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Kahandaliyanage Attempts Impunity: Move To Appoint Stooges To The Board Averted

Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage, the Chairman of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital today attempted to illegally remove the three specialists serving the hospital Board quoting Rajitha Senaratne, Minister of Health, Colombo Telegraph reliably learns. 

In an unprecedented move, Kahandaliyanage convened a specialists’ meeting stating that Rajitha Senaratne has “ordered” the removal of the three specialists representing the interest of the hospital, namely, Dr Kanishka Indraratne, Dr Madhava Karunaratne and Dr Prabhath Ambawatte. These three specialists have consistently stood against the illegal appointment of Dr Susitha Senaratne, quasi director, political stooge of the minister. Kahandaliyanage further attempted to illegally appoint three stooges of the quasi director to the Board.

Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage, Dr Susitha Senaratne and Rajitha Senaratne

Pretend ‘Terminator’: Kahandaliyanage 

Dr Senaratne, a medical officer with no academic or professional qualifications has been illegally occupying the office of the director of SJGH since 2015 and his non-existent ‘appointment’ has been questioned by the COPE on two occasions and has been challenged in courts in an ongoing court case. It is reported that today Kahandaliyanage attempted to pretend that the Board was ‘terminated’ before time without any documented evidence. “Over 30 united specialists of the hospital categorically challenged Kahandaliyanage and the quasi director and asked them to leave the meeting without further delinquent behavior which they had to meekly comply with,” multiple sources within the hospital confirmed.  

Three Honest Specialists: A Threat To Senaratne

As the next court hearing is pending on 23rd October 2018, Kahandaliyanage is trying his best to get rid of the three honest specialists standing up against impunity before that day. Kahandaliyanage is infamous for forging documents, falsifying evidence and misguiding the judiciary with regard to this issue is trying his best to prevent the three sitting specialists from making their separate representation in the courts. Kahandaliyanage, for whom administrative criminality is second nature, documented by his challenged appointments in the ministry of health and removal from a post graduate programme due to deceitful entry has been the biggest protector of the quasi director Senaratne. 

Attorney General’s Department Refuses Defending The SJGH Board

Susitha Senaratne, the quasi director of SJGH was banned from sitting at the Board of the SJGH by court verdict CA WRIT 184/2018. 

The rest of the Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital Board consisting of political stooges, namely, Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage, Prof. Janaka De Silva, Eng. Chamath De Silva, Accountant Nanda Lalith Senanayake, R. Serasinghe , Deputy Director General ,Ministry of Finance (one of the accused of the Lalith Weeratunga Sil Redi fraud) have been defending this act of stark impunity by retaining a private lawyer Manohara De Silva at the cost of Rs 400 000 per sitting. The Attorney General’s department, recognizing the illegality of this quasi appointment has refused to appear on behalf of the Board of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital. 

Rs 400 000 Per Sitting Spent On Defending A Lackey

The three specialists named above have been consistently resisting all the delaying tactics, illegal documentation, forgery of documents, misinforming the Board and the courts carried out by Kahandaliyanage to protect Susitha Senaratne. They have unanimously protested the spending of vast amounts of hospital money on Monohara De Silva to defend an unqualified political stooge whose only qualification is that he is a lackey of Rajitha Senaratne.

Kahandaliyanage Violating An Act Of Parliament

The Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital Board Act of Parliament No 54 of 1983 clearly lays down the guidelines for the appointment of Specialists to the Board. Section 3 (a) (iv) of this Act clearly states that the Board shall consist of “three persons elected by the Consultancy Staff of the hospital among its own members”. There is no provision given to the   Minister to remove consultants for disagreeing with an unlawful act of rest of the members. Nor does it make provisions for the Minister or chairman to direct independent specialists as to whom they must elect to the Board. 

Stooges In The Shadows

Colombo Telegraph reliably learns several specialists who are beholden to the quasi director and Kahandaliyanage are awaiting in the shadows to creep in to the Board. A series of administrative, financial and personal transactions between these specialists and the administration has bought their loyalty. These amount to tender irregularities, illegal personal favours extended to offspring, authorization of unlimited leave locally and abroad for pharmaceutical industry sponsored family trips, facilitating irregular equipment and consumable purchase, allowing underhand trading and pricing and facilitation of illegal private practice within SJGH. It is reported that one of these specialists has not sat in the clinic for the public in months and does not attend to any life saving procedures for emergencies, merely sending post graduate trainees to the rescue. 

One specialist told Colombo Telegraph who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons said: “Ad hoc dissolution of the Board to meddle with the members would amount to contempt of court in the middle of the court proceedings,”. “The so called director Susitha Senaratne is ‘appointed’ to the Board as a member nominated by the Minister, and NOT as the director. If the Board is dissolved, he too will go along with the ministerial appointees. Susitha Senaratne has no shame. He is hanging on to this office like a desperate leech, ” the specialist further said. 

We produce below the letter appointing Senaratne just as a Board member, confirming the claim of the specialist:

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(By Chinthika de Silva)

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