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“I Know He Is Innocent. If He Has Done Wrong, He Has To Face Jail” – CJ Speaks About Her Husband

By Colombo Telegraph

“Chief Justice Bandaranayake seemed unruffled over the charges against her in the impeachment resolution. ‘I know he is innocent. If he has done wrong, he has to face jail. That is all there is to it,’ she told a confidante this week. She was referring to her husband, Pradeepa Kariyawasam, former Chairman of the National Savings Bank. He has been indicted before the Colombo Magistrate for ‘causing a loss of Rs 391,137,554.33 to the state’ and for alleged corruption. The pending case and Bandaranayake’s continuance in the office of the Chief Justice, one of the allegations in the resolution argues, would result in the ‘administration of justice’ being hindered.” the Sunday Times Political Editor reports.

CJ Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake and Pradeep Kariyawasam

The newspaper said; “Arriving some 15 minutes late for Monday’s Supreme Court sittings, the usually punctual Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake declared from the bench ‘as you understand, I had to collect so many documents’. She did not elaborate. Nor did lawyers present to represent clients in cases listed for that day raise any query.”

According to the newspaper, there was little doubt it was a reference to the impeachment resolution 117 government parliamentarians handed over to Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, the previous Thursday (November 1). It lists 14 charges which are given in the box story on this page. Further confirmation came when Kanakanayakam Kanag-Ishvaran, President’s Counsel, marked his presence for a company of the Ceylinco Group in a case that was listed before her.

“‘I am not going to hear this case,’ she said. Here again, though she did not explain, the first of 14 allegations against her related to a purported transaction involving that group. However, she will tomorrow hear a fundamental rights violation petition linked to Golden Key Finance Company (a member of the financially crippled Ceylinco Group). This is one among three cases, allegation number one claims, which were removed from another bench of the Supreme Court and taken up for hearing by Chief Justice Bandaranayake.” the newspaper reported.

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