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Harsha Says ECTA Won’t Jeopardize Jobs For Lankans

Amidst mounting concerns over the proposed Economic and Technology Cooperative Agreement (ETCA), deputy foreign minister Dr. Harsha de Silva assured that the agreement in no way jeopardizes the jobs of Sri Lankan professionals.

“Indian Interior designers can’t just come to Sri Lanka and start businesses, doctors can’t just come here and open up dispensaries. There is no such clause in the proposed agreement,” he told a news conference at the information department today.

He noted that there are differences between the two countries, as India had a comparatively larger economy compared to Sri Lanka, and therefore the agreement will look at developing important sectors such as technology, services among others via ECTA.

De Silva however noted that in the event there was a dearth for perhaps dockyard workers or ship repair workers, then the ECTA can be used to resolve this issue. “Other than that, it is not like we are opening the gates and welcoming them with open arms and asking them to come work here,” he added.

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