29 June, 2022


I Do Feel Immensely Sorry For Rajapaksa

By Rajiva Wijesinha –

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

A Presidency Under Threat – Facing Realities

Though I do not in any way regret our decision not to support Mahinda Rajapaksa at the forthcoming Presidential election, I do feel immensely sorry for him. He is neither a fool, nor a villain, so he knows well the mess into which he has got himself. Though he and his advisers will use every trick in the book now to win re-election, and he might even succeed, he knows that the methods he is now using serve only to make crystal clear how very unpopular he has become.

This was not something the Mahinda Rajapaksa who led us to victory over the Tigers deserves. It is quite preposterous that a man who took bold decisions to save the country from terrorism has been incapable of taking any decisions at all in recent months to remove the various blights that have hit us.

Lalith Weeratunge made the excuse for him that the truth was being kept from him. Last March, after I had drawn his attention yet again to the problems that were mounting, he wrote to me that ‘Once I return end of next week, i.e., about March 30, I must meet you to have a frank chat. Little I can do, I will.  Not many speak the truth today and all I hear are blatant lies. However, not many know that I have my ears to the ground; in every district, little groups have been talking to me.  I am sure both of us could bring out the reality.’

But we never did get to meet, and time and again he cancelled meetings because he had suddenly to go abroad. In time I stopped regretting this, because it seemed to me that there was little we could do together that Lalith could not do himself, given that he still I think commanded the President’s confidence. But I suppose we have to sympathize with his lack of confidence in his ability to correct things himself, given the much stronger motivations of those who had hijacked both the President and the Presidency. After all he had failed to get the President to correct course when his wife first drew attention to aberrations at the Securities Commission.

Mahinda FamilyUnderlying the diffidence however was the belief that the President was not really in danger. I suspect those around him never thought that Ranil Wickremesinghe would not be the main candidate against them, and understandably they thought that Mahinda Rajapaksa would then be a shoo-in for the Presidency. After the Uva election they might have thought twice, but they doubtless assumed they would not find it difficult to construct a pitch, as it were, of their choosing. This would be the past, and the Tigers, and on such a pitch Ranil would flounder – though, to make sure of this, they have got ready vast amounts of propaganda to remind the people of Ranil’s past. The posters I have seen recently with Richard de Zoysa’s picture indicate how far back they were determined to go, but with control of so much of the media, they must have thought they could keep attention during the campaign on Ranil’s weaknesses, rather than the recent failures of governance.

That complacence explains the fact that they were quite prepared to not just forget but even to actively alienate Muslim voters. It seems to have come as a shock to government that even Rishard Bathiudeen was preparing to cross over to the common opposition. But had they bothered to listen to what he has been saying in Parliament recently they would have realized how deeply upset he was. The desperate measures they have had to engage in to keep him and his party, carrots and sticks extending even to getting rid of faithful old Mr Azwer from Parliament, indicate they understand how important such voters are. But though they might paper over the façade, a moment’s thought should make them realize that, given the manner in which the Muslims have been treated, there is no way anyone in the community can support the President and succeed in any future election. Indeed I suspect that even Faizer Mustapha will have to move, given that his efforts to control the BBS rally in Aluthgama were treated with  contempt, a fact known to the entire Muslim community, even if the President were deceived about it.

But it is not just the minorities who are deeply upset. I have been touched, in the last couple of weeks, by the fervent good wishes of so many I know from different areas and walks of life. I did not doubt that my Colombo acquaintance would be pleased by the decision of the Liberal Party, but I have found students from many different periods of my teaching career very positive, and teachers and journalists and public servants. Even the security forces, it seems, are more keen for a change than otherwise, and not all the motor-bikes in the world are going to give the government the sweeping victory in that sphere that they had hoped for.

What is astonishing is that someone as politically experienced as Mahinda Rajapaksa did not understand what was going on. When I used to urge him to institute reforms, he would cast doubt on whether he would have support for these, and my assertion that the vast majority of the SLFP was moderate and would stand with him led to the inevitable rejoinder that it was he who understood about elections. That underlay his dismissive rebuke when, back in 2009, I had urged him not to have an early Presidential election – he said dismissively that only Gota and I had been of that view, as though to suggest that we were outsiders as compared with those who were active in electoral politics.

It seems then to be Basil who calls the shots in this regard, and his increasing reliance on him for elections may explain why he cannot change course now. Although he seems to have understood that Basil is at the root of a lot of his unpopularity now with Members of Parliament, for his advisers who had tried to persuade Maithripala Sirisena to stick with him had apparently talked of clipping Basil’s wings, the impression was that this would only be possible after the election. But apart from the fact that the history of broken promises has made such assurances unconvincing, it is sad that he has not realized that the techniques Basil employs no longer work at elections. The Northern Province Election election showed that Basil’s concept of development did not win hearts and minds. When that was followed by the Uva result, despite the heaps of goodies that were distributed, the President should have registered that times had changed, and the people needed more sustainable measures.

What should have happened then was rapid rethinking, and the establishment of a policy and planning unit that was not self-regarding. Unfortunately the paper sent early in 2010 to Lalith about strengthening the role of the Ministry of Policy and Plan Implementation was ignored, perhaps in line with the President’s diagnosis that those around him wanted to hold all the reins in their own hands. Having understood this however, he did nothing about it, so programmes are devised and implemented and monitored by the same people.

It is no wonder then that the President has had no idea for some time now about what is going on in the world outside the palace, and about the anger that has built up in his own party, to say nothing of the coalition partners. Many years ago Wittgenstein wrote of the man who bought a second copy of the morning paper to check that what he had read in it was true. The image is even more striking when the paper the man buys is owned by him, and dedicates itself to enunciating his view of the world.

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  • 20

    Not only Muslims, he happily alienated Christians & Tamils too.

    If many more burghers like me a left, he would have alienated us too.

    This is not only the fault of BBS but also the fault of rabid JHU, with whom you (and your one man liberal party) are in bed with.
    Incidentally, you were happy to be in bed with them earlier too along with BBS+MR+Gota.

    Birds of a feather do flock together I guess.

    Pathetic, with the likes of you happy to sell your self to the highest bidder, is it any wonder we are where we are? You certainly have mastered the art of engaging in the the oldest profession in the world very well.

    • 5

      “crystal clear how very unpopular he has become.”

      Bloody hell. did you see the video of the Anuradhapura rally and the peoples’ emotions. Compare that with Aiyo’s Kandy meeting in the 80 meter strip in front of the Kandy market.

      You are another idiot living in the fantasy land, professor, doctor or whatever.

      As to the self-claimed “burgher” Robert R., from my knowledge of your colour, I wouldn’t have guessed. But with so many karapoththas around, I am not surprised.

      • 18

        Dear sir,
        Anuradhapura rally was populated by masses joining for the bath packet, two bottles of arrack per bus and “subsidy”. The SLTB released a near 800 buses to ply the so called popularity that you profess. Funny how I know, my spouse works at the SLTB head office!!!

    • 11

      Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP,

      You guys are real opportunists. You will sacrifice your principles to make some money or get fame.

      However, thee is still time for you to correct yourself. Make MaRa retire.

      Another professor who did that was Prof. Ediriweera Sarathchadra,of Sinhabahu Fame-Notoriety. Sinhabahu Nadagama was produced in 1960/1961 , 4 to 5 yeats after the Sinhala Only act and 2 to 3 yeats after the 1958 Sinhala Buddhists attacked Tamils based on the lies and Imaginations of Mahawansa.

      By 1970, the Sinhabahu lies were staged 1600 times..

      Prof. Sarathchandra, you have the curse of the thousand of Innocent Tamils, Sinhala and Muslims, who were ki;l;ed so that you will get the Sinhabahu Nadagama Fame…

      Prof. You should have stayed with Maname and other Nadagamas without getting into racism and chauvinism..

      My you attain… and dwell with Mara..

    • 10

      Rajiva Wijesinha,

      From all your articles one can gather that you consider yourself a good man, and a fit person to advise others like Mara.

      Let people give you a character certificate, please don’t give yourself one!

    • 5


      Rajiva Wijesinha writes

      “I Do Feel Immensely Sorry For Rajapaksa”

      Don’t we all feel sorry for this man?

      My question, has many years of education in best institutions made him intellectually honest wise man?

      Please note I am not referring to Rajiva’s friend Dayan.

  • 14

    Write as mush garbage as you want mate.

    You are wanted for complicity to genocide.

    • 2

      I don’t think that BS happen. Even if Tamils want to do that, Sri Lankans will not allow, irrespective of the political view, to happen.

    • 1

      Rajiva Hunter,

      Love your fantasies, don’t you?

      If Rajiva is wanted, imagine how many LTTE monkeys in the die-ass-pora will be charged for terrorism related crimes over 30 years.


      PS: Do you feel safe from criminal persecution yourself?

  • 1

    Oh,,, Noo,, Please don’t…..

  • 7

    “But apart from the fact that the history of broken promises has made such assurances unconvincing…..,”

    Now you make a statement the minorities can relate to from 1956.

    Truth is common for all. It cann’t be one set of rules for Majority community and another set of rules for Minority community.


    Now TNA and International Communities are not asking for promises but ACTIONS.

  • 2

    Good Photo. Performing Pansakula for the Dear departed Pres!

  • 4

    Professori, console yourself. King MaRa could well be feeling sorry he didn’t take your much proffered advice; ‘Tcha! if only I had listened to Rajiva, I wouldn’t be in this mess’. What to do? Even the greatest of men have shown a vulnerable Achilles heel. Now you have hitched you wagon to turncoat Sirisena. I hope it isn’t the kiss of death.

  • 7

    I Do Feel Immensely Sorry For Rajapaksa

    President, in 2005, boasted about 40 years of political experience.

    What a farce.

    Humans always become foolish when their eyes are closed with their personality, when they show who really they are and when their greed and ego dictates every thing else.

  • 4

    Since Mr. Rajeev Wijesinghe knows how to get the votes and win elections, why doesn’t he convert his knowledge to fruit by winning one of the electorates?

  • 4

    This part time NGO has been barracking for the LTTE proxy Diaspora and their buddies in the West for a long time.

    In fact it is the inhabitants who should feel sorry for themselves for paying this Professors wages..

  • 9

    Dear Prof. Rajiva,

    I too feel immensely sorry for the opportunities he deliberately sabotaged to set this country right and bring about reconciliation and harmony.

    He is an avaricious materialist and did not understand that men need more than bricks.

    He thought that show and glitter will mesmerize the people, as they deluded him. He mistook the people for fools. He thought the games he played and continues to play will not be understood by the people. He thought his haughty and pompous behaiour. and ostentacious living will be mistaken for his greatness by the people. He thought he owned the island and its people. He thought he was the people. He was not genuine, but was acting that part. He lied to all and sundry. He perverted and destroyed institution for his own benefit. He destroyed the lives of persons who chose to oppose him or stand in his way. He thought the people people had no values, as he did. He did not realize the people were disgusted with the manner he was perpetuating his name and flaunting his visuals. He was indeed living in an ivory tower and was deluded by the illusions he created.

    It is the disgust with him and his government that will throw him into the dustbin of history and not the eforts of the ‘Common Opposition’.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 1


      You are right, even if three years too late, in describing that MR is materialistic and full of avarice. But, do you truly have the credibility or integrity to make that judgment – wouldn’t that be “kettle calling pot black.”

      If you, a Diaspora professional, received any handout from the regime, can you explain what may have prompted you to do that if not MATERIALISM and AVARICE? You perhaps differ in magnitude (limited by the differential opportunities), but certainly not in intent!

      All your venting now (read your para starting with “He thought that…”) — reflects unadulterated scorn in belated recognition of betrayal of faith (only because you were distinctly and exceptionally gullible) than genuine enlightenment. If you truly wised up, and have the necessary courage and integrity, you would offer an apology for your delusional, pompous advocating for over three and a half years — and yes, you would also reimburse any material gains you gullibly or otherwise may have obtained that should by right belong to those most severely affected.

      Else, let us know why you feel entitled to a free vacation at Sri Lankan tax payer’s expense, if you accepted such an offer.

  • 4

    Dr R – I fully agree with you – unfortunately you also left the gov. and are thinking we are going to have a better governance under the leadership of Maithree and his motley group consisting CBK / Ranil +hungry pack of UNP wolves – are you really sure of this – by looking at the past performance of these guys – I am more than 100% sure that we will be worst off if these motley group come into power after 8th Jan – Lot of people in this country do not understand this scenario because rumor machine which is ably supported by parasites living on Mahinda had completely brain wash our voters – they have become so paranoid that they do not see what is going to happen after MR – When I say this on this blog 90% of the readers will curse me and say – another lackey of MR – for them I like to say that I do not have any connection with MR or his family – I am a professional engineer working for a Multinational and living out of Sri Lanka most of the time – so I do not depend on MR or on his Gov. my only concern is the future of my country – when I saw it is developing – I was really happy – and I thought now we are on the correct path — The corruption – of which most of our voters are paranoid about is common phenomena everywhere in the world – look at the leaders of other developing countries in our region – like Malaysia / South Korea / Philippine / Vietnam etc.who bought prosperity to those countries – those guys were many time corrupted than MR – but they laid the framework for the industrial development and economic development of these countries and enterprising guys flourish on these frame work – What do our people need – I really do not understand – Are they asking a Gov. consist of people who had attain Arhathood and are pure as white – and be happy with them and expect God to deliver all the goodies needed — Hell they have to understand prosperity comes through hard work – rather than becoming paranoid about Rajapaksa’s virtues – they better try to figure out how can they contribute in someway for the future of this country and for them also — Anyway one good thing about the current hate pouring on MR would be an eye opener for MR – I sincerely hope he will select better guys to be around him – and will listen to better educated advise –

    • 8


      Hope is a better option than continuing with the current reality. We know what we want and work towards it. We have to hope that we will get the results we want. Without this hope, we will lose our humaness.

      We have to hope also that the individuals from the past, who are promising us a better future, have also learned their lessons from the past.


    • 0

      Ok you are happy for the country to be corrupt, what about law and order, political murders, meddling with the judiciary, meddling with the journalists, family control. You think the country will prosper?

      If you can think through the issues what’s the use of your education

  • 0

    Please note – I am referring to Dr Rajiv not Dr Rajasinghe in my above comments

    • 8

      It is fine, but all what you say has no zero content.

      Why cant we think of a better governance under Maithree ?

      I agree with all what Dr RN says… it is better to set fullstop to a man who looted the nation to core… not considering the gravity of people s problems.
      Enough is enough.

      NOW THE OPINION POLLS REVEAL OVER 60% are pro Maithree.

      Today, MR has asked his party secretary to motivate the ministers that stay away from him to back the caompaign. MUCH MORE WILL come to surfacein the days to come. I have no doubt. This is the end of Raja and his monarchy. Jaya niyathai

  • 2


    We can only hope. We have to act on the basis of current realities and hope the morrow will be better. If we stop hoping, we will pose our humaness.


    • 0

      Yes Dr. I understand – hoping for the best is the best – however hope you remember the Premadasa era – towards the end of Prmedasa era it was difficult to find a person in the urban areas of this country who would say something good about him – he was the bastard of that era – the allegation leveled against him was more or less similar – Then came CBK – overnight she became the darling of everybody and the god send saviour of this country – We all were hoping that she will make the difference – but what happened to the country under CBK – we all know – This game of receiving generous hopes from the politicians of this is only a game – I think the voters of this country must find a better way to get out of this illusive politics of this country – that is the reason I thought without throwing this man out – it would be better to box him by establishing a strong parliament with a strong opposition — however it is imperative that we must get rid of all the corrupted old hats from the political arena of this country (including Tamil and Muslim politicos) and bring in new young blood from both the sides – the biggest danger for this country is not the EP but the EP with 2/3 power in the parliament – Parliament should remain as a strong counter weight and should not allow EP to misuse its power – This approach is not an easy task – however it is high time –

  • 3

    “I Do Feel Immensely Sorry For Rajapaksa”;

    “So Do I,
    and for their Clan, Stooges, and Their Goons for the Collection of SINS,
    giving so much misery lives to us. to all Sri lankans.

    Feel Sorry for Mr Rajiva Wijesingha, His mate Dayan J, Tamara K, Mr Kris Nonis too for their misery of supporting to a Demonic Ruler we ever had..
    All You may Attain Nibbana Very Soon.

    Oh sorry I should not say like that!!!!!!.

    You all may Pay for All Those Sins In THIS LIFE OF YOURS!!!!!!!.

  • 3

    ……Rajiv’s words,..”and he might even succeed”, indicate that he is still with Mahinda Rajapakase and he (Rajiva Wijesinha)is on his secret strategic help mission to help Mahinda win the election. What Rajiva doing is his part of the plot to cheat the people, as if he has crossed over to the common candiate’s side, but in actuality it is to leak information of the common candidate to Mahinda Rajapakse (and to Gotabhaya Rajpakse for ill oriented actions).

  • 2

    Dear Prof Rajiva Wijesingha

    For a learned man you are confused to a degree that belies your erudition.

    You are suffering from buyer’s remorse. You are in doubt whether you could not have done more to enlighten your hero Mahinda Rajapaksa. You fear for your personal safety – for your life. After all you have been the recipient of much largesse from the monster. You are torn between gratitude, and the dictates of your conscience. You are in pain. No, Rajiva, you do not feel sorry for Mahinda Rajapaksa, you are sorry for yourself, for having thoughtlessly got into this mess; for having irretrievably lost the respect of your peers.

    You say “He is neither a fool, nor a villain….” Please take careful note of my comments. I am saying Mahinda Rajapaksa is both a FOOL and a VILLAIN for these reasons:

    “Not a fool”:

    Of course undoubtedly he was/is a fool. He was short-sighted as well. He could not recognize the heavenly opportunity presented to him in May 2009, to become the genuine, ever-living hero of Sri Lanka, to adorn the history pages for centuries to follow. His popularity was sky high among the Sinhalese. He could have easily effected National Reconciliation. He could have persuaded the Majority to accept the transformation of Sri Lanka, into a multi ethnic, multi religious, multi lingual Nation, where all groups could live in peace and harmony. He had the chance to set up Sri Lanka, surpassing Singapore, as a harmonious and prosperous nation. He had the popularity and the power in the Legislature to build a Nation governed according to the Rule of Law, where institutions vital for Democratic Governance, namely to entrench the separation of powers, independence of the elected Members of Parliament, and the Judiciary, giving them the highest protection of the Law.

    He could not bring himself to do any of this BECAUSE he was a fool.

    “Not a villain”:

    Rajapakse was nothing but a villain, as evident from his villainous mindset which compelled his villainous acts.

    This is what prevented him from becoming the Statesman he could have been. He could only believe that his political success so far was SOLELY due the Sinhala majority support. He could not acknowledge that a large segment of Sinhala Buddhist believed, still do, in what the Buddha preached. Kindness and Mercy to all Beings. He forgot the support received from India particularly, and the rest of the world to defeat the Tiger Terrorists. He forgot the support he received from the Muslims, some of whom paying with their life for that support. Even today he is mollycoddling two Tiger Terrorists who bombed innocent Sinhala men women and children, in the buses, public places and in their beds.

    His villainous mind is able to think that he can BUY the loyalty of the Sinhala majority ONLY by causing enormous harm to the other communities. The Tigers were dead. So he created Muslim “terrorists”. The result was the Aluthgama carnage to demonstrate to the Sinhalese that he is the only friend they have.

    That was not enough. Any Sinhala opposition had to be wiped out. So he created the White Van Menace. Journalists had to be kept in line. So he murdered over a dozen of them, to serve as a lesson to the fourth estate. Everyone knows he is keeping Gotabaya on “standby” for any “emergency” – the GONIBILLA. This explains why intellectuals wet the bed in their sleep. Just consider Mohan Peiris’ behavior in this respect, not to forget you Rajiva Wijesingha.

    As with all others with villainous mindset, Mahinda Rajapaksa believed he needed to have almost limitless financial resources to finance his villainy. So he initiated “Development Projects”, the sole purpose of which was to create sources of wealth. Recently it has come to light that Rajapaksa has been minting money for himself on road construction. Champika Ranawaka says:
    “The construction from Pinnaduwa to Matara was estimated at Rs. 2700 million per km – how much is the commission? 730%! But the swindling done off the Kadawatha – Kerawalapitiya road construction takes the cake! They have swindled a commission of 2000%, estimating the construction cost to be Rs. 7560 million per km,”. For more see:


    Is it any wonder that Mahinda Rajapaksa was so eager to construct Harbours Ports and Airports at places where no ships or planes have no inducement to call except under duress?

    Customarily the Chief villain loves being surrounded by junior villains. Just watch the Amrish Puri movies. Mahinda Rajapaksa is no different. The Chief Villain creates opportunities for the subordinate villains and usually acquiesces in their villainy. Murder, rape, extortion and the like become routine in that social circle. This explains Mahinda Rajapaksa’s recent confession that he has FILES on MPs and Ministers.

    I have written here what came to mind. There is plenty more. Historians will do justice to Mahinda Rajapaksa’s villainy in due course I am sure. But for now this will suffice.

    Rajiv Wijesinghe, this is a depressing scenario even for you. But take heart. I believe in divine intervention. Perhaps you may take solace by watching how Mahinda Rajapakse is making pickle out of his leading assistants, before he commits suicide in the evening on 8th January 2015. Here is the video:



  • 2

    Don’t feel sorry for him! he and his cronies, had a gala dance like the vikings dining and feasting wild in their own cave for the past ten years not listening or giving an ear to anyone’s good advice.
    Now its written all over the wall, look at the body language of his own party men on stage, he has nothing to say just empty words. Let him talk anything other than the War,NGOs, Foreign conspiracy, He cannot. UPFA Govt. only sold the “MR image” all over the country they sponsored and advertised only MR. Even small lanes in the rural areas has his picture for paving that lane. What a President? Forgive him, for ignoring all of them but he discarded his own Lord Buddhas teaching.

  • 2

    You are pandering too much to Gota for a person who left the givernment, I can’t imagine how immune you are to GR’s all human right violations inside SL, for media, opposing viewers. Or Are you Saying Basil is behind all disappearances, ordering to shoot unarmed civilians so on. Dude on what planet/country you live in. for you to be blind to these. I see a hint of remorse in case what if MR wins. Or are you too playing double games just like your buddy looser DJ, pandering TK. You guys talk something else(supporting Maithree in local media) and in the internet and English media forums attacking Maithree’s candidacy as indirectly giving power to Ranil. If you self styled elite political analysts/ foreign ministry experts are that ignorant and think RW is un-winnable, this time he had a very good chance of winning it if not for Sajith/Tiran?tissa/ Killi- DJ, TK plot to derail his candidacy by bickering and creating infighting will dominate the news cycle and people of SLwill be the losers in the end. Though I am not a UNPer I salute RW putting the dire need of the people, and the country before his personal agenda. While you feel sorry for an ignorant dictatorship, I feel sorry for the country that the people have to depend on morally corrupt opinion setters like you to guide the right way, since you guys are doing a great job confusing the reality we all can see. You see no fault with state sponsored Aba sarana program by gota? Whoa what a great military program he runs- our war- veterans collect garbage, cut grass at politicians homes, water plants, and disabled solideres are not even given their due allowances. They have no right to be claim sole-champions of war victory. What a bankrupt person you are that no amount of education can make one smart if they can’t see the truth in front of you. You DJ is saying BS everywhere are you his mole in Maithree’s camp?

  • 1

    John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton. He is famous for his remark, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

  • 2


    He is neither a fool, nor a villain, so he knows well the mess into which he has got himself.

    Nice try.

    Let us analyse.

    Not a fool so by inference ” Clever”

    Not a Villain so by inference “innocent”

    Can you explain to me how you claim that a man who presided over the Genocide and the worst record of governance is Clever but Innocent.
    As the Commander in Chief if he is clever he cant be Innocent and therefore culpable and must serve time behind BARs

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