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How Did Sajith Premadasa Amass So Much Wealth? Petition Seeks To Clarify

A petition against Minister of Housing and Construction and MP of Hambantota Sajith Premadasa‘s accumulated wealth has been finalized to be submitted for investigation by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC).

Sajith Premadasa

Minister Sajith Premadasa’s recent spending habits and doling of massive amounts in cash donations to temples has raised suspicion as to how he had accumulated such wealth despite being a mere politician. The petition is also been made to investigate those that may gifted monies to Minister Sajith Premadasa over the years.

According to public knowledge his father the late President Ranasinghe Premadasa was a career politician who did not amass wealth prior to his murder on the 1st of May 1993 .

Before entering into politics the former President’s only business dealings were to have sold a traditional sweetmeat as a street vendor called lavaria during his youthful days.

A group of lawyers,retired politicians and concerned citizens have now convened to compile a dossier of information pertaining to the mass of wealth acquired by the current Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa and will be submitted to the Bribery Commission for investigation shortly.

It is still to be established if these monies now lavishly been spent are black monies that belonged to his late father or if they are the ill gotten wealth that Minister Sajth Premadasa has acquired since entering into politics in 1994.

Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that there are many other petitions currently being compiled for submission regarding other politicians currently in service.

A spokesman for the collective said that they were awaiting the application of the Right To Information bill, in order to further pursue their investigation. “We are waiting till it properly gets underway so that it would be mandated by law to provide the public with how this man found so much money to doll out,” he said. (Janaka Ranaweera)

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