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Increasing Military Involvement In Sri Lankan Business Ventures

From contributing to changing the landscapes of the Colombo city with its rapid remodeling and ‘beautification’ to growing vegetables in the North and East, Sri Lanka’s military is systematically increasing its grip on the economy and business activities.

Implemented under strict supervisions and instructions of Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the increasing role played by the military in mostly the hospitality and tourism sector, has obviously made a significant impact on private ventures that are in competition mainly due to the cheap labour of service men and women the Defence Ministry has been freely exploiting.

Among the projects initiated by this new wave of military business ventures include:

  • Marble beach – a resort located in China Bat and managed by the Air Force
  • Eagles’ Golf Links – an 18-hole Golf course located close to the Trincomalee Harbour
  • Eagles’ Heritage Golf Club – An Air-Force managed hotel in Anuradhapura
  • Eagles Lakeside Banquet and Convention Hall – located in Attidiya and manged by the Air Force
  • Eagles’ Lagoon view banquet Hall – Managed by the Airforce and located in Katunayake
  • Sky Pet Animal Services – veterinary services offered by Air Force personnel
  • Laya Hotels: a hotel chain managed by Sri Lanka Army
  • Clippers – a beauty salon run by the Air Force located in Borella

Sources have revealed that not only has the military invaded the local business space but also issued threats to businesses engaged in similar fields to refrain from raising issues with their involvement or turn competitive with the businesses run by the Defence Ministry.

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