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I Am A Sri Lankan Muslim Extremist!

By Muhammed Fazl

Muhammed Fazl

I am a Sri Lankan national by birth, a Muslim by faith and an extremist who would go all the way (to the extremes) to protect humanity, to uphold unity, to establish justice and rule of law, to protect all religions, their adherents and their places of worship etc…

Now with LTTE defunct, racist forces backed by the power hungry ruling class have created this myth of ‘Islamic extremism’ TO DIVERT ATTENTION from the theft of multi-milllion dollars of public money and the abuse of the judiciary among others, and all for the sole purpose of prolonging their hold on power and for enriching themselves with wealth that will last for 10’s of generations of the current President of Sri Lanka, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Like the West’s creation of a non-existent enemy and their subsequent creation of a ‘war on terror’ (for oil and many other reasons), Mr. Rajapaksa too has created a similar ‘monster’ (non-existent) in the eyes of the ignorant population of SL and naming it as ‘Muslim extremism‘! History has taught us that rulers rely on monks/priests for legitimacy while monks/priests rely on rulers for protection/sustenance! And knowing very well the mentality of the majority of the population, President Rajapaksa cunningly began using proxies such as BBS, Hela Urumaya and Ravana Balaya to create a diversion of attention from the most pressing issues faced by the poor masses every day, like poverty, graft, abuse and injustice among others.

Due to President Mahinda Rajapksa’s indirect and his proxy’s active instilment of fear and insecurity among the ‘not-so-educated’ majority of the Sinhala Buddhist population about an ‘imminent occupation’ of their motherland by ‘foreigner community’ of Hindus. Christians and Muslims (especially), it has become a greater issue ‘to be dealt with’ than bringing a hot plate of food for their deserving family and children, metaphorically that is!

Hence, instead of blind followers of racist ideologies victimizing innocent minority communities in entirety over non-existent fears/enemies, I, Muhammed Fazl, the shape and sound of this ‘Sri Lankan Muslim extremist’, urge and challenge the backbone-less and mostly corrupt law enforcement officials, racist elements cloaked in saffron-colored robes and their ruling class masters to put me on trial for ‘threats of extremism’ the country ‘faces’ in any ‘compromised’ court of law or otherwise!

While exposing the intentions of the MR government of their involvement and complicity in orchestrating a possible racial riot or communal disharmony should be important, prioritizing it among other issues would only make the opposition ‘play into the hands’ of the government. If it is to happen, let few mosques, churches and businesses of minorities burn and few lives may be lost too. But focusing on overthrowing the current despotic regime by all means, it will most certainly save this country from the ‘flames of extinction’!

As for justifying ‘’Muslim extremist’ credentials, it is all about going to all legal extremes to unite the masses, expose corruption, fight injustices, punish the perpetrators of crime and to open up new vistas for the development of this country, irrespective of race or religion! Make no mistake, for one need not be in power to bring about a change and if every right thinking citizen of this country contributes their share, well, ‘power of the people’ will indeed be a force to be reckoned with!

*The writer is an independent social/political activist and can be contacted on 

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