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Ivan Must Return The Bucks He Took: Supporters Including 73 Year Old Pensioner Demand

Well-wishers who supported Ravaya Solidarity (RS) after the newspaper made a public appeal to help keep the newspaper afloat, urge Victor Ivan to return the Rs 5 million he has robbed from the RS Funds collected consequently.


A 73 year old pensioner and retired wife of a Principal shared with Colombo Telegraph the following account on the condition of anonymity.

“My husband passed away three years ago and I live on his pension of Rs 12,500. After teaching students his entire life this is the amount I get as a widow of a government servant.

“However, as an admirer of Ravaya, even I managed to collect a sum of Rs 10,000 after enduring much hardship and donated it towards their appealed cause.

“Now I am sick to the bone as I am made to believe that Victor Ivan has pocketed even that money I donated.

“He should return this money or else I am happy to appear on state television or any other media forum and expose him for this.

“I am still to get a receipt of acknowledgement for this donation I made.

“Even my own family members collectively donated around Rs 150,000 apart from my donation. None of them got an acknowledgement of a receipt to date or even a share from the company.”

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