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Hypocrisy Of Public Outcry Over A Burst Of Profanity

By ANI Ekanayaka

Professor A.N.I. Ekanayaka

Looking back on the US presidential election campaign one recalls the avalanche of shock, feigned moral outrage, and sense of injured innocence that greeted the widely circulated tape recording of Donald Trump uttering some vulgar profanities about women during a raucous conversation inside a luxury coach way back in 2005. No doubt millions of people all over the world heard this conversation over and over again on TV and the internet as it was played up by a malicious mainstream media hostile to Trump . There is no question that the crude and sexist comments by Trump were unbecoming of anybody, let alone a presidential candidate. One can understand ordinary people being appalled that Trump should have spoken such obscenities which are the stuff of raunchy uncouth banter that one associates with schoolboy locker rooms, men only clubs, bars and bachelor parties. That being said there was something deeply hypocritical and contradictory about the sanctimonious self righteous indignation of American society ( especially the mainstream media like CNN and the Democratic party ) over Trump’s remarks. Judging by the extent to which people were shocked and offended by this revelation one would imagine that Americans are a nation of coy innocent puritanical nuns easily embarrassed by a short burst of macho profanity !

The reality is very different. Americans are no angels when it comes to sexual immorality. For a start a survey of swear words on Facebook has found that over a 3 day period the commonest swear word was shit with 10.5 million US Facebook interactions, closely followed by “f **** ” the ubiquitous four letter profanity in the West with 9.5 million interactions ! America today ( not to mention much of Europe ) is a country that is wallowing in sexual immorality and sensuality to a point that is comparable with the moral decadence and debauchery of ancient Rome before the collapse of that civilisation. According to research by the Centre for Disease Control(CDC) in 2012 two-thirds of teenagers and young adults in the USA have had oral sex — about as many as have had vaginal intercourse. 44% of 15-17 year old boys and 39% of girls of the same age engage in some sort of sex with a partner of the opposite gender. CDC Surveys of High School students in 2015 have shown that 41% have had sexual intercourse, 30% during the past 3 months 21% of whom had taken drugs or alcohol before intimacy. Not surprisingly it is estimated that there are 750,000 teenage pregnancies in the USA every year the vast majority unintended. That is the level of sexual permissiveness in a society that is now highly embarrassed by 5 minutes of sexually explicit banter by a presidential contender.

No wonder marriage has become increasingly unfashionable in that country. According to the US Census Bureau as of 2012 47% of the adult population representing some 112 million people were unmarried, and in 2010 unmarried households were 45% of all US households. And marriage when it occurs is a very fragile institution with 53% of marriages in America ending in divorce. No wonder that in 41% of marriages one or both spouses admit to infidelity either physical or emotional with 36% of men and women admitting to infidelity while on business trips and 36% to having an affair with a co-worker. By some estimates roughly 30% to 60% of all married individuals (in the United States) will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage. Indeed 74% of married American men are reported to have said that they would have an affair if only they knew they would not get caught ! That is the state of adultery in a country whose official motto is “ In God we trust”. Fine words indeed. But sadly nowadays a lot of Americans appear to have forgotten the inalienable 8th Biblical commandment of the God in whom they hypocritically claim to trust ie “ Thou shall not commit adultery”

And there is worse to come. In June 2015 the US Supreme Court ruled that homosexual marriage ( where men have sex with men, and women with women )was legal throughout America. The ruling effectively legalised buggery and sodomy and was a major step towards further popularising the abominable homosexual lifestyle in America. President Obama who favours homosexual marriage even claimed that the ruling was “ a victory for America”. Not surprisingly his administration is committed to a diabolical policy of worldwide cultural imperialism spending millions of dollars to train homosexual activists in other countries, and promoting the LGBT agenda by making foreign aid to developing countries conditional on an acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. And he is supported by public opinion in the United States where the proportion favouring the legal recognition of same-sex marriage has remained consistently above 50% in opinion polls since 2010. In legalising homosexual marriage America has joined some 21 other countries in undermining the glorious institution of the traditional family that has been the cornerstone of human society from the dawn of civilisation. The effect on future generations of dispensing with so sacred an institution as the traditional heterosexual family is too horrible to contemplate. But that is the direction in which modern America that has got the shakes over five minutes of Donald Trump profanity is headed !

It is an incredible contradiction that millions of Americans who are shocked by a few minutes of vulgar utterance by a presidential candidate have no qualms about endorsing a lurid homosexual lifestyle in which according to studies the average male homosexual is known to have hundreds of sex partners in his lifetime. Nor are Americans bothered by the devastating CDC statistic that 83 % of all new cases of HIV among males aged 13 and older occur among gay and bisexual men, proving that homosexual relations are defined by a type of sordid unnatural physical intimacy ruinous to health rather than idyllic love and romance as the LGBT lobby would have us believe. Moreover there are deep concerns among conservative Americans about the way in which the homosexual lifestyle is being popularized in schools with even young children in elementary school being brainwashed at an early age into regarding the homosexual lifestyle as normal and acceptable. It is frightening to contemplate the effects of such early indoctrination in pushing over whole generations of children into a homosexual lifestyle who would otherwise have grown into normal adults in stable heterosexual relationships.

The final irony is that millions of American women who are so prickly about the sexist chauvinistic remarks of a presidential contender are not only complacent about but would actually defend the slaughter of 58 million unborn babies – which is the number of abortions done since the notorious US Supreme Court decisions of 1973 which legalised abortion all the way up to the 9th month of pregnancy based on a highly liberal and fanciful definition of the health of the mother. Surely the 56 million babies killed worldwide every year (1.06 million annually in the USA alone) constitutes a genocide of historic proportions. Yet a Gallup poll in 2015 showed that while 44% of Americans do identify themselves as “pro life”, 41% still felt that abortion should be legal under “any or all circumstances”. Obviously US shock and outrage over a burst of profane banter by Donald Trump is not matched by public outrage over the brutal genocide of unborn infants.
It is yet another example of double standards, where one individual’s moral conduct is sensationalized with self righteous condemnation by a permissive and morally decadent society which has itself abandoned the moral restraints of its glorious Judeo Christian heritage and is today defined by the licentious morality of a self gratifying lifestyle. Other countries like Sri Lanka can learn from the recent hue and cry over a burst of profanity by a candidate, during the US presidential election campaign. More important than political philosophy or economic ideology, is for governments to have a definitive “moral vision” for their nation, one that actively promotes a clean wholesome sober lifestyle based on enduring traditional values, uncorrupted by the rampant liberalism, aggressive secularism, moral relativism and obsession with individual choice that has lead to the moral degeneration of western societies. For such permissive societies which themselves reek of moral laxity to pounce on individual lapses with lofty self righteous posturing is surely hypocrisy. Looking back on the election, that conservative opinion has prevailed notwithstanding for the moment against all odds is some consolation.

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