that when the Premier is out of the country FCID and CID are busy picking people he has been ‘told’.

He is obviously informed by a group that is spotting and splitting it based on party and politics.

Officials have come to know that the President who was light hearted and very easy going has now turned out to be plucky, picking on matters, wanting to know in details.

Officials also came to know that he is showing keen interest on the Rajapaksa cases and makes it a point to hear about it before it goes to probe and that is why the Director General of Bribery ‘omitted’ Gota’s name to the President.

All in all, he is staunch SLFPer, and he is also doing politics based on what he is hearing.

Now the man who is putting the pieces together and informing the President is the Chief of the Intelligence, Gota’s man – Suresh Salley.

Suresh Salley has been there with Gota during his reign and he continues to be holding the same position.

There are several other high ranking intelligence officials who have showed ‘displeasure’ having the controversial figure around yet.

The Intelligence is the heart of the governing body to lead the country in the right direction. They are the advisers how to run the show. If the President is now coming out claiming that very body is tarnished, the country can wreck.

In his warnings, he named people who are abject to the society, as portrayed by this government itself.

If the President aid and abet the very persons on the name of war heroes, just imagine the conundrum people will experience. The time is ticking and the faith and the trust is gradually dropping is what this government has not realized.

The president has ‘shaken’ the base of his good governance projection. Whether the people will overcome your blunders or not, this very mishap shows you are eager to welcome a man who is being groomed behind your back. Watch out Mr. President. You are the enemy and definitely not Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe the leader of the UNP. ( By Myrna L )

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