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Impeachment Saga: Who Should Run The Nation?

By Vishvamithra

Chief Justice

By destroying the public’s confidence, with a deceitful impeachment motion against the CJ launched for political reasons, the present regime has further demonstrated its true character; the creation of a free-for-all, everyone-for-himself economy—an economy in which the rich, powerful and organized can take advantage of the poor, unorganized and uneducated.

The need of the hour of the learned people is to discredit the government ethically and philosophically for all the anti-social wrongdoings being committed by it against its own people belongs all ethnic origins.

Who responsible for creating this anarchistic society? The midlevel figures, some of the thousands of ordinary people – all so-called professionals, state officials and so many others who helped create this crisis, often by calculating their own self-interest first. Their tales suggest that, while some of those caught up in the event were crooked or incompetent, many more were people who simply took a narrow view of their responsibilities in return for ill-gotten wealth.

Probably no one has ever witnessed anything like the collapse of morality and ethics in governance in this magnitude.  The virus of crony capitalism seems to have infected with the all organs of government and the conduct of the former CJ Sarath Silva vividly demonstrates that not only the values of the executive and the legislature have diminished but noble standards enshrined by the judiciary too.

No one seems to know from where the clean up operations should commence.  Lets hope that that at least now the government would understand the greater damage it inflicts to the image of the mother Lanka and restrain from causing any further damage and respect and honour the rule of law.

In the presence of absolutely incapable opposition, the excessive and unjust enrichment, incompetence and dishonesty of top politicians and their cronies can only be dealt with through a independent, forthright judiciary committed to uphold the role of the watchdog for the people and not through a judiciary consisting of timid and submissive judges who would only serve the corrupt Executive and its cronies. If there is any wrongdoing committed by any member of Apex Court, people do not condone such characters by any means, yet they naturally demand their removal only after due process of law that guarantee fair hearing free from any undue arbitrary decision-making by the executive.

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