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‘Knowing Dilshan Does Not Make Make Me A Match-Fixer’

By Colombo Telegraph-

Knowing Dilshan does not make me a match- fixer, says Nupur Mehta, The Times of India reports.

Nupur Mehta defiantly dares everyone to prove match-fixing allegations against her, even as she hints that she may have more cricketer friends.

Everyday, there’s a new story about you…

Well, I’d like to make it very clear that all accusations levelled against me by the Sunday Times London edition, of me being involved in the Indo-Pak semi-final match-fixing scam, are not true. Now, they are putting up articles on my personal life – of me being involved or dating Sri Lankan cricketer Dilshan Tillakaratne – I mean, I’m completely confused as to what they want to accuse me of. Do they want to dig up my personal life, or they want to claim I am involved in match-fixing? Now, they are saying I was seen in London during the T20 World Cup – suddenly there are so many issues. I am coping boldly, as I am a very bold person, and as for my decision to sue the paper – I am considering it.






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