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Letter From A Colombo Telegraph Reader – A question For DBS Jeyaraj

By Colombo Telegraph –

The has received the following letter from a reader. We ask why Mr. D.B.S. Jeyaraj who is a prominent columnist and commentator well known for his extensive sources and in-depth analysis of Tamil issues waited until now to reveal the story of the Sampanthan-Fonseka secret pact. We forwarded the reader’s letter to Mr. Jeyaraj, but there has been no response from him.

Letter from a Colombo Telegraph Reader

D.B.S. Jeyaraj has a new post on his blog that sensationally “exposes” the agreement between the TNA’s R. Sampanthan and Sarath Fonseka ahead of the 2010 presidential election. In it, he has reproduced the text of the agreement and added context, having “probed the matter”. This post is dated 4 November. It would interest your readers that Jeyaraj’s “expose” comes after the Colombo Telegraph first published the US Embassy cable containing this agreement, obtained via Wikileaks, on 3 November. While it is possible that this is a pure coincidence, it is very strange timing that Jeyaraj should suddenly come upon this story within 24 hours of the cable and the agreement being published on Colombo Telegraph.

The mine of information made available due to Wikileaks has been available for months, but no one in Sri Lankan journalism appears to have been bothered to do the hard work of going through the material and publishing its contents in the public interest. Now that Colombo Telegraph has done this, it is no doubt good news that other commentators are picking up on these important stories. But it would have been nice of a senior journalist of the caliber of Mr. Jeyaraj to have acknowledged where it came from.

Read the Colombo Telegraph article here;   WikiLeaks: Sampanthan-Fonseka secret pact revealed

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