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Kamer Kamer Kamer Not A Chameleon

By Suranimala Umagiliya

The young Sri Lankan arrested by the Australian Anti Terror Unit is yet being held in detention in Sydney. Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen a 25 year old Sri Lankan was arrested on the 2nd of September in Sydney for creating a document with intent to commit terror.

Kamer had completed his degree in Computer Science at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and was in the process of commencing his PhD studies. During the interim period Kamer was employed on contractual basis to work with teams of other students in software development for the UNSW. Kamer was liked by his Professors and peers much like his friends and teachers in Sri Lanka. He was dubbed the pin up boy of UNSW and his mates confirm he was a regular guy who was the life of a party not withstanding his high family connections.

The charges being contemplated are confined to the preparation of a document contemplating terror attacks on significant land marks of Sydney as well as plans to attack the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and one time Speaker Bronwyn Bishop. Police cover themselves by qualifying that he has no capacity to carry out the stated attacks.

Kamer has placed his entire defence that the purported offensive remarks were not in his handwriting. He has admitted some notes pertaining to his work were his writing and explains why the note book, much like the short hand books used in Sri Lanka, was left on a table which was allocated to him during his first assignment.

Kamer, as well as the other students often grab the nearest note book at hand to scribble as such books are freely available and not assigned to an individual. Once the first assignment was done Kamer had left the note book on the table before taking up the next assignment which was on another level at the UNSW. Prior to starting on the second assignment, Kamer had taken a holiday in Sri Lanka to visit family but more so to take on a planned extended family excursion at a Bentota Resort Hotel.

Being the party animal Kamer was in his element performing a medley of Elvis Presley impressions, much to the delight of his friends and family ( See video). Is this a terrorist?

On his return the young man had reported at the UNSW to start on his second assignment which was on another floor and proceeded to use another note book. It was at this time the Police had been alerted by an employee that the note book found on the table where Kamer did his first assignment contained plans to terrorise Sydney. By now the note book had not only Kamer’s name, telephone numbers, Tax identity number but other offensive writing which the young man said was not his hand writing.

For a computer software graduate to write down plans to attack, bomb and kill high calibre targets/ people in a note book, and leave it unsecured on a table prior to going on holiday overseas certainly stretches the imagination of any sensible person. Computer geeks do not use paper. They keep their notes securely password locked in the deep recesses of their hard drives.

Kamer Nizamdeen places his entire defence on the fact that the offensive sections of writing was not his. This is the easiest for investigators to prove or disprove. For this young man to rely only on that fact to defend himself is in itself a strong indication of his innocence.

Unfortunately, even in a country which is developed such as Australia, investigations does take time. Australian authorities are absolutely correct in their focus to ensure all Australians are safe. But so must it be for a detainee if he is innocent. Each day such an individual’s freedom is curtailed marks a blot on the officials handling the investigation.

Till such time Kamer will sing Hound Dog.

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