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India Says Impeaching Chief justice Is an Internal Matter Of Sri Lanka

By Colombo Telegraph

Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has said India would keep away from the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, when asked about the Indian government’s position on the Sri Lankan government plans to impeach the Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, Lakbimanews reported.


Mr Khurshid was responding to a question raised by Lakbimanews journalist Ranga Jayasuriya, at the concluding meeting of  the Indian Ocean Rim Association for regional Cooperation ministerial meeting held in the city of  Gurgoan.  when the lakbimanews correspondent cited that the United States of America had already raised concerns about recent interferences of judiciary independence and the impending impeachment motion, and asked India’s take on the matter, in terms of the impact the recent developments would have on democracy in the country, Mr. Khurshid said that India would work with the government at the time and that it would not get involved in the affairs of internal institutions.

“Separation of power of those institutions is important… But, taking an undue interest in internal affairs of a particular institution would be counter-productive,” he said.

He however added: “We support democracy, foster democracy and celebrate democracy.

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