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Justice Wigneswaran Will Not Be Permitted To Return To Colombo – Ravana Balaya

The hardline group Ravana Balaya has warned that the TNA’s Chief Ministerial Candidate and former Supreme Court Justice, C.V. Wigneswaran would not be permitted to return to Colombo following the conclusion of the Northern Provincial poll, reports said.

Ravana Balaya

General Secretary of the Ravana Balaya movement, an ultra-right wing movement, Ithkande Saddhatissa Thero said the TNA election manifesto was unconstitutional and illegal. The group handed over a petition to the Elections Commissioner yesterday, citing grounds for why the TNA manifesto was a threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty.

Speaking to journalists later the Ravana Balaya representatives said Wigneswaran and his party were ready to establish a separate state in the country by seeking land, police, education and financial powers for the north and east.

By the end of the election, Justice Wigneswaran will not be permitted to return to Colombo, the Ravana Balaya General Secretary warned.

Justice Wigneswaran is a resident of the capital Colombo and spent most of his life in the city.

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