3 December, 2022


I Am Not Interested In Becoming A Minister For The Glamour

By C.V. Wigneswaran

Justice C.V. Wigneswaran MP

Someone asked me: Why have you not opted to accept a Ministership in this Present Government? Your background as a retired Supreme Court Judge Former Chief Minister and presently a Member of Parliament would be ideally suited to make you shine as a Minister. Are the Tamils not interested in working towards peace, reconciliation and economic progress?

My response was: I represent the Jaffna Electorate not the Colombo Electorate. The problems of the North and East are different from those of the South. This Country consists of two Nations. – the Tamil Nation and the Sinhala Nation. The Tamils are the original inhabitants of this Island. They have lived continuously for over 3000 years in this Island according to latest excavations, inscriptions and findings. They are the majority in the North and East even now. The Sinhalese are the majority in the other seven Provinces. By adding the majority in the North East to the majority in the Southern seven Provinces they have made us minorities in the Country. But we are not minorities. We are the majority in our areas. That fact should have been realized by the British when they gave independence. Only later did Lord Soulbury realize their folly and stated so in a foreward to a book by B.H.Farmer in the early 1960s.  

We have been asking for a settlement of our political problem for the past 70 years or more. In fact our youth took up to arms due to the discriminatory policies of successive Sinhala majority Governments. Our youths were freedom fighters not terrorists. Now our Sinhala brethren are getting a taste of the PTA.

So any attempt on our part to join any government and sail with them would depend upon the resolution of our Political Problems as well as Social and Economic Problems we face today. We have identified some of our immediate problems such as;

1. Release of all Tamil Political Prisoners some of whom have been in incarceration for over 25 years.

2. Withdrawal of the PTA whose provisions go against the grain of our normal Criminal Law. 

3. Order an International inquiry into the status of the Disappeared.

4. Calling off the functioning of the Commission on Archaeological Research and returning the lands in the North and East expropriated by the Commission.

5. Withdraw the Mahaweli Authority from the North and East and stop all colonization taking place in the Tamil areas bringing in Sinhalese from outside the Provinces and settling them. Hand back the lands appropriated by the Mahaweli Authority back to the people from whom they were taken. Hand over other Lands to the D.Ss of the respective areas.

6. Withdraw the Military from the North and East. They have no right to occupy the North and East even after the war was over. Such Occupational Forces must be withdrawn and placed in other Provinces since the Government in recent times have identified the need to have the Military in other Provinces as well. The North and East could be run by an efficient Police Force inclusive of Tamil speaking Police persons from the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

7. Stop illegal fishing being done on our shores by persons from outside our two Provinces with the help of the Armed Forces, to the prejudice of the local fishermen. 

10. Stop the taking over of our good Schools in the North and East to the Central Government under the pretext of making them National Schools. The Central Government under the Thirteenth Amendment cannot interfere with the powers granted to the Provinces.

11. Open up the Palaly Airport. Allow owners of lands around the Airport to get their lands back evicting the Military occupying them.

Start the Ferry Services to from South Indian ports.

Allow diaspora investment in the North and East without interference from the Centre nor its officials.

Only if there is a change of heart in the powers that be, after the aragalaye, could we lend support. Even the Leader of the Opposition wants to help the Rajapakses and the war criminals at Geneva. Polarisation in Sri Lanka is not between what is right and what is wrong. It is between the Sinhalese and the Tamils.

Joining a Cabinet full of Sinhala speaking majority by a member of the Tamil speaking Community could be an embarrassment. They would jabber, jabber and jabber in Sinhala and most of the time we would be outside the purview of their discussion. Of course I do know a little Sinhala but not to the extent of understanding the jabbering that takes place in Parliament.

Secondly once we enter the whilpool of Sri Lankan Politics we would lose sight of the purpose for which we are there – to obtain relief for the Members of our Community.

Thirdly Cabinet responsibility would control us. We would not be able to differ from or contradict the decision taken by the majority Sinhalese Members of the Cabinet. If I am a non Tamil speaking Tamil like certain earlier Ministers I would not have any problem deciding to the detriment of the Northern and Eastern Tamil speaking people. We must learn lessons from history. In the past, many Tamil politicians held and are holding ministerial positions on the pretext that they are working with the government to work towards the interests of the Tamil people. But in reality, through these ministerial positions, they have done more to blunt the struggle for Tamil rights than to do any good to the Tamil people. They are forced to go to Geneva and argue that what happened in Mullivaikal was not genocide. I wouldn’t dream of doing that.

I am not interested in becoming a Minister for the glamour it gives whether such glamour shines or not. I am interested in finding solutions to the long standing political, social and economic problems of my people. I hail from the North and East. I was a Judge in the North and East and I lectured in Law inter alia to Students from the North and East. Hence I owe a responsibility to my brethren who hail from the North and East.  

The Tamils are definitely interested in working for peace, reconciliation and economic progress. But they must be pulled up from the bottom of the well to terra firma to stand up as equals with the Sinhalese to work for peace, reconciliation and economic progress. There cannot be peace and reconciliation between unequals. How could we be considered equal when the Military are stationed in large numbers in the North and East since even after the war?

*Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, Member of Parliament, Jaffna District 

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  • 8

    Well said Vigneswaran.100% accurate

  • 10

    No, the real reason is, if Mr. Wigneswaran joins the government and accepts a cabinet position, his political rivals will immediately brand him as a “traitor.” And at the next elections no one in Jaffna will vote for him. This type of cut-throat politics has been the curse of north and east for the past 74 years. Lot of nationalist jabbering, but nothing concrete to solve the socio-economic problems faced by the people there. Mr. Wigneswaran should look in the mirror and recall how he handled the administration of the Northern Provincial Council as CM. Bluster, petty in-fighting and ego-trips led to a totally chaotic and unproductive council. An opportunity wasted by indulging in empty rhetoric and unending jabbering.
    Please see: A tiff within Sri Lanka’s Tamil polity – Meera Srinivasan
    The Hindu – 22 June 2017

    • 5

      You have a point in “if Mr. Wigneswaran joins the government and accepts a cabinet position, his political rivals will immediately brand him as a “traitor.” And at the next elections no one in Jaffna will vote for him.”
      But watch his words: “I am not interested in becoming a Minister for the glamour it gives “.
      He is interested for other reasons– he is 82, and this is most probably his last opportunity.

    • 5

      “Someone asked me: Why have you not opted to accept a Ministership in this Present Government”
      Who is this “someone ” who keeps asking the Hon. Wiggy all these leading questions? If he minded his own business, we wouldn’t have to read lines like “Your background as a retired Supreme Court Judge Former Chief Minister and presently a Member of Parliament would be ideally suited to make you shine as a Minister”.

  • 3

    I do agree with both SSS+ASD.
    C V W should be able to get the TNA +other Tamil representatives on board to achieve ALL that C V W had enumerated above. At the time of Independence of most of the countries that were under the British Empire had been left with the people in those countries to continue to FIGHT either among themselves or its neighbouring countries THEREBY assuring that non of the colonial countries THRIVE . We have fallen into this BRITISH CURSE/TRAP!
    C V W should answer to the questions raised by ASD.

    • 5

      “I do agree with both SSS+ASD.”
      N, that is a remarkable feat.

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    Justice Wigneswaran would not be in politics if he believed that our politicians are serving us well.
    He is not doing any better.
    He could have said why he would not want to be a Minister.

    • 1


      We always expect others to deliver as if we are the beggars.
      Only servants put forwards their demands to the masters not any self respecting individuals!

      How long we are with a begging bowl?

      . Why not be a partner and have faith in other communities, jointly work out a suitable strategy and deliver?

      Do not always be a pessimist and at least once be an optimist and eradicate begging from your dictionary once and for all

      • 1

        We have a history of partnerships that took us for a ride.

        • 0

          What I mean is not agreement between political parties , but simple partnership with the common man from all communities, no written or unwritten gentlemen agreement.
          but genuine joint struggle for the benefit of all.

          • 0

            Now, you make it meaningful.
            There are some Sinhalese who think in similar terms. Sumanthiran is working with them.
            (My unstinted support for The Aragalaya is towards that purpose.)

            • 0

              Yes! Yes! I too.

              It will be a very long journey. One need a lot of patience.

              Result will not be out in a day or two. It may take months or even years, but it is worthwhile!

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      “He could have said why he would not want to be a Minister.”
      How could he, when it is not the case?

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