16 May, 2022


Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! The Whole Bunch Has Got To Go!

By Rajan Philips

Rajan Philips

The President and the Prime Minister know that they are up the creek. They have run out of their Mattala runway. They cannot stay in their powerless positions any longer than the time needed to perform the last rites for their dead government.

The two brothers must announce their resignation to become effective as soon as parliament meets and elects an MP to be sworn in by the Chief Justice as interim President. Parliament must also resolve to allow the interim President to form a caretaker government and call for election.

This is the only constitutional and orderly way out for the Rajapaksa family. Nothing else will work.


The establishment has simply folded up. The army has confirmed to world’s ambassadors that it will stand by the Constitution. No surprise there. People’s power is surging everywhere. Far flung from every nook and corner of the island to every corner of the world where Sri Lankans are living.

The once unassailable government majority in parliament is whittling down by the minute. Today (Tuesday) will be the most momentous sitting ever of parliament in Sri Lanka’s modern history.

If the President has not resigned by then, parliament can and must pass a resolution declaring his removal from office. There is no constitutional provision for it. None needed when backed up by the united will of an aroused people.

Parliament’s second act, and this is provided in the constitution, will be to elect one of its members to become the interim President and succeed the outgoing President. Parliament should proceed to assert its supremacy and expressly empower the interim President to form a caretaker government, to dissolve parliament, and to conduct parliamentary election as provided for in the constitution.

The caretaker government will have only two critical tasks to perform until a new parliament is convened and a new government is formed. One would be to arrange bridge financing through the IMF, as well as bilateral and multilateral arrangements, to ensure steady supplies of essentials. The second would be to select a team of genuine experts and delegate them to enter into negotiations with the IMF to formulate programs that will restore economic fundamentals without diminishing people’s welfares.

Those who are opposed to going to the IMF can join Nivard Cabraal and shut up.
Others will have the opportunity to present their policies and platforms to the people and canvass for their votes. There are miles to go to reach normalcy, but the people have taken the important first step. Seeing off the Rajapaksas!


The President is reported to have informed political parties that “he will not step down from the Presidency but will hand over the government to whoever that holds 113 seats in Parliament.” This is untenable. If Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa is insistent on holding on as President, he will have to do more than “inform political parties.” He has to say that directly to the people who elected him directly, but who now directly want him to leave.
To say that “he is ready to hand over the government to whichever party that proves to hold 113 seats in Parliament today,” is also meaningless. How can he “hand over the government” to anyone while remaining President with all the bells and whistles of the presidency? The President is the Head of State, Head of Government, and the Head of Cabinet. How can he “hand over the government” without resigning?

And everyone in parliament also wants him gone. The people want him gone. The public protests are an act of impeachment. The verdict of the impeachment in the people’s court cannot be clearer. 113 MPs in parliament cannot negate the people’s verdict against the President and the government. They must both go. And let the constitution through the agency of parliament work out the details.

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  • 8

    Weerawangsa Podineris already had visitors last night. But still he is playing the same old double game unabated along with hs pal Gommanpulle. But many feel that these guys must go before the royal family. They cant cheat the people now.

  • 8

    In addition to resignation, of all family members and their goons in parliament and outside, they should not be allowed to leave from the airport. They should be brought justice to recover the loot and then sent to the slammer . This also goes to the former UNP crooks like Ravi K and the lot.

    Too bad Nissanka got out. Many more might get through the cracks, I suspect. As far as Rajapkshas go, the party is over !

    Time to test the JVP , the only 3rd party who at least screamed in parliament for decades. Sajith is not the right man to lead. He too is well and truly part and parcel of the corrupt political culture. Perhaps the likes of Fonseka and Silva can help to fix our land.

    • 5

      Asoka, reportedly Nirupama left too with a big suitcase.

      • 6

        Good news, courts have barred mother of all crooks Cabraaaaal from leaving the country.

  • 8

    Hey, how about Johnston Fernando for Prez? Rohitha Chain-ber -lain could be PM..

    • 7

      Lasantha , A thuggish mayor and SLPP elite challenged ” no one dares to touch even a hair of Mr. Johnston ” does it include his wife, mistress and ex girlfriends ??? Feel pity for them.Rohitha has proved his credentials beyond doubt

  • 6

    Very true Johnston is the best choice. His sneering laughter alone will entice not only the Sri lankans but the entire world. But however, if Gota goes it has to be johnston. Rohitha may be the PM and Vambottu Kutiarachchi ministry of foreign affairs. Anything left over however, there is always GL, Dinesh, Pavithra and the big red lipped man.

    • 0

      Please, Black Lankan,
      Who is “the big red-lipped man”?
      It is seriously necessary for every Lankan to compile this list, separately. We sometimes tend to forget; we must not.
      And since I’m being serious, it’s best we don’t go about this the way they did after the French Revolution. Since we are unlikely to bring ourselves to be cannibals, we must recognise that the only thing that can realistically be done is to persuade Mother Earth to accept fresh doses of fertiliser.
      We would be justified to use water-boarding or whathave you, to get these fellows to reveal where the booty has been stored.

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    “And everyone in parliament also wants him gone. The people want him gone. The public protests are an act of impeachment. The verdict of the impeachment in the people’s court cannot be clearer. 113 MPs in parliament cannot negate the people’s verdict against the President and the government.”
    You are getting sentimental.
    Legally the man is elected for a term and there is an impeachment procedure. If ‘everyone in parliament’ wants him to go, it is very simple to vote him out.
    Most of the ones in parliament do not want to risk losing their seats.
    Besides, even if the whole country is out on the streets, that will not be an act of impeachment in law.
    I am not convinced that street demonstrations can get him out.
    Other strategies are needed. But is any political party prepared?

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