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Joint Opposition Calls On All Forces To Unite To Safeguard Country

Joint Opposition Frontliner, Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena has called on all forces to unite to safeguard the country and to also ensure that the sacrifices made by the armed forces will not go to waste.


Speaking at the Kataragama Kirivehera on Saturday, Gunawardena said that the Joint Opposition has come forward to take the lead to safeguard Sri Lanka, and to ensure that it will not be divided.

“In our efforts to safeguard the unity of this country, the Buddha Sasana and to ensure that the lives of the armed forces that were sacrificed in the war will not go to waste, we are calling on all forces to join hands to safeguard Sri Lanka from being divided,” he said.

Gunawardena said that even though under former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presidency the war was ended and the country was united, Sri Lanka was once again facing risk from being divided. “Our soldiers sacrificed their lives not for yesterday but for a better tomorrow, and therefore we will do everything in our power to ensure that their great sacrifice will not go in vain, so we are calling everyone to join us in this struggle,” he added.

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