29 November, 2023


Indian-Israeli Involvement In Sri Lanka Is A Disaster

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Last week local dailies published a report on Israeli and India to jointly invest in the development of the agriculture sector in Sri Lanka, promoted by our man in New Delhi.

According to the report, citing sources, the move was initiated by the island’s Agriculture Ministry in collaboration with Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation. Israel is to provide technical assistance by sharing knowledge and agro technologies and India to provide financial support to Sri Lanka.

The island’s growing ties with Israel and India, both with their own agendas and deeply hostile to Muslims, remain serious concern to Sri Lanka which is passing through its worst ever political, economic and social crises.

Falsely accusing Muslims of bombing the World Trade Centre in New York on 2001 September 11, the US and Europe   and Israel started a global campaign demonising Islam and unleashing violence against the Muslims. The demonization began the same day of 9/11, even before any sensible US investigation could even begin! Countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria were invaded one at a time, bombed and turned into killing fields while more than 30 million Muslims were driven to refugee camps to suffer in appalling condition to date.

In India this campaign began in the wake of Baharathiya Janata Party, BJP, having being voted to power in 2014.  Since then the Zionist and Hindutva forces have got together in a new found battle against Muslims.

Here in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the defeat of LTTE, the Rajapaksa government opened the country to these very same Hindutva and Israeli forces. In a strange coincidence the Rajapaksa government opened the country to Israel and India and indirectly allowed incitement of violence against Islam and the Muslims in the island tearing apart more than a thousand year old friendly ties with the predominantly peace loving Sinhalese and Muslims.

According to the published records of the Israeli Mossad, written by its own men who had served in it, Israelis supported by Zionists world-wide, had played decisive roles from introducing viruses into the computer system to toppling governments around the world in many countries. For more on it read “Mossad” (2019) by Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal for sale only in the India, Bangaldesh, Bhutan,Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives, God knows why!

Since 2014, when Narendra Modi rose to power in India, Israel clinched from Russia the number one slot for the sale of powerful weapons to India sighting exaggerated fears about China and Pakistan. The Israeli objectives in India’s neighbourhood appears to be to create opportunities for using these weapons by through multi facetted strategies including the intelligence pipe-line as well as the Zionist controlled, influenced and possibly funded media in the region in building up ethno-religious acrimony, hatred and conflicts. Only the unexpected Russian Ukraine war is delaying the pre-planned Indo-Pacific conflict in the region under the guise of the Chinese threats in Asia. Israel and the West are dying to create wars one after the other to keep their thousand odd arms factories working! This is no conspiracy theory!

In Sri Lanka, sections of the local media were given a free hand to launch a violent campaign against Muslims while organised racist thugs attacked Muslims all over, desecrated mosques, burnt and even urinated on Holy Quran, killed innocent people, burnt their homes, commercial and industrial complexes  while government did nothing to stop this carnage leave alone arresting the culprits. When then will this country have peace?

A German Jew gifted a house in down town South to Sinhala racist Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) which was in the forefront in leading the false cry against the Muslims. A few racist mercenary monks were employed to speak against the Muslims. A respected Buddhist monk publicly told an English daily that monks were told by agents of the government to spend ten to fifteen minutes in their sermons to demonize Islam and the Muslims. Media in general was used as part and parcel of this campaign inciting Sinhalese against Muslims with their distorted reports.

In the midst, following a decade of anti-Muslim hate campaigns, came the Easter Sunday massacre. Muslims as a community had nothing to do with this carnage. It was done by a few misguided persons with Muslim names who were claimed by some to have been paid regularly by the defense ministry, though not officially admitted by the Ministry.

It was in this anti-Muslim wave, the Rajapaksa team won the 2019 presidential elections with 6.9 million votes. However the political chaos, economic collapse and misery caused to people of all walks of life forced people to come out on streets and oust both President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

People also accused them of resorting to racist politics and dividing communities. Today the country remains paralyzed by immense economic sufferings caused by the spread of these hate campaigns, corruption, mismanagement, nepotism and abuse of power. As a result, we are compelled to depend on foreign loans and aid to survive.

It is common knowledge that India was in the forefront of helping Sri Lanka in the crisis but it has its own designs on the island while Israel has its own agenda as part of its global agenda against Muslims.

It was proved time and again that Israelis have no special feelings for Sri Lanka which they consider “as an undeveloped and uncivilised country with monkey like people who are not long out of the trees and should not expect much” as disclosed in the book “By Way of Deception; The Making and Unmaking of a Mossed Officer” by Victor Ostroysky and Claire Hoy.

Sri Lanka’s ties with Israel continued to flourish during ousted President Mahinda Rajapaksa government. Israelis   did not waste time. They went into action in full swing and spread their tentacles to influence in their favor politicians, decision makers, media, business tycoons and many other sectors.

In one of the latest acts of the Mossad allegedly kidnapping a Palestinian visiting Malaysia, local agents of the Mossad were arrested and produced in Court allegedly involved late last month in snatching a Palestinian outside an apartment complex in Kuala Lampur beaten and dumped into a car and taken away to a secret location outside KL and allegedly questioned for hours by Mossad officials in Israel, until Malaysian authorities raided and arrested the kidnappers.

Earlier in 2018, a Palestinian electrical engineer on his way to a Mosque in Kual Lampur was gunned down by Mossad agents, according to close relatives of the Palestinian.

This amongst several others are some of the reasons, why knowledgeable persons fear that Israelis would enlist the support of racist elements to create communal disharmony in the island.

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    Mr Farook

    As an American friend used to say, ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’. This is particularly true when it comes international politics. No country will provide aid from the goodness of their heart but come with strings attached, so it’s up to prudent political leaders to make the best out of the deal instead of selling out the country. Poor countries need foreign expertise & investment & we need a foreign policy that suits us best, based on ethical principals.

    I have no particular affinity to Israel or Jewish people. The international Jewish lobby is powerful (responsible for getting rid of Jeremy Cobin, who was sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, as Labour leader in UK) but in my opinion, Israel has reciprocated to Muslim extremism with equal violence & I have no problem with it. As the saying goes, ‘violence beget violence’. By the way, has any rich Muslim country done anything for SL, apart from exploiting our migrant labour?

  • 13

    1000-year-old Muslim Chingkalla history! Please explain when the vast majority of the island’s Muslim population, especially the ones from the south largely migrated to the island during the early British colonial era from their original homeland in Thamizh Nadu. The small minority, who migrated earlier from around the late 13Th century, again largely from Thamizh Nadu and then Thamizh Kerala largely migrated to the northwest coast, which was then Thamizh and part of the Jaffna kingdom. They arrived here fleeing persecution, after the fall of the Islamic Delhi Sultanate, which briefly ruled the Thamizh country, and for trade. When the Jaffna kingdom fell to the Portuguese around in the very early 17Th century, the Portuguese started to persecute the Muslims living here, due to trade rivalry and as they refused to convert, the Portuguese also did not like people of the Islamic faith, who they all lumped together, irrespective of race or ethnic origin and called them ” Moors”, especially the South Asian varieties. This was due to the 1000-year-old North African origin Moor Islamic rule of the Iberian peninsular.

    • 11

      It was then there was some sort of connection or relationship with the island’s Chingkallams and these immigrant South Indian origin Thamizh Muslims, now calling themselves ” Moors” largely to hide their actual South Indian Thamizh origin. This relationship was not at all cordial as this author states, Thamizh Muslims fleeing Portuguese persecution, first ran to the adjoining Kandyan Chingkalla areas. At the beginning begging the Chingkallams grudgingly accepted them, however when more and more of them started to arrive, the Chingkallams got alarmed and started to attack and kill them. In desperation the then-king of Kandy, King Senarath asked the eastern Thamizh Vannimai Chieftains, who were under his loose control, after the fall of the Jaffna Kingdom to take these Thamizh Muslim refugees and settle them in the eastern Thamizh Hindu lands, as they were ethnically Thamizh and the Chingkallams did not want them in their lands. They obliged and settled these immigrant Indian Thamizh Muslim refugees, in specific villages, where most of them still live and gave them Hindu Thamizh Mukkuva women, as wives to start a family. It was the island’s Thamizh and not the Chingkallams who had cordial relationships with the Muslims until they decided to join the Chingkallams to persecute the Thamizh in the name of their religion and a largely imagined Arab origin.

      • 10

        This started when a small minority of them fled their South Indian Thamizh homeland in the late 13th Century to avoid religious persecution and for trade purposes and settled along the then-Thamizh northwest coast of the island, Puttlalam, Chilapam that was part of the Jaffna kingdom. The island’s Thamizh gave them refuge and a way to make a living as they were fellow Thamizh and later when they were persecuted, by the Portuguese refuge in the historically Hindu Eezham Thamizh east, when the Chingkallams did not want more of them, again they took pity of them as they were fellow Thamizh and gave them land to settle and Thamizh Hindu Mukkuva women to start a family, this is the reason until this. Wahhabi/Arabisation craze started, the eastern Thamizh Muslims just like their Hindu Thamizh sisters and brothers were following the Matriachical Thamizh Hindu Mukkuva law and customs, similar to Kerala, as on their matrilineal line, was eastern Hindu Thamizh Mukkuva. They were following the Kudi systems ( hence place names like KattanKudi) and children living with the mother’s family, with the maternal uncle and not the father taking a big role in family matters. All these so-called ancient relationships were with the island’s Thamizh and not with Chingkallams. The Chingkallams never wanted them or likes them and would not allow them to settle in their areas.

        • 10

          A few Arab emissaries to the courts of Chingkalla or for that matter Thamizh kings on the island have nothing to do with these South Indian origin Thamizh Muslims. Relationship with the Chingkallams only started during the early British colonial era, when Thamizh Muslims from South India started to migrate to the island and started to settle in the south of the island. Now history in Sri Lanka is being rewritten to Chingkalla Buddhist Fascist and Islamic pro-Wahabbi Pro Arabic extremist agenda. Even now the common Chingkalla word for the island’s Muslims is ” Marrakallayo” this is because they started to arrive on the island in the late 13Th century on shallow wooden boats called Marrakallams in Thamizh, largely fleeing religious persecution in their native Thamizh Nadu and settled down along the Thamizh North West coast of the island, as this area was ethnically Thamizh, ruled by a Thamizh king.

          • 1

            Pandit Kutti, repeating endless lies about Muslims do not make them truths.

            • 6

              Are you describing yourself? We all know everything about you is a lie

  • 8

    Mr Farook, you would probably have more people agreeing with you if you had cloaked your argument in a colonialism vs anti-colonialism manner instead of a Jew vs Muslim one.
    After all, the truth is, the modern state of Israel was created by European Zionists as a colonial project to settle European Jews in Palestine where only approximately 10% of the population were Jews.
    India and Sri Lanka used to be strong supporters of the Palestinian cause because of the fact that they lost their homes and lands to European colonialists and anti-colonialism was a strong ideology in both countries’. However, these days neo-liberalism is the new ‘colonialism’ which is promoted by the west and supported by the ruling elites in India, Israel etc. More and more people in the developing world are recognising this as a new form of colonialism. Any involvement in Sri Lanka by India and Israel would be on behalf of the neo-liberal cause which will hurt all Sri Lankans irrespective of ethnicity, religion or caste. You will convince more people with this argument, remember, not all Jews are Zionists or anti-Muslim.

  • 1

    “… but in my opinion, Israel has reciprocated to Muslim extremism with equal violence & I have no problem with it.”
    How simple do things become when we overlook details conveniently.

  • 16

    Mr Lathif Farook where were you when the Israelis were training the Sri Lankan STF and the Muslim home guards to attack, kill and ethnically cleanse the eastern Tamils, the actual indigenous and largest population in the east? Eastern Sri Lanka is their homeland and the Sinhalese only arrived there after independence, a deliberate policy by all Sinhalese-led Sri Lankan governments since independence, to settle hundreds of thousands of outside Sinhalese on ethnically cleansed Tamil lands to change the demography. They not only settled Sinhalese there but deliberately changed the original Tamil place names of these areas to Sinhalese or gave a Sinhalese twist to the Tamil name and altered the history and destroyed all traces, that Tamils lived in these areas decades ago. The Muslims, who are ethnically Tamils from South India only arrived in the east a few centuries ago as refugees fleeing Portuguese persecution along the North West coast that was Tamil and then Sinhalese persecution in the Kandyan areas, where they first fled for refuge. As for the so-called 1000-year-old Sinhalese Muslim cordial and amicable relations. please do not make me laugh, there was no 1000-year-old history.

    • 10

      Muslims only started to trickle down from South India in the 13Th century, after the fall of the Delhi Sultanate and settled in the then Tamil northwest, only started to move further into inland Sinhalese areas to escape the Portuguese, who did not want them and were killing them. This was in the early 17TH century. Even the Sinhalese did not want them in their areas and they moved to the Tamil east as refugees and were accepted there. The vast majority of the Muslims now living in the Sinhalese areas only arrived from South India during British colonial rule.

      In the 1880s-90s, there were two categories of Moors numbering 185000, on the island Coast Moors or Indian Moors who arrived from the Coramandel coast of South India or from the inner district of what is modern Tamil Nadu as labourers and traders, maintaining close ties and marriage connections with South India. The Coast Moors numbering 92500 approx are Tamils. As to the Ceylon Moors numbering 92500 are also Tamils who arrived a few generations ago from South India, with a few families amongst them say around 5% bearing the imprest of the Arabs but even they are pure Tamil on their maternal side, with a distant Arab male ancestor. This is from the Royal Asiatic Society .

    • 3

      “Mr Lathif Farook where were you when the Israelis were training the Sri Lankan STF and the Muslim home guards to attack, kill and ethnically cleanse the eastern Tamils…?”
      Not far from where you were when the Israelis were training the LTTE to do equally bad things.

      • 9

        The Israelis trained the LTTE in Israel and not in Sri Lanka to fight guerilla warfare successfully and not to kill and ethnically cleanse other races like they trained the Muslims and the Sinhalese Sri Lankan STF in eastern Sri Lanka. Get your facts correct moreover, I or other Tamils are not hypocritical and posting anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish articles, but kept quiet when the Israelis were training Muslim home guards in the east to kill and ethnically cleanse the native Tamils in the east. Where were you also then? Now as usual opportunistically jumping to defend Islamic extremists.

        • 0

          May be a follower believes OPPORTUNITY IS THE CULMINATION OF SUCCESS!!
          Well, have seen many a pavement ‘Hawker’ and Shopkeeper in Pettah, Fort in Colombo city, taking the “OPPORTUNITY” of wiping the sweat off “their head” – Semi-Bald Pate – not any other part of their body, when negotiating and confirmng that their price being quoted is reasonable!!?? they become prosperous!! your guess is as good as mine!!??

  • 3

    Like the Israelis, and Netanyahu says my enemies enemy is my friend. I have spoken to many weterners and europeons. Generally they all consider that the israelis are a barbaric thieving race and mentality of “Shylock”.

    Fundamentally, there is NO difference between the israelis THIEVING of palestinian lands and Putin in Ukraine.

    My observation is that Israel is generally more hated universally now than in WW2.. In the early 90s an europeon woman told me that Hitler should have finished his job. I was aghast and now no more. I had a eastern europeon worker who would not buy anything made in isreal.

    I saw a Dead Sea cosmetics stall in ashopping near me and googled the scams by these persons sent it to the shopping centre and a day or so later this stall was no more!!!

    Note that israel trained the LTTE and the sinhala army at the same time in the same then military camp in Sinai. Why complain about Goebbles !!! when them israelis invplved in macabre such experiment!!!

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