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IGP Makes A Pathetic Display Of Incompetence Regarding BASL President’s Request

In a public display of the pathetic plight that the Police Department has sunken to,  the IGP, instead of executing his duties promptly, has informed the President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) that his request for an independent investigation into the recent intimidation attempts he had to face, have been forwarded to the Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Order for approval.

Upul Jayasuriya

In response to a letter by BASL President Upul Jayasuriya on July 23 titled ‘Security threat imposed on my life’ where he requested the Police Department to hold an independent investigation into the recent attempts by an unidentified gang to intimidate him, the IGP has informed Jayasuriya that approval has been sought from the Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order to act upon the request.

Jayasuriya expressing his disappointment over the state of affairs and the lack of action or concern over the threats on his life told Colombo Telegraph that the response was a clear reflection of the pathetic state of the IGP.

“He has no shame to display in public, his inability to take a decision within his conscience and to discharge his duties under the Police Ordinance without being dictated by an administrative office who has no role to play under the Police ordinance,” he said.

Just over a week ago, an unidentified group in a motor-cycle and a three-wheeler tailed Jayasuriya for hours in an attempt to intimidate him. Despite reporting the vehicle registration numbers of the motor-bike and the three-wheeler in question, the Police still have not been able to make a single arrest in relation to the incident.

It is interesting to note that these intimidation attempts were made just two days after the BASL Executive Committee issued a statement condemning the circular issued by the National Secretariat for NGOs operating under the purview of the Defense Ministry.

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