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JMO And PM Reports On Aluthgama Deaths Are Fabricated – Justice Minister Confirms

The two Muslims who were killed in Welipitiya on Monday the 16th of June, died of gunshot injuries, the Colombo Telegraph learns.

The two were killed after a clash between the Muslims who took safety in the Welipanna mosque when the mobs had run riot in the surrounding areas.

Rauff Hakeem

However the Judicial Medical Officers report and the post-morterm had been tampered with to indicate that the two aged 30, and 38 died of “internal haemorrhage” resulting from blows to the head.

There have been no assertions or reports to the effect that the mob had been carrying weapons except petrol bombs and poles.

The only other entity carrying weapons were the law enforcement authorities that night.

The Police and the Special Task Force were deployed in the Welipanna area.

The shooting had taken place while the Police and the STF patrolled the area.

Earlier UNP MP Palitha Thawarapperuma raising a privilege issue in parliament alleged that the Police and the STF did not prevent the mob from attacking the Muslims and instead supported such attack.

Minister of Justice Rauff Hakeem also, in an interview with the Ceylon Today newspaper said that the Judicial Medical Officers report and the post-morterm had both lied with regard to the deaths of the two persons.

In the interview, Minister Hakeem who is also the national leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has very explicitly stated his concerns, describing the investigation and the autopsy of the two deceased victims who were shot dead in Welipitiya are ‘ridiculous’.

“I can produce evidence of used bullets where the two were injured. I went to the spot. The bullets weren’t fired by civilians. However, the autopsy report has indicated the deaths were due to serious cut injuries,” he has stated in the interview.

Further expressing his worries, he has added, “It is a preposterous situation if medical reports are being fabricated.”

Moreover, Minister Hakeem has asserted that the SLMC will be working on proving the post-mortem reports have in fact been fabricated and has stated they are planning to revisit the site where the killings had taken place.

He has also expressed views on the shift in the President’s reaction to the Aluthgama violence during and after the return from participating in the G77 Summit in Bolivia- “When he tweeted from Bolivia, he said that he will not allow anyone to take the law into their own hands, but after arriving, he changed that position to “calling for an impartial investigation,” Hakeem has stated.

The Minister has gone on to say that the President himself informed him that there is evidence of a well-planned violence that erupted in Aluthgama and Beruwala last week. “How can you deny the fact? Almost three to four days before the carnage, there have been meetings in Buddhist temples in the area. The Intelligence would have also known about this,” he has said.

When questioned on his stance on the accuracy of UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay’s report on Sri Lanka, he had stated that they stand by the government’s stance. “I have a collective responsibility as a Cabinet Minister and I cannot defy it,” he has added.

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