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I Educated Myself About The Politics, Even I Read A Book About Hitler, I Think I’m Very Educated – Fonseka

A Presidential Pardon has meant that former Army Commander, who was incarcerated at the Welikada Prison, now walks a free man, albeit with some legal shackles. Fonseka is Sri Lanka’s first serving Army Commander who was promoted to a four-star General rank whilst in service, stars he was forced to give up by a Court Martial mere months after launching a fail bid for the office of the President, running against his one time ally and one time Commander-in-Chief Mahinda Rajapaksa. In a no holds barred candid interview with Ceylon Today, Sarath Fonseka, the retired General viewed as the architect of the defeat of the LTTE and Sri Lanka’s most famous political prisoner talks about his arrest, time in prison, family, political aspirations and the lessons learnt behind iron bars.

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