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Jaffna Tamils’ Land Grab FR Cases: Justice Sripavan Advises DSG How To Grab Lands Correctly

Several FR cases to prevent the acquiring of a massive area of traditional lands of Jaffna Tamils (an extent about 2/3 of the whole of Colombo) was taken up in the Supreme Court today before Justice K. Sripavan and Justice Sathya Hettige. The third judge who was to sit in that courthouse today was absent.

Justice K. Sripavan

Lawyer K. Guruparan appeared for the petitioners and wanted to support the cases. However Deputy Solicitor General Shavindra Fernando of the Attorney General’s Department appeared for the government and pointed out that the petitions filed were not in order and needed to be amended to correct lots of mistakes before they could be even considered. Court gave the petitioners time to take steps to amend the petition and file proper papers.

The FR cases are now refixed to be supported on the 15.07.2013.

In the meantime Justice Sripavan inquired from the Deputy Solicitor General, why the government can’t make arrangements to correct the technical illegalities complained about by the petitioners and proceed to acquire the lands correctly.

Earlier, a separate group of over 2000 Jaffna Tamils challenging the correctness of any steps to take over their traditional lands altogether was supported in writ applications filed in the Appeal Court and notice was issued on the government to file objections if any to relief being granted.

The Colombo Telegraph is reliably informed that there is speculation in Tamil circles as to why these petitioners chose to file FR cases in the more politicized Supreme Court now run by de facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris, rather than go by the other option of writ petitions to the Appeal Court.

Many thousands of Tamils would have their traditional lands in the Jaffna Province taken away from them by the ruling Rajapaksa regime unless they succeed in getting relief against the attempt  to take over their lands, which they are at present forcibly prevented from enjoying or even entering.

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