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Inauspicious Start For Impeachment Motion Handed Over At Auspicious Time

By Colombo Telegraph

The Politbureau of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) has instructed its national organizer and MP for Kegalle District, Y.G. Padmasiri to withdraw his signature from the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice, the Lakbima Sinhala daily reported today (03 November).

Inauspicious Start

LSSP sources confirmed the truth of the Lakbima story to Colombo Telegraph. A member of the Politbureau who spoke to Colombo Telegraph on the condition of anonymity said that the Politbureau had earlier decided that LSSP MPs should not sign the impeachment motion. However, after a meeting President Mahinda Rajapakse had with UPFA leaders, Minister Tissa Vitarana who is also the Secretary of the LSSP had unilaterally instructed MP Padmasiri to sign the motion. At the Politbureau meeting held on 02nd November, members had been highly critical of the Minister for overriding a decision of the Party. Sources said that Minister Vitarana had been greatly embarrassed and had apologized for what happened. Thereafter, the Politbureau had instructed Mr Padmasiri to write to the Speaker and withdraw his signature.

This episode comes in the wake of the Communist Party Special Congress that took place on 28 October resolving in a self-criticism that voting for the 18th Amendment was a mistake. On 02 November, the Politbureau of the CP had censured Minister Chandrasiri Gajadheera for signing the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice without its permission. Gajadheera had explained that Minister DEW Gunasekera had instructed him to do so. Minister Gunasekera had come in for severe criticism and the Politbureau has decided that the two CP MPs should obtain instructions from the Politbureau in future.

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