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Justice Is Denied To Citizens Due To Exec’s Interferences With Judiciary: Senior Lawyer

Senior legal practitioner has written to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL), informing them of his decision to put a halt to his Appeal Courts practice while urging the organization to take effective measures to ensure the rule of law and the judicial powers that are being grossly abused by the Executive, is upheld.


Attorney-at-law and Solicitor Nagananda Kodituwakku in a letter has informed the BASL to ensure that people are delivered the justice they deserve and to ensure the rule of law in the country is not completely undermined, since those more concerned about their personal agendas have simply compromised with their integrity and have opted to live with the failed system.

Kodituwakku has pointed out that following the unlawful removal of former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, several lawyers including himself, abandoned practice in the Supreme Court since they refused to compromised their integrity. He has gone on to state that the blatant interferences of the judiciary by the Executive has ridiculed people’s judicial power  – the case in point being the recent irregular appointments to the SC that have resulted in a loss of faith in the judiciary. The senor legal practitioner while expressing his disappointment in the current state of the judiciary has pointed out that they are the kind of malpractices that would never be allowed in other democracies such as the UK.

“Such unhealthy practices have effectively compelled the people who challenge the unlawful state actions before the Writ Court, to lose their confidence as no impartiality is ensured,” Kodituwawkku states in his letter furthermore.

He has cited a personal experience, noting that in a case that involves the unlawful seizure of a consignment of goods valued over Rs. 60 million where despite the Court issuing a notice on respondents no effective action was taken to dispense justice. Kodituwakku has noted that instead of bringing to notice of the Court that the Attorney General’s conduct was inappropriate, the judges had granted further time to file objections.

“This has denied a citizen of this country, justice,” he has written in the letter furthermore, while stating reasons behind the reasons for his withdrawal from Appeal Courts practice.

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