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It Is Not The Govt That Is Militarized But The NPC: Rajapaksa Media

Today’s editorial of the Rajapaksa-state run newspaper Daily News has accused Northern Province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran as the individual bearing a military mindset and of working with the TNA to sabotage government attempts to bring better days to the war affected residents of the Northern province.

DN Editor Rajpal Abeynayake has pointed to the statements made by President Rajapaksa on several occasions in reference to the Northern provincial council where he has accused the Council of not use the finances allocated in the budget and being non-cooperative when the government attempts to fulfill dire needs of people in the North.

Abeynayake has accused the CM and the NPC is making deliberate attempts to sabotage the good intentions of the government and has stated that it is a result of the TNA Provincial Councillors and the NPC being unable to leave the LTTE mentality behind.

Although the government is being accused by many parties of making attempts to militarise the country, Abeynayake has gone on to state that it is the NPC that should be demilitarised and not the government, which he has described as the ‘only entity thats aware that the people of Jaffna and the rest of the province have transited from under the LTTE jackboot and want the full benefits of civilian life that comes as a peace dividend’.

Furthermore in the editorial, Abeynayake has accused the TNA and the NPC of leading the Northern residents of being responsible for the present plight which they are suffering today, claiming it is a result of TNA’s political grandstanding.

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