2 June, 2023


Is The EPDP Backing A Land Grab In Navatkuli (Jaffna)?

By Rajasingham Jayadevan

Rajasingham Jayadevan

Rajasingham Jayadevan

A candidate of the EPDP at the last NPC elections, accompanied by three accomplices, is attempting to grab privately owned land between the Navatkuli Junction and the Palmyra Research Institute amounting to hundreds of acres. This person is Sethu Thedchana Murthy (Pulavar). He lives near the Pillaiyar temple in Kantharmadam,Jaffna and is a marriage broker. Inquiries reveal that he has been involved in many fraudulent activities. His accomplices, one of whom is a well built young man, were not ready to divulge their identities.

The Pulavar is a dark stocky man with milky white hair and a bushy milky white must ache. Photographs of these individuals are available.

DouglasThe ‘Pulavar’ originally claimed to be a descendant of the original owners of a part or whole of this land. However, another person calling himself Arunachalam, who also describes himself as a descendent has in a telephone call claimed that the Pulavar has been given the power of attorney to act on his behalf. The person who called himself Arunachalam warned that there will be serious consquences, if there is no compliance with their demands.

A serious situation is developing in Navatkuli, which may involve serious violence, because of the probable involvement of the EPDP or its cadres and/or members.

The current owners of land in the area ( I am one) should be aware of this development. A similar effort by another or affiliated group in December’ 2013 failed because of the collective action of some who own lands in the area described.

Many of these individuals are wondering whether Tamil crooks and fraudsters have a free reign in Jaffna yet and whether they yet have political backing from the likes of the EPDP.

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    Good expose.

    As part of the good governance process of the new government, the paramilitary EPDP must be wound up to bring peace for the people in the north.

  • 6

    Well well… Mahinda sais he would name the place Denanadapuram, and Duglas said he wants Mahindapuran…


  • 4


    You reap what you sow!

    Land-grab was not an issue for you until it came to your doorstep – right?!

    Now you want to publicize (internationalize?) your personal property dilemma. Until just about a year ago you siblings were gung-ho about the sincerity and altruism of MR regime, a regime in which EPDP and Deva enjoyed a dominant and critical role in the North. You objected to any Diaspora intervention or challenges to that regime and instead solicited funds on behalf the Regime, vociferously castigating Diaspora for not acceding to your solicitations! This was when many, if not most, Tamil civilians caught up in the North were still suffering and wailing for relief from under the brutal boots of Gota and Deva. You, instead, chose to see only “smiling faces with confidence of a bright future” under the victorious Rajapaksa’s as your sibling explicitly declared, invoking fictitious claims of privileged knowledge about ground realities. How soon the sand castle crumbles!!

    With your proclaimed “uniquely-Rajasingham” ground-reality wisdom, did either of you brothers ever complain about EDPD or Deva, while EDPD and Deva were ransacking, raping and murdering in the same neighbourhood that you now complain about?

    I guess the truth is emerging little by little.

    It is difficult not to speculate that perhaps it is based on Deva’s recommendation that MR/Gota paid you handsomely to visit the North at Sri Lankan tax payer’s money — or to be more precise money robbed out of foreign-aid meant for camp victims! Why would MR/Gota donate that to you siblings, if not as a bribe to amass Diaspora donations on false pretentions as helping build the North? Deva possibly even gave assurances about your property if you promised to campaign for the regime.

    Though you guys tried your best to amass Diaspora donations, you miserably failed – kudos to the Diaspora’s intelligence! So you openly began condemning the Diaspora in entirety serving as the prop the regime badly needed to deflect all local and international critics about regime’s treatment of the Tamils. Your sibling exclaimed to the effect “I am very encouraged by what the Government has done in developing the North, and has done 75% of what MR promised. My biggest disappointment is the Diaspora who are unwilling to part with their money.”

    I would venture to guess that your inability to collect the promised funding possibly angered MR/Gota who turned on Deva, and perhaps that may be the reason Deva’s goons are after your property now. In any case don’t you think you the community to return the resources that was spent by MR on your royal-guided tour in executive class, plus?

    All these speculations rise only because you fail to answer honestly the simplest of questions about your past activities. Let me repeat a few – see if you can make up your mind whether you would bravely defend your actions if you feel confident you did no wrong, and if not, be courageous enough to apologize to the Diaspora whom you siblings castigated, and to the camp-people whose money was used up in your royal-vacation.

    (a)Did you receive a luxury trip and vacation at tax payer’s expense? Did you not realize any “gifts” from MR would be a blatant bribe?

    (b)Did your inability to amass funding contribute to your anger over the Diaspora? And did that last only until Gota set his wolves to hunt you down for your betrayal on the promised funds?

    (c)If you did recieve such hand-out from MR, do you not owe to return that money that was spent on your vacation, back to the desperate, displaced people in Vanni?

    (d)Were you siblings correct in condemning the whole Diaspora as a singular entity while you were under MR’s spell?

    (e)Did it occur to you that, because you guys are educated and authentic Tamils from the North, your relentless propping up of the regime until a year or so ago helped deflect much of the criticism of MR’s governance and fairness to minorities?

    • 5

      RJ”The current owners of land in the area ( I am one) …”

      Kumar R “Now you want to publicize (internationalize?) your personal property dilemma. “

      I thought this guy said in his last post that he is going there to build schools and infrastructure from his own funds and also to celebrate his release from his self inflicted captivity.

      now we know why he went there.

      I understand that Tamils who fled from the war want to go back and reclaim their land and property….And they are doing it successfully by overcoming challenges and hurdles in their own way

      what is shameful is for CT to let this one guy to hijak and hoodwink CT and its readers in the pretext of sensationalising his issue as a common issue

      I am really ashamed of CT.

      • 10

        Kumar R and Rajash are one of the same and keep on pouncing on Rajasingam brothers with personal vendetta. Anything said by Rajasingams are anathema for this anonymous person. What is inhibiting Rajash cum Kumar R to show so much hate?

        Even this important news is ridiculed. The land grab effort of the EPDP man is alarm bell for all the peaceful Tamils. This news must be taken seriously and also Tamils must debate on this issue.

        It is easy fight the grabbing of land by the state but not by the enemy within which Rajash cum Kumar R seems to support and enrich.

        • 3

          Hi Suresh,

          You seem so suspiciously like another manifestation, if not a lap-dog, next in line after the Sivalingams, Ananthans and Rajeshes from Canada (not Rajash!) that have come crawling to apologize for the Rajasinghams, and then tuck the tail and head back to the cavities where you truly belong.

          If that is not the case, can you help explain why it is not important to know why Rajasinghams may have accepted an all paid luxury vacation from MR as a hand out, in case they did accept that. They can truthfully deny if they had not accepted such a free “dhana”- and that will be the end of my case!

          However their inability to deny accepting such a blatant bribe leads to very many questions of considerable importance to Tamils: is that bribe behind Rajasingaham’s attempts at soliciting donations from the Diaspora? is the bribe the reason why Rajasingam’s may have tried to falsify ground realities, despite knowing the pathetic state of Tamils held up in camps? Did Deva help negotiate the bribe, and is that why Rajasingham’s were dismissing all the land-grab complains from a wide segment of Tamil people until this year, but now want the Tamils to rally behind him only after Deva turned the screws on the Rajasingams themselves and their own properties?

          If Rajasinghams did not take that bribe – all they have to do is deny it.

          Or perhaps they did and they regret that now. Everyone makes mistakes – If so, they can be truthful and apologize and remedy that, especially for using up the aid money meant for food and shelter for the most needy.

          But refusing to answer only leads to increasing suspicion of their credibility – and invites even closer scrutiny of all their actions and claims – just so to prevent them from hood-winking the Tamils once again, either at home or abroad. What exactly is personal about this?

          There is good reason behind the adage “truth alone shall set you free.” If you are neither a lap-dog nor a fictional-manifestation of the R siblings, I hope you can help out Rajasinghams resort to truth-telling.

          Or you can explain why Rajasinghams need not divulge whether they took bribes from MR and Deva, and why that question is not important to Tamils, especially when the siblings want to be in the front line representing Tamils.

          Else, you can also now crawl back into that crevice with Sivalingams, Anathans, … et al!

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    It is disheartening to know still such blatant violation of Rule of Law continues. If a society aspire to function as a civilised society, upholding the Rule of Law is a precondition.

    Further more ownership of land and the attempts by the State to grab Tamil land is one of the most contentious issues in the conflict.

    Tamil elected political leadership (currently TNA and the EPDP) should unequivocally condemn such acts and intervene to educate people on this issue.

    On the one hand we accuse the Colombo government of Land grab in the meantime elected Tamil leadership maintain defining silence about unlawful land acquisition by politically influential people.

    Tamils who rightly demand the devolution of land and police power to the Provincial council should demonstrate that they have the vision and wisdom to administer that right in a mature and statesman like manner.

    I hope the present elected Tamil leadership respond to these real issues in a manner that convinces the public that they understand what good governance means.

    • 1

      Ratnasinhams are also elected Tamil leaders. Nobody knows who elected them that is the problems.

  • 8

    What is the TNA leadership doing about this sad situation?

    Sengodan. M

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