29 May, 2022


Lawyers Urges EC To Give Binding Directives To ITN, Rakna Lanka And Other State Owned Business Undertakings

“It has been brought to our notice that the Election Commissioner has expressed the view that no steps can be taken against Independent Television Network (ITN) as it is not a state corporation. This misconception would probably be applicable to other state owned business undertakings including Defence Ministry run Rakna Lanka. We wish to clarify the legal position in respect of this legal issue.” says the Lawyers Collective.

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence

Issuing a statement the Lawyers Collective says; “ITN is a fully state owned business undertaking having been taken over by Government two decades ago. Its legal status never changed thereafter. It comes under the purview of the Ministry of Media and is totally funded by the Treasury. ITN is subjected to financial and administrative control of the Media ministry. Having regard to its functions and operations, it is no different from any other public corporation. Similarly, several other public institutions, established under the Companies Act, such as Rakna Lanka (under the Defence Ministry) should be considered as public property.

“In our view, the Election Commissioner should consider ITN and all state owned companies as a state property. Thus, Election Commissioner is vested with authority to act under Article 104(b)(4) to give directives to those institutions and ensure compliance thereof.”

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    icing on the cake ( after that embarrassing and humiliating UN statement).

    EU heads seek credible election


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      As expected , regime counter attacked the EU Heads statement.

      “Lanka surprised at EU statement”

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      Lawyers Urges EC,

      Good. Expose. Expose and Expose.

      Make sure these are put in Sinhala ans Tamil as well so that Common Sense Folk can understand the situation and the MaRa jilmarts.

      Mahinda takes over all TV channels. ( Sri Lankan Writers Sit on their butts)

      ( PS. Rather UNFORTUNATE, the Sri Lankan Writers were Not able to Produce a Simple Common Sense Pamphlet for the Populace…)



      A TV political programme participated by candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa is being produced to be telecast over all state and private channels on the 5th, the day all propaganda for the presidential election has to be ended.

      The programme is being videoed at President’s House in Kandy. A TV channel has been asked to direct 10 questions to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. Only the questions selected from these by the President’s media unit would be directed to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa by the presenters at the TV programme.

      The videoed programme is to be telecast over all TV channels simultaneously on the 5th night. The telecast has been planned so that no other candidate or political party could have access to TV media. The target of the conspiracy is to get the advantage of the last minute TV telecast and not allow any other to contradict anything said by Mr. Rajapaksa, the candidate.

      During provincial and other elections Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa carried out such programmes calling them ‘President meets the people’. However, this time it is illegal as Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is a candidate.

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      What about Fraudulent Ballot Papers? They were Found…Election already voted for

      “හොර ඡන්ද පත්‍රිකා හමු වේ”


      “It has been brought to our notice that the Election Commissioner has expressed the view that no steps can be taken against Independent Television Network (ITN) as it is not a state corporation. “

      What about the Government Printing Press?

      “මෙම ඡන්ද පත්‍රිකාවේ SHE 000200-P.E 2015 Government Press PV යනුවෙන් ද සඳහන් කර තිබේ.”

      Just Curious…

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    So what law does apply to Wijeya newspapers, Sirasa TV, Derana Tv and all the other media openly support the conspiracy in the most partisan way.

    What is good for the goose s only good for the goose?
    The goose Maaru Sira will lose on the 8th anyway.

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      There are two reasons

      1) Government controlled media institutions are funded by tax payers and they are not owned by Rajapakses .

      2) All the above mention private media institutes are owned by private companies , having said that , who are the owners of these media institutes ? are they really neutral ?

      Derana – Waruni Amunugama and Dilith ( Sartath Amunugama’s daughter)
      Hiru – UPFA MP Duminda’s brother.
      Swarawahini – openly supports MR , in fact she has donated Rs 280 M for MR campain.
      Sirasa- Always have multiple personalities

      Openly supports for MR – Chandana Sooriyabandara , Kinsly Ratnayaka , sydny chandrasekara , Sripal Vanniarachchi, Susara Dinal etc

      only now TNL directly supports MY3 , before that Shan W was bidding for MR.

      Mawbima,Ceylon Today – Government pimp Tiran A
      Nation , Rivira – Malinda S
      Sunday Leader – Asanka S
      Wijeya – Welgama

      some one else can add the other media institutes real owners names.

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        The point is, Einstein, the governent media are operating neutral whereas the so-called private ones are openly partisan to Maaru Sira.

        You mention Derana- Amunugama name. But that was the channel notoriously allowed “Matara Sunil” (that thuttu-deke naluwa Kamanayaka) to call. But they diallowed the CE of the Gramarakshakas to deny Ranga Bandara’s slur that they attended MR’s meetings for one bottle of arrack per three gramarakshaks!

        Do you think Wijeya newspapers owned by Ranil’s uncle and Ruwan’s father, with he himself is involved in management, can be trusted more than the state media to be neutral? Read the Daily mirror and lankadeepa to see who they are batting for. Do you tink TNL owned by ranil’s own brother will act any other way?

        You can talk of Rajapakse family, but look at them.

        The problem with the NGO wallhs behind the Goman opposition is that they want one law and others another.

        Did you see that Aluth parapure Samanmalee’s video? faking looks like second nature to her!

        So boo to you.

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          “The point is, Einstein, the governent media are operating neutral whereas the so-called private ones are openly partisan to Maaru Sira.”

          All in all, the media is thriving in a cesspit. Good to hear you are confirming what we already knew.

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          ” the governent media are operating neutral whereas the so-called private ones are openly partisan to Maaru Sira.”

          which part of the world you live mate ? ITN, Rupavahini ,Daily Noise , Lakhada etc are operating neutral ? if you want to have a serious constructive debate with me , let me suggest you to come up with some thing strong which may be tricky to answer , but your point here is elementary though , so no point arguing about it .

          Derana , Ranjan R’s brilliant impersonation deserves an award , that buffoon Mahindagamage got caught red handed , why on earth a citizen of SL can’t question an MP , MP supposed to be representing the general public and he is duty bound to answer , why the hell did he leave the debate like a crying baby complaining the TV station ? the point was , he wasn’t man enough to face the caller , as expected Derana management sacked that poor soul Baranage character for just doing his duty ! so you think based on this single incident , Derana is biased towards MY3 ? get your head examined mate !

          as for TNL , read my comment , i said TNL directly supports MY3 now , but before the election Shan was bidding Maha Raja like every one else .

          sorry i made a mistake earlier , it should be Upali news papers owned by welgama not Wijaya , As for Lankadeepa and Daily Mirror , they used to be extremely biased towards the king but now it seems they have realized the ground situation and try to report things as the way it supposed to be .

          “You can talk of Rajapakse family, but look at them. “

          who else do we talk about ? they are the one who ruling the country , so , naturally they are subject to in-depth scrutinizing and all criticism , if they don’t want that , they must vacate the high offices. ” look at them ” damn right , look at them , they think Rajapases own SL and no one can criticize them , if you dare , you are asking for one way white van ride , don’t worry all good things have to end one day , that day is only 7 days away !!!

          “Did you see that Aluth parapure Samanmalee’s video? faking looks like second nature to her! “

          yes i saw the video , what’s wrong with it ? i assume you are referring to Rupavahini’s version , right ? apparently she was in the hospital and recording her ordeal to suit the audiences , i didn’t see any thing wrong with it ? she has every right to report the ordeal , which ever position suits her ! who put her in to that sorry situation ? may be she must have asked her supporters to come and attacked them , right ? funny thing is , every thing had been recorded and that Nil Balu kaya can’t escape from their sordid actions , as usual they tried to deny their involvement , look what happened in the end ? Some of MR support artists switched the sides ! don’t forget chunk of sensible MR supporters have been forced to changed their side as well , thanks to Nil Balu Kaya !by the what happened to that macho salmon Khan geeza ? any idea why he had to return on the same day ? people are laughing from both ends , mate ! hang on for another week , will see who is booing who ?

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        Wijeya group is from Wijewardana’s – MP Runwan Wije’s family.

        Derana – Aruni Amunugama and money launderer of Rajapaksas – Dilith Jayaweera or TRIAD fame who managed the Api Wenuwen Api for GoTa.

        Hiru TV – a.k.a Kudu Tv from Kudu Duminda family

        Upali Group – Welgamas

        Suamathi – Lakbima etc – gambling king Sumathipalas

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        Well covered as to how our media is controlled and used. This is not real journalism and some of these so called journalists behaviour is so disgraceful.

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    Th e way the state media behaves is very unfair and disgraceful. It is time elections commission take some positive action to curb this menace.

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    No article is binding for the MAFIA regime who has forced our country to the brink of anarchy. Only MAFIA law is applicable. This the GOAT who wields this absolute power and the pending military coup.

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    The TV channels like Sirasa, TNL before the start of their political programmes announce that they always invite representatives from UPFA but nobody is sent. So that is not a fault of such channels.

    All these private channels need to do their business. They are not charities. Under present circumstances if you do not support the MR Raj then you will be finished. So the private channels show certain bias approach towards MR. In fact their news telecasts are awfully imbalanced. Sirasa these days telecast a programme called “davasa” which is totally rubbish. I do not know who brands guys like Kingsley, Sydney, Sripal etc as “senior journalists”. They are just parrots who do not have any knowledge in politics. After all these types programmes are telecast under different covers to support MR.

    I do not watch both Rupavahini and ITN.

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      Hasn’t any one noticed hypocrite Sri Ranga’s(Sirasa) hypocrisy ? this dude contested from UNP ticket and crossed the floor to support 18 A and now playing the devils advocate on other politicians ! thanks to this hypocrite Rishard B crossed the floor!

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        Srilal – Good u mentioned Sr Ranga. I was so impressed by him and hopeful when from his position as TV discussion moniot he decided to run for parliament. What a disappointment when he voted for the 18th Amendment. I was shocked by his treachery.

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    All state media institutions should be privatized and their political appointees terminated with immediate effect. No law or article is binding for the MAFIA regime who has forced our country into anarchy. Only MAFIA law is applicable. This GOAT who wields supreme power and the mastermind of the possible military coup should be tried under international criminal law or banished for the best interest of our country.

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    Maru Sira beat Mara.

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    Even the Colombo Elite have lost confidence in CC Sira’s unholy Coalition of Opportunists, Revenge seekers and Commission Agents.

    Daily Mirror subscribers haven’t believed even one sentence of CC Sira’s supposed be the kick ass interview yesterday.

    Comments Column gives all thumbs up to Mahinda with a 5 nil victory.

    Would ITN make any difference when the Colombo Elite totally depend on Cable TV?.

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    Privately owned tv channels are doing a business and therfore it can be argued that they do for anyone who pays money though very unethical. But the same cannot be said of government owned tv channels such ITN, Rupavahini, Eye, and Lake house newspapers as they are not owned by a family but every citizen of this country is indirectly a shareholder of these institutions and therefore cannot be misused by a few. According to the communique issued by thd external ministry to the Europeon Commission the Elections commissioner has all the authority to conduct the elections in a fair manner. He should therefore act immediately to counter all uneithical publicities, use of state property, etc and satisfy the public of fair play.

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    I have not assesed the exact legal situation to comment on the decision of the Commissioner of Elections. But I think it is fair that all media, whether private or public be bound by some principles in the face of an election, whether Presidential, Parliamentary, Provincial Council or for that matter Pradeshiya Sabha even if it requires a change in the law.

    The media should protray the points of view of all candidates without any bias, for or against.

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    Send Mahinda crook family [Edited out]

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