18 May, 2022


I’ve Received Death Threats, Allegations Against Me Are Baseless: Namal

Namal Rajapaksa has issued a statement in response to the allegations that are being leveled against him by the common Opposition, stating they ‘have no basis’.

Namal and MahindaMember party of the common Opposition movement, Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) during a press conference earlier this week charged the former President’s son with various allegations including rape and sexual harassment of young girls.

While claiming the accusations are baseless in a blog post that he tweeted off his official Twitter handle (@RajapaksaNamal) this morning, he has said that he is more saddened than being angry.

He has gone on to state that although they never claimed to be ‘perfect’ they have always had the ‘best interests of the country and Sri Lankan people in mind. . .’

“This is true not only of Mahinda Rajapaksa but of us as his children as well. We were brought up to take responsibility for our actions. As such, if I have done any wrong, I am fully prepared to face the consequences,” he has noted.

In his blog post, he has also expressed concern over harassment of Rajapaksa supporters, stating it is okay to ‘come after him’ but not those who supported his father as they have not broken any law.

He has also appealed to the new President to safeguard his supporters and take action against those carrying out the harassment.

Meanwhile, local media reported that he has lodged a complaint with the Tangalle Police last evening about death threats that he has been receiving via phone calls, demanding his resignation from politics.

We publish below the statement in full;


Dear supporters and friends,

As you may have already heard, certain individuals are coming after me with a vengeance, trying to implicate me in a number of alleged wrongdoings. We expected this. Those who are older than I am will remember well that this is the usual fate that members of the SLFP must suffer whenever we lose elections. It has happened in the past, and the same is happening this time also.

I want to tell all my supporters that these allegations have no basis. More than being angered, I am saddened. While we never claimed to be perfect, we always had the best interest of the country and the Sri Lankan people in mind. This is true not only of Mahinda Rajapaksa but of us as his children as well. We were brought up to take responsibility for our actions. As such, if I have done any wrong, I am fully prepared to face the consequences. However, I am certain of my innocence with regard to the outrageous allegations that have been put forth against me.

As a politician, coming after me is OK because I have the strength and support system to face it. But unfortunately, I’m not the only one. Many of our strong supporters – ordinary citizens – from around the country have also undergone various types of harassment. Most of these individuals didn’t break the law – they only supported Mahinda Rajapaksa, and they are being punished for that choice.

I appeal to the new President to take measures to safeguard our supporters around the country and to take action against those who are carrying out this harassment. I hope he will remember that these supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa were once strong supporters of his as well, so please ensure their safety.

We welcome the new government’s initiatives of “good governance,” but we make a strong appeal not to allow certain individuals misuse this initiative to fulfill personal vendettas under the guise of “good governance.”

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  • 10

    On a different note, I agree that Namal Hussein is an arrogant, shortsighted, greedy and power stricken offspring of the rajapaksa family. But the fact that MS’s son is drunken with power this early in the regime is exceedingly disturbing….if true. MS will be destroyed even before he begins. Readers. From SL, please keep posting any facts that evolved from the club incidence. I think the public needs to know it. Thanks.

    • 5

      The incident that you refer to never actually took place as verified by many people (some of whom i know personally) were there that night.

      • 0

        Cd, I would like to believe you. But I would also like to see an official negation of the incidence by ….let’s say some local body of authority on such matters too. Otherwise it is simply heresay. This is an opportunity for this island to turn it self around on a progressive track. The newly minted leader cannot squander this opportunity.

  • 18

    Namal: Please get ready to “Defend” yourself not against the threat to your “Life” (you don’t have a life) but the allegations directed at you on a legal basis. Your “Law Firm” and you might have to work “overtime” to prepare your case and my advice is to now itself to start doing the ground work to defend your case. Now, after all you have all the time without those “sleepless” nights spent on “Night Races” and other activities that will be disclosed soon. Please do not go to consult your father because he is waiting to give you a good kick on your ass, for contributing to his downfall from the throne. Anyway Good Luck.

  • 15

    I’l be most glad to do the honour for you Namal butt face baba. What did the people gain supporting you anyway. You may as well stop getting involved in politics and hide inside Shirani Rajapaksa’s tw@t. You and your Ancestors birth were a waste of space to the whole world.

    • 4

      The day the Baba got out of that tw@t was doomsday for Sri Lanka!

  • 11

    You write”While we never claimed to be perfect, we always had the best interest of the country and the Sri Lankan people in mind.”

    Puthai, do you say looting a poor country and buying that many sport cars is what you say is in the best intrest of the country. Guys as your age how could be able to buy those cars you bought. Can you list out the cars with the price and do a sum up and match with how did you fund it. Until these things are put to gether, it is going to be baseless. Who gave you that much money. Unless you have a lottery or be mining magnate or did Galleon boss did in world (not SL) share market, tou could not possibly amass that much and say it is in the bst interest of the country.

    We knew you get hansome amount of money organising trips for refugees to Australia, but that wont match your wealth. What are the other deal?. Your attempt to take cover saying ‘I am not claiming perfect’ is understandable.

    Who the innocent you are refering to. The guy who killed the aid worker and earned good name for Sri Lankan or the lean guys running and trying play game with the toy guns. Where is he now?. Quality of the supporters on display given an indication of yours. Now you say, you are holy cow. These issues have come to limelight, not sure the allegations.

  • 11

    Namal – You and your family are the scum of the Earth. Please do us all a favor and just disappear (like your scumbag uncle and father did to countless people), or better yet, drop dead.

  • 8

    Dear Namal,
    You look so innocent in that picture and as a father having a son a of similar age, I genuinely feel sorry for you. In fact, I genuinely feel sorry for your father too. He could have left a remarkable legacy and gone down in the history of Sri Lanka as a great leader but he squandered his chance.

    I feel that you have both been victims of a lousy system of government. Almost anyone would have suffered the same fate as your father in this system. Your father demonstrated how a good system can be squandered to become a horrifyingly cruel one.

    When your father blames the minority for his defeat, he forgets that majority rule only works if you’re also considering individual rights, because you can’t have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper, as Flynt said.

    Right now, the best thing I enjoy is the sense of freedom. Some of the other bonuses are:
    • Not having to worry about making the mildest criticism about the misdeeds of the government when telephoning anyone in Sri Lanka.
    • No more worries that your father may dip in to the honestly earned funds in my NRFC account one day.
    • Much less worries about someone abducting a family member and demanding ransom.
    The list is long and boring.

    I know that we cannot be so fortunate and that this new sense of freedom is not going to last long. It is too good to be true. As John Adams said, democracy will soon waste, exhaust, and murder itself once more in this country. But until that happens I feel free to breath.

  • 5

    THE DEATH SENTENCE FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE already, as serious as murders or rapes, INSPITE OF ALL WARNINGS, assuming there isn’t anyone to question him???

  • 6

    Generally sins of the father should not be visited upon the son, but in this case Namal’s arrogance and ego merits his own. I am amazed he has the audacity to write in the CT that he supported to be blocked for Sri Lankans. If he was trying to hoodwink us, he has chosen the wrong channel.

  • 3

    Have you ever looked at your face in mirror and vomited? Why are you [Edited out], look like your head was squeezed between a vice? Please cry, suffer, clean public washrooms, and finally drop dead. It is sickening to see your [Edited out]

  • 1

    High time to consult your Astrologer !! better your papa’s !

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