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Hirunika Takes Law Into Her Own Hands

Determined to get justice, Hirunika Premachandra abducts a 34 year old man and holds him in her office

The man was forcibly taken away by Hirunika’s staff members in a Land Rover Defender which belongs to her.

Defending her staff members’ action Hirunika said last night that she only wanted to do was to prevent a family from breaking up.

The victim, Amila Priyanga Amarasinghe said he was personally threatened by the parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra, the Police Spokesman said yesterday.

She denied all the accusations leveled against her and said that she had not threatened or assaulted Amila Priyanga Amarasinghe. She said that only she wanted to help one of her staff members, as his family was about to be broken up by an outsider.

She also went on to say Amila Priyanga who was also married, had been having an extra marital relationship with the wife of one of her staff members who had two children.

All were arrested apart from her by the police.

“She did a grave mistake, she can’t defend her action but she is defending it and which is alarming” one of her supporters told Colombo Telegraph.

“Just started her political thuggery” one commentator has posted on his Facebook page.

Another commentator posted on his Facebook page; “Seriously? Can never take the thug out of some. Like father, like daughter”

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