22 May, 2022


Letter To All Those Expatriates Who Support MR

By Percy Gajanayake

Dear friends

(I have not called you Sri Lankans on purpose)

I can understand why you are devout disciples of MR! The main reason being the routing of the LTTE! I applaud you on that, although I feel he was only a passive passenger in the process, that was animated by the poor low rung soldiers, middle rung, area commanders, commanders in chief of the forces especially Sarath Fonseka, and of course Gota who gave authority and probably was part of the strategy. (it was however not necessarily Gota’s War as interpreted by the stooge Chandraprema! Anyhow MR claims it was his war, how can Gota also claim so!!)

Mahinda airportIt is really interesting to look at the other point of view of some of you! i.e. the agenda of the West. I know the West is bad, and is the reason why I did not stay behind in London! There are two sides to everything. You are not a Sri Lankan any more! You are an Australian/British/American or whatever, often a country linked to the UK, US or other European countries. BUT Most likely not Russian/Chinese/ or Indian! There are ample reasons for your decision. A stable job, a good income, good standards of living, law and order, reasonable education for the children etc….. and for those reasons you had to DENOUNCE your citizenship of the country that brought you to this world and gave free Education! ! I do not question your stand, you have every right to do so! However, we as Sri Lankan’s living in this blessed country have every right to decide what is good for us as a democracy. You (ex Sri Lankans) or Mahinda alone cannot decide for us!

The fear of the diaspora, bombs was a thing of the past…. today fear of white vans, abductions, extra judicial killings, phone tapping and email hacking are realities and has brought fear into our minds. To speak out against atrocities against our people whatever their race. Would you dare to speak out against aborigines, gypsies or other minority in your country of domicile. Have they got rights? Minorities should be protected if we are to prevent them from retaliating!

In your propaganda circulated, you often show the problem/issues in the Middle East. Who caused it? Yes the West did that for oil. But now the horror of the ISIS or the Talibans is due to attack on Muslims initially. They will retaliate!!! What happened to Tamils? They reacted to the killings by JR and the 83 attacks! Do you want it to explode? What would happen if BBS and Ravana Balaya goes on as they did previously? What if suppression of Tamils continues?

All they want is a reasonable solution and a right to self determination, but extreme demands need not be entertained Do you think with Ven. Rathana, Champika, and Fonseka in the front separation will be allowed or be an option?

Think sensibly, you have a right to opinion, we also have opinions! That cannot be stopped by thuggery, military intervention, impunity or vote rigging!!!

You as a foreigner would love to come to a bomb free country once in 2 or 3 years for 2 weeks! Thanks to SF and his men (not MR), ride on highways (why deny the robbery in construction? only the next 3 generations will have to pay, not YOUR children but OUR children), go to luxury hotels which are land grabbed and owned by the Rajapaksas with front men like Dammika, Nimal, Dilith or Ajith D etc.

I suppose that is the Subha Anagathayak you are longing for in the Ascharyamath MY motherland (NOT YOURS)


*Percy Gajanayake – A Sinhala Buddhist born in Ceylon, living in Sri Lanka

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    Percy Gajanayake

    “I can understand why you are devout disciples of MR! “


    I can understand why you are devout disciples of MR! That is because the IQ of Sri Lankans are around 79, and the IQ of many Sri Lankans are also close to 79, and MR , the actor was able to fool a lot of you. Have you heard about Mootals, Madus and Modayas?


    We suggest that you read the Common Sense Phamplet, Sri Lanka 2014 and get educated on the Medamulana MaRa Dynasty and dictatorship.

    Remember, thgis is the Democratic Socialist Republic;livc of Sri Lanka, and not the Medamulalana Rahapaksa Dictatorship.

    Common Sense (pamphlet)


    Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

    Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

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      Dear Percy, appreciate your sentiments very much. Thanks.

      I don’t think you have roo much to worry about.

      By Friday morning the Common Sense Leaflet will probably go to its resting place, up amarasiri’s canal where the stuf comes from!

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        “By Friday morning the Common Sense Leaflet will probably go to its resting place, up amarasiri’s canal where the stuf comes from! “

        “Julampitiye Amare, an underworld figure wanted for the murder of two psrticipants at a JVP political meeting at Katuwana in the Hambantota electorate surrendered to the High Court Tangalle while opposition political parties and international human rights organizations were criticizing the Sri Lanka government for protecting the murderers.”

        Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksas have many, many Julampitiye Amares, some of them in jail and they will be hunted down for all their crimes on behalf of the Mefdamulana MaRas, and each of them will be stuffed in their back the Common Candidate Matripala Sirisena’s Election manifesto… and the Mainda Cintanyas will be removed..

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        Your boss. on Jauary 9, 2015 at early dawn, Elivena Jamme.


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      Hey man go for a walk and ask any Indian merchant about sending millions of dollars to anywhere and you can do it in SLRs. Why go to Seychelles, Wanavatu, Netherland, Ireland, French Riviera or Switzerland.
      Go with Harsha de Silva and he may be of help.

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        “Go with Harsha de Silva and he may be of help.”

        Did you refer to the man who said “I am a proud Southerner. I will not betray my country. I am a Sinhalese”?

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    You are absolutely right Mr.Percy. As I am a Tamil, i believe your thoughts are applicable to the Tamil diaspora too who are telling us to stay away from voting.

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      ‘suppression of Tamils continues?’ Yes the tamil were a free race for 30 years under the LTTE.. Today these Tamil as you say are Truely free to critize the Government and use their Democratic vote freely.. And How he plays doen the Role of the president in the war.. True he might not have Given Orders, Battle Tactics.. But made sure all the Departments worked as one in Total war, Gave the Money and weapons, After many many of his peace Talks failed Due to LTTE leaders All time fantasy to TAke Jaffna city no matter the cost.And lets not forget the Development that has taken palce.. did you not read the Latest Forbes Mag Review and predictions for Sri Lanka.. How they Have praised the Stable Economic Growth in sri lanka.. Since many Lankans Love what Western Foreigners have to say about us. These Letters written by fools and i have seen many many today published by CMB telegraph.. Election campaigning the Last minute.. Thought that was now suspended.. so much fro people able to use their vote according to the message and not yous and pathetic CMB telegraph and other letter writers alike..IF MR supporters did that.. Wow they would have a Filed day of Supression of democracy etc etc.. Cat wait to see when the will start writing letters to say election was stoled by MR as they did.

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        Moron, CT is blocked in Sri Lanka and also there is no law in Sri Lanka barring social media work during this period.

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      Percy Gajanayake and Shankar

      “In your propaganda circulated, you often show the problem/issues in the Middle East. Who caused it? Yes the West did that for oil. But now the horror of the ISIS or the Talibans is due to attack on Muslims initially. They will retaliate!!! What happened to Tamils? They reacted to the killings by JR and the 83 attacks! Do you want it to explode? What would happen if BBS and Ravana Balaya goes on as they did previously? What if suppression of Tamils continues?”

      The SL Diaspora who wants Sri Sri Lankans to Stay away from Voting are Mootals., , Madus, Modayas and Fools.

      Middle East The Problems caused by the Imperialists Britain and France…

      Sykes–Picot Agreement


      The Sykes–Picot Agreement, officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement, was a secret agreement between the governments of the United Kingdom and France,[1] with the assent of Russia, defining their proposed spheres of influence and control in the Middle East should the Triple Entente succeed in defeating the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The negotiation of the treaty occurred between November 1915 and March 1916.[2] The agreement was concluded on 16 May 1916.[3]

      The agreement effectively divided the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire outside the Arabian peninsula into areas of future British and French control or influence.[4] The terms were negotiated by the French diplomat François Georges-Picot and Briton Sir Mark Sykes. The Russian Tsarist government was a minor party to the Sykes–Picot agreement, and when, following the Russian Revolution of October 1917, the Bolsheviks exposed the agreement, “the British were embarrassed, the Arabs dismayed and the Turks delighted.”[5]

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    Hey! Most expats are MS supporters. Just a few of us prefer MR, but for him to have democratic tendencies. And also non-aligned tendencies, although a push toward the West can balance out the China alignment, and so it will look non-aligned in the sum-total. UNP is good at all that, but we are afraid of the calls for land autonomy by the minorities. After all Sri Lanka’s identity is Sinhala-Buddhist. And if we give land autonomy, we will lose identity. The correct democratic way is for minorities to become Tamil-Sinhala-Buddhists and Muslim-Sinhala-Buddhists. We can’t give up the identity just because MR didn’t arrest Bolu Bada and the Ravana Balaya……..we hope he will do so in the third term…….shame on him that he didn’t do so, so far. For that, hope he looses executive powers.

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    percy, yet another minority sympathizing scum….grow up….MR’s win will be a defeat for all the tamil/muslim terrorists and handful of sinhalese parayas like you

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      Mr De Silva,

      Technically you should also count as belonging a minority group! De Silva was given to you by the Portuguese when your ancestors converted to Catholicism. Now you are a Buddhist because it is convenient! The absurdity is that you then turn around and attacking other minorities. You call them “scum” and asking people to “grow up”!

      It is obvious that if anyone who needs to grow up it is you and judging by what you write, the real scum is you.

      • 1

        Burning Issue

        “It is obvious that if anyone who needs to grow up it is you and judging by what you write, the real scum is you.”

        Well said. Burning Issue about the real scum, Mr De Silva,

        The real patriots are those who did not embrace the Portuguese lies and deception and resisted them and moved to other areas. not the Don Juan Dharmapalas and Donna Katharinas..

        The True Buddhists, The True Hindus and True Muslims…,who kept their religions and their names

        The Sitawaka Rajasinghas, Mayadunnes etc.


        The Portuguese Period

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      I guess you’ve never lived in a country or visited a country in which you are a minority Mr. De Silva?

      I guess you’re not part of the planet Earth in which you, as a Sinhalese; are a minority Mr. De Silva?

      I take it, by your animosity, that you have always been suppressed and stomped on in every context where you were a minority and subsequently had less bargaining power. Alternatively, if you have not had a lifetime of bad experiences being treated as a minority; you do not currently have the humanity nor the intelligence to empathize with your fellow citizens. Either way, I feel sorry for you and your illogical fear of the minorities Mr. De Silva.

      Your appalling language aside, it is you not us, who do in fact proudly sympathize with the minorities of SL; that need to “grow up” and evolve. I hope this is a possibility someday for you!

      On a happy note, if we do win the election tomorrow, it will be the less human such as yourself that will be in the minority. And if this fantastic development occurs, do not worry. We will speak to you and treat you much better that you treat us. Have a great day!

    • 5

      You have crossed the line. Every one has the right of criticism; person who write something that you don’t like is not a “PARAYA”. You, others live outside of SL and I are the parayas. :)

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      Nishantha De Silva

      “percy, yet another minority sympathizing scum….grow up

      This Election is primarily about

      Democracy and Medamulana MaRa Family Dictatorship and Dynasty

      and secondarily about

      Law And Order, Corruption and Citizen’s rights.

      So, you nee to grow up… Do not act as if your IQ is well below 79


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    Mr Percy Gajanayake,

    YES SIR,
    We Sri Lankans, Who live in Sri lanka, Fully Agree with what You are saying.
    But Some lunatics From diaspora who support Jarapassa,
    [ Not referring to Educated diaspora gentalemen, who understand the ground situation]
    There are SOME WHO DO NOT SEE THE REAL PICTURE in Sri lanka, In RAjapassa regime]
    In diaspora circle, Who got foreign Citizenships,
    [ DENOUNCED citizenships of the country of Birth for Personal Reasons],
    They Do not consider and no have any sympathetic mind to Think about Us, THE POOR PEOPLE AND Their Brave Children, who sacrificed their Lives to The Politikkas and Killer Pirpaharans WAR.

    Their mind-set is like as We get breakfast and lunch from KFC OR MACDonald’s and Dinner From Pizza Hut.

    We poors are suffering for our daily bread paying Taxes to Jarapassa Clan to live in Luxsury and for their playboy life stiles.
    There are many loans and 10 % + interest to be paid to Chinese Bogus Contractors , Who did not allow us to hoist our national flag in our Soil.
    the next 3,4 generations of SRI LANKANS Must have to pay for all the Robbed Loans, not YOUR Diaspora children but OUR poor children)

    Otherwise how the Jarapassa, their clan and their Stooges get so much money for foreign Villas, Stocks, Helicopters, and other properties.
    And This Shit eating,Swiss Dog Hothambaya Is telling That Our media Personel Are Pigs.

    HOW can this MA RA ya Supporting Diaspora Former Sri lankans Decide for us and say to vote for MA RA ya Jarapassa????/.

    Now We know To WHom We Should Vote!.



    “Tomorrow He will be Our HUMBLE PRESIDENT OF Democratic SRI LANKA”.

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    You are not totally right to say expats like to support just because he won the war,

    I am sorry to point out that you have completely ignored the economical achievements of the government. Within the short period anyone can witness what the strong leadership has achieved,

    Hambantota Harbour – Now a profit making job creating venture
    Motorways and the road networks.
    A cleaned up Colombo
    Electricity and roads for rural villages.
    There are plenty to add here if you become objective.

    It will take time everybody to enjoy all the benefits,

    Have you seen how the government has invested to improve agriculture?

    Look at the number of hotel created and the number of touris arrivals?

    Every ecnomic indicator (Not the Central Bank) Rating agencies, IMF, ADB appreciate the achievements of this government,

    Of course there is corruption! It is part of every Sri Lankan,
    How many time have yo bribed police officers to avoid fines?
    How many times have a you approached a friend or a contact to
    get you child a good school deprivinga somone else who really entitled,
    get a bed in a general hospital
    get a job overlooking the qualified person.
    Get a water supply jumping the queue

    See Lot of people assume these as normal things in SL, It exist to a certain extent in West too.
    For the time being I can live with that.

    Remember how UNP cried foul when the slums are cleared by Gota and UDA, Some people try to say that we have to keep slums because their inhabitants are used to the surrounding and it is a violation of human rights for taking them out from their natural habitat.

    They criticize Port city project as a conspiracy to under value Colombo property market. Do you expect me to believe this crap?

    They ridiculed miltary achievemnts.
    I am trying to understand by looking at the Maithree lot what kind of betterment would they achieve? None of them have proven anything.

    Mahinda as a undemocratic ruler has achieved many things, May be this is the only way to govern our corrupt politicians.

    My main worry is if we lose this strong leadership at this moment,

    Tamil and Muslim racists will manipulate unstable governments to achieve their communal demands,
    I do not believe we have very big racial issues in SL, I believe we have lot of human and social issues which can be solved through good governance.

    We will lose this development momentum, The new guys will scrap good projects because it was started by Mahinda

    West have neither the capacity or the willingness to help develop SL, Their ecnomies are in turmoil, Even the Japs are struggling,
    Every country in the world including Europe rely on the Chinese money, We will unnecessarily antoganize chinese and we will lose all the funding lines.

    The Burning issues I have in SL,

    How pathetic the execuation of law and order in SL!

    How favouritsm/political influence affect them!
    How some people are allowed to take law into their own hand?
    How some people get away from law and order with influence?
    How the full force of law get applied to some people just because they are in the opposition?

    How suspects die in police custody!

    The lawyers mafia denying, delaying and agnoising the people who look for justice!

    The doctors mafia, that rob people shamelessly, sell out health to drug mafia, who does not pay taxes correctly.

    Publice service mafia, How difficult for a ordinary person to get something done in a governemnt office?
    How poor people suffer in government hospitals, How nurses and doctors take them for rides, abuse them!
    How society suffers in an inefficient public transport system, Private bus mafia has hijacked this!

    The education System that need to be salvaged from ignorent unqualified teachers, tution masters and politicians.

    The inefficient tax system that let rich of the rich escape!

    The rampant hypocracy,
    How difficult for two consenting adults to have sex in SL without being stigmatised or humiliated by police or relgious fundamentalists including Buddhist.

    We need to create Theme parks, Casinos, We should even have legalised brothels,
    (How many illegal brothels are in SL? Who earns money out of them? Police officers and politicians! Why not legalise them and tax them?)
    If we do this, We can reduce child abuse and rapes to great extent, Our people desires a very active sex life but there are no avenues for that!

    So you see Percy, Please do not think it is just war, There is plenty at stake here,
    I am just betting for the best horse for the time being,
    Known Devil!

    • 5

      All the problems that you say bother you, affect the the Sinhalese the most and your selective botheration and your choice of candidate for the presidency because he would keep the Tamils and Muslims in check, exposes you as a racist scum.

      People like you, don’t even think for a moment that you can achieve great heights in development and economy by suppressing and denying the birth rights of Tamils and Muslims. Racists(SWRD, JR etc) tried and it worked wonders for you in the last 30 years and looks like people like you still have not learnt the lesson.

      No country has achieved stability and economic development by favouring one community and ignoring the other.

      • 2

        Every human has basic rights, Not Sinhalese Muslim or Tamil,
        When minorities do not accept their own mistakes and put the blame only on Sinhalese only, what kind or reconciliation are you talking about? Give the federal provinces to Tamils and Muslims so You can create your racist enclaves in them?

        I currently live in Briton where my rights are assured as a human being with human rights, not as a minority, Sinhalese or any other thing, That is more than enough for me

        First of all religion should be separated from our political system, This goes for Buddhism too,
        Pretentious monks and Other racist minorities kill each other, Like you are going to live forever, Life is too precious to be bogged down to these pretentious issues. Keep fighting, keep killing each other!

        • 3

          Further to the above comment and article may I share an article written by one Dilrook Kannangara an expat living in Australia published in Lankaweb

          A Lesson for Mahinda and Maithripala and Hope They Learn It

          [First comes the nation; second and third too comes the nation. Is there anything that comes ahead of the nation? Surprisingly yes. There is. Sinhala ethnicity, Sinhala language and Sinhala Buddhism are much more precious than Sri Lanka because it is the Sinhalas who defend Sri Lanka. In known history, this nation was subjugated in whole or in part for over 650 years and it was the Sinhalas who liberated it time and again. The nation could revert back to how it was before those invasions thanks to the protection of the “Sinhalaness” of the people. For this reason, if anyone wants to defend the nation, they must defend Sinhala interests; the nation will be protected automatically. This is the lesson Mahinda and Maithripala must learn.

          Who Won the War? Sinhala People

          The debate over who won the war comes at every major election. It was not a politician, an army commander or a particular clan that won the war. It was the Sinhala people who won the war not just in 2009 but also in 161BC, 1070AD, 1236AD and on all other occasions when the nation faced a foreign or local threat. Despite droughts, invasions and other calamities they defended the nation and Buddhism preserving it for earthlings in written form (89BC). Over 97% of the armed forces are made up of them and over 90% of diplomats and expats who defend the nation amidst stiff foreign assaults are Sinhalese. Over 80% of those who toil in harsh Middle Eastern conditions to sustain the national economy are Sinhalese and over 80% of farmers are Sinhalese. Most freely educated professionals who serve the nation after graduation are Sinhalese while virtually the entirety of those who defend the Buddha Sasana are Sinhalese. This disproportionately larger national contribution of Sinhalas must be recognized by the leaders and politicians.

          Uplifting Tamils Disproportionately Above Their National Contribution and Ethnic Percentage

          It was the Dutch and British imperialists that uplifted Tamils above what they naturally deserved. Following their divide-and-rule policy, they showered disproportionately large benefits on Tamils to rule over native Sinhalese. Unfortunately this policy didn’t die totally in 1948 and it raises its ugly head time to time.

          If Maithripala wins the election, Tamil votes would play a crucial role in his win. However, he must not forget Tamils vote for him not because they want to save the nation from corruption and other evils. It is because they abhor Rajapaksas for unifying the nation. The oft claimed Tamil adage ‘get whatever you can from Sri Lanka but be loyal to Tamil Elam’ is what drives Tamils. It has been twisted lately to say ‘get whatever you can from Rajapaksas but be loyal to Tamil Elam’. It will be the same pedestal Maithripala will be on. If Maithripala wins the election with the help of Tamil votes, he should not mistake the Tamil support for their loyalty. He should follow a similar approach – get whatever you can from Tamils but be loyal to Sri Lanka and the Sinhalas’. Sir John, Dudley, Chandrika, Ranil and Mahinda learnt this the hard way. If Maithripala loses, he loses because he embraced anti-Sinhala elements in his election campaign.

          If Mahinda wins the election, he must appreciate it was the Sinhalese who shouldered his victory, not Tamils or Muslims. Despite wasting 90% of borrowed funds on Tamil majority areas and Muslim majority areas, they show no gratefulness at elections. He should not do the same mistake again. If Mahinda loses, he loses because 90% of borrowed funds were wasted in infrastructure projects in Tamil majority areas and Muslim majority areas.

          Reconciliation, Indian pressure or UNHRC dictates should not cloud their minds to see this obvious fact.

          Immediate Action before the General Election

          Whoever wins, the 13A must be abrogated in full before the General Election. President must be made to answer the parliament and must be able to be sued. Preferential voting system than turns the nation into a battlefield at election time must be removed. Maha Sangha must have a constitutionally guaranteed right to veto government action. Patriotic forces that bear the weight of both camps must continue their patriotic appeal and demand these things.

          Politicians must not be allowed to pack away the Sinhalas back in a suitcase until the next presidential election.] END

          This article shows the other side of the coin of a Tamil separatist. A Tamil separatist will have a well researched argument to say let the Tamils govern the NE provinces if the central government regard the tamils and muslims as second class citizens.
          I found this article by Dilrook Kannangara rather amusing with many factual inaccuracies.like for example wasting 90% of borrowed funds on development of Tamil and Muslim areas. He assumes MRIA, Hambantota Port and the freeways etc only accounted for 10% of the borrowed funds.

          Thankfully, majority Sri Lankans in SL due not share his warped views.

          • 1


            Your expert Dilrook is a bigot and published complete nonsense. You on the other hand a complete moron to digest such nonsense and regurgitating it here!

            For a start, the ancient wars were not about ethnicity; they were about territories and empire building! There were Tamils, Sinhala, and other Indian mercenaries fought on any side that welcomed them! There were Sinhala and Tamil generals on all sides. It was since the discovery of Mahavamsa and subsequent concoctions of the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists that projected and argued along the ethnic lines! You need to get real!

        • 1

          Srinath, you have a valid point.
          But how many of us would consider it- “Like you are going to live forever” ?
          Two terms should be more than enough to MR – he has to leave now.
          Enough is enough -even if the relay race of the 30 year held war ended in his first term – he has no capablities to give a lead to the reconciliation of all folks of the island. This he has proved enough especially during that last few years – by being unable to reenforce the law and order which as you know is the foundation for everything in a society. What if the situation in Britain would turn to the lanken style of dictatorship- do you think the rights offered to you would be still there ?
          Our people are not intelligent enough to see anything broadly. That is a matter of thinking nature inherited to our FOLKS. They are just emotional not thinking properly. See, the outcome of the reults will be advantageous to MR this time too- because of the very reason I mentioned above. People in europe – discuss it repeatedly especially when reelecting any candidate. Their general knowledge is made remarkably improved by unbiased media prevailing in each of their countries.

    • 4

      Plenty of your kind are there-but out of them.. majority have turned to a change rather than being rotten by MR world.

      Anyway, you guys are a curse to this nation – simply a curse – akin to those toy pistol mayors that woudl do anything to keep the Thug in power.

    • 3

      Mr Srinath gunaratne;

      Who ever you are, [ Most sri lankans living in U K are an Educated lot] May be You are an highly educated Person.
      What Humbug You are Talking man?????.

      O/ L educated I am telling you are “A ROTTEN EGG”.

      When you are the Father,the Cheap occupant [ Gruhamoolikaya] and the Leader of your Family. You must be an Example to the Family as to give advises, tell them how behave and Live accordingly.
      The same theorem is Applicable to the Every regime, who come to Rule Us. and Live on Our Tax money, On our Blood.

      We live in Sri Lanka, Not UK,
      We Do not Want Port Cities Or Casinos Or Brothels.
      You Can Send Your Wife and Childrens To Brothels.
      Why Rajapassa Brothers Not Take Chinese citizenships.
      Why not you Take Chinese citizenship???.

      BECAUSE Personal Gain.
      But the adage saying that “WHEN THE LEADER is urinating of Jumping, The Followers will urinate Running Hither, thither” .

      That is what Here happening in Sri Lanka,
      Your Best HORSE is in Prime And Sex starving.
      SaHajin Vahas is become a great Pimp and An advisor.

      If you want Advises, Easy and Contact him.
      Why Rajapassa Brothers Not Take Chinees Citcen Ships

    • 3





      Exposing the ‘Seychelles Strategy’
      July 19, 2014, 5:02 pm


      An interview with
      Dr. Harsha de Silva

      by Maheen Senanayake

      I was lucky. He didn’t have anything else in his diary for the remainder of the day. Upstairs and over a cup of tea we began.

      It’s been three and half years and one report. What is happening at the Public Accounts Committee?

      “Let me be very honest”, he says. “In real democracies the PACs are not headed by the executive arm of the government. It is always headed by by an opposition member. Even as recently as the previous government, the 2001-2004 short lived government of Ranil Wickremesinghe, the chair of the PAC was with the then opposition. It was only changed by the incumbent government. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Sarath Amunugama and this is nothing personal. Sarath Amunugama happens to be the current chair of the PAC and happens to be a minister first and then the deputy minister of finance and Minister (Senior) for International Monetary Co-operation. A lot of the matters brought before the PAC are matters connected with finance and matters falling within his purview. While not placing any personal blame, I fault the system. I am perhaps one of the most active and involved members of the PAC and you can verify that in many ways including attendance. If the chair is not around for whatever reason, in many instances I have chaired the PAC. Even then, in instances where I would chair the PAC in the absence of the chairman, a government minister would walk in and want to chair the PAC. Another issue is that the PAC has so many ministers, which is not healthy for the object of the Public Accounts Committee. (He corrects himself quickly). It’s now called the Committee on Public Accounts or COPA. So this is a systemic issue. But at the same time we have tried to get the job done within these constraints.

      Tell us what the progress is.

      Like you said, one report was released. The next one is being made ready. We have now started looking at trying to understand the issues and try to help these state institutions to move forward, find ways in which they can do better. Whether it is the education ministry or agriculture department or local government authority etc. One particular problem entity has been the EPF, which should have been called up by the COPA has avoided being called up and I have fought hard to make it appear. Unfortunately the meeting was abruptly postponed on February 6, 2013. After numerous attempts we have been able to get them to appear once again next month to finish that meeting. This is not a healthy situation. Meanwhile there are multiple allegations of complicity and fraud, of the EPF purchasing shares of dud companies and making massive losses, so the debate goes on in the media. Under the accounting standards that have to be practiced, EPF losses are in the billions.

      What about the Auditor General’s department and their reports on the EPF?

      The last report is for 2011. That was released last month. This is 2014.

      How does the EPF provide the members’ returns without audited accounts?

      They are not audited.

      What about the series of advertisements that appeared in the national newspapers regarding the EPF by the EPF?

      Those were total fabrications and an absolute lie. I am therefore telling you with absolute responsibility that the last audited report is for 2011 and that was submitted only about a month ago to Parliament. The EPF is answerable as is any other public institution, and specifically to COPA. Therefore, the audited accounts for 2012 and 2013 are not available. Until last month the audit of the 2011 accounts were also not available. There is also allegation of fraud in 2010, 2011 and part of 2012 where EPF participated in pump and dump schemes. In these instances shares of dud companies were ‘pumped’ from for instance, Rs. 50 to Rs. 250 per share.

      So how is this done? Does the EPF provide the money for the ‘pumping’ or does it take the hit on the ‘dump’

      Let’s say A and B are crooks. A and B start purchasing a share and push the price up. A and B know very well that when the ‘pumping’ stops the shares will have to settle at the previous or lower rates. The EPF funds are used to dispose of the now ‘pumped’ up shares. A and B make a lot of money and the EPF takes the hit when the shares revert to their previous or lower than previous market price.

      Can you give us an example?

      Take for instance a company called Ceylon Grain Elevators, a useless piece of ‘chicken shit’ – literally. It has no value. It is absolute and crystal clear that EPF participated in fraud.

      So you are in effect saying that the Central Bank was party to a fraudulent transaction!

      Yes. And it is not only me. It’s just that the people who need to look into this are turning a blind eye. The regulator is turning a blind eye. The trade unions went to the Supreme Court and the case was thrown out, they were not even given leave to proceed. This happened around last year under the new Chief Justice’s tenure.

      In this backdrop, it must be miserable to know all this and struggle. My question to you: `is there anything that can be done and if so what can be done?’

      We can enlighten the people about these. I have told this country about the EPF. This is a pension fund and by the time you need it there is no other recourse. I have been saying that the debt situation is very bad, that the Government is hiding the debt numbers. There was this big debate between the Central Bank and Mr. Wijewardena, the former Deputy Governor about the actual debt situation of this country. The Central Bank unfortunately is given time to twist the story now. Now the latest thing is the Seychelles.

      What about the Seychelles?

      The Seychelles now has a Sri Lanka High Commission. President Mahinda Rajapaksa, declared it open during a state visit there on June 28. Seychelles has 90,400 people. And Mihin Lanka flies direct to the Seychelles. Does that make sense to you?

      No! I respond.

      Have you heard of the ‘Seychelles Strategy?’

      No! I say again. `What is that?’ I ask him.

      People who study international economics and international finance will come across this term called the Seychelles strategy. The Seychelles strategy is to compete for black money. The strategy is to go so low that you become the preferred money launderer. That is to say for instance if you deposit US$ 10 million in any of our banks you will get ‘immunity’ from criminal prosecution in the Seychelles. When you go so low to get ‘dirty’ money then it s called ‘The Seychelle Strategy’.

      I do my homework and I find an article titled ‘2014 a challenging year for Seychelles’ international financial services sector’ that states that The year 2014 will be a challenging one for Seychelles’ international financial services sector, especially in light of recent developments vis-à-vis the OECD (Organisation for Economic Development). Finance, Trade and Investment Minister Pierre Laporte said this in his budget speech delivered in the National Assembly on Tuesday and noted that the country is confident the sector will recover through the measures already taken and those expected early next year to strengthen compliance with the organization’s standards. Only last month, Seychelles was labeled non-compliant in two sectors – bearer shares and availability of records of companies and agencies in Seychelles – of the 10-criteria phase two of the process of becoming party to the multilateral convention on mutual administrative assistance in tax matters.

      So it appears to be true.

      Tell me more, I probe on.

      Yanikovich, the former Ukraine strongman, through trusts, through foundations, through shell companies, through Isle of Man has hidden millions in the Seychelles and from Seychelles outside. Money laundering is not a single step activity. It has several steps. One is to take the loot out to a particular location. Then you have to disperse that loot to other locations. You are looking for countries who have water tight secrecy, in bank accounts, shell companies and trusts. I heard today the Governor of the Central Bank saying that the Bank of Ceylon has opened an overseas branch in the Seychelles so that Sri Lankan investors can use that as a platform to go to Africa. I mean give me something more serious. Don’t Sri Lankan’s do more business in other countries? He laughs out loud.

      It’s funny. I join in.

      Do we have trade with the Seychelles? I am perturbed.

      No. The Seychelles is a money laundering hub. The OECD has termed it non compliant due to Non-transparency of tax accounts. You can open a company with US$350 in a day. You can open a bank account with one unit of some currency as long as it is more than one Seychelles currency. The economist carried this story and figured some very popular international names in shady deals. Another name has been that of the Tunisian dictator, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his son. Look at the names, these are all deposed dictators. You see as long as Yanikovich was the strongman no one looked into these things, it all starts when they fall. Remember Marcos and his shoe loving wife – Imelda was also there. Only when they fall do they start looking. And I say now asset recovery is going to be difficult. There is this concept called STAR, Stolen Asset Recovery by the World Bank and they are helping developing countries to track monies from former dictators. In the case of Yanikovich it all started when he had to throw a box of documents into a lake when he had to leave in haste. The box didn’t sink and was recovered and that implicated him in various deals and the people are now following up on these things.

      So we have a High Commission in the Seychelles where there is a population of only around 90,000. We have a branch of the Bank of Ceylon in the Seychelles. And we have Mihin Air flying direct.

      Would you say that is a complete supply route?


      I or we constantly hear of growth in this country. Can you tell me where it is coming from?

      The problem in this country is where is this growth is coming from? Only a couple of days ago they reopened this place called the Arcade. They sell these Hublot watches, and I saw full page advertisements in the newspapers for these watches. There are Lamborghinis for sale. Do you know that the largest number of models of registered vehicles were S400 Mercedes?

      I didn’t.

      Forty S400 Mercedes were registered last month.

      Where is this wealth?

      The same day that the Arcade was opened, you would have read in the papers that a father and a daughter committed suicide because four consecutive crops failed. They are saying that people are no longer committing suicide because they cannot live anymore. They say that that doesn’t happen anymore. But it is happening. There is a particular person who is the chairman of a farmer association in Buttala who had found my number and kept calling me. They were desperate because they had no water to cultivate 42 acres of land. They were pleading and crying. What they said was that they actually could get some water if only they could get a water pump because they could tap the river with it. But the government says apparently that they have no facilities to give them a water pump. So I actually spoke to the Director General of Irrigation. I told her that these 42 acres are going to get destroyed and that these people should be helped. And The lady, Dr. Badra Kamaladasa, instructed me to pass her number along to these people I was not able to follow up on this but I hope they get their water pump.

      So how would you sum this

      situation up?

      This is the great contradiction in this country. In the Uva province where the next election is going to be they have brought container loads of sewing machines and are distributing to people. That is completely illegal but they are doing it. On the other hand people in Buttala want a single water pump to save 42 acres and their livelihoods, but the government is busy bringing container loads of sewing machines for distribution in the Uva province for votes.

      So how do things connect?

      Financial corruption, money laundering, stock market pump and dump deals, they all connect. Because now you see, the world’s most expensive single track railway system is being built in Sri Lanka – the Matara-Beliatta rail track. Dr. de Silva shows me a few annexures from a Tyler Von Brown paper based on his PhD thesis titled ‘A planning methodology for railway construction cost estimation in North America’ a copy of which I was also able to download from the internet. He looks at many factors and estimates costs per kilometre. Our train is supposed to go at 120 kilometres an hour. Even though we don’t expect it to go that fast let us assume this is right. So for flat land single track it is estimated that a kilometer will cost Us$ 3,495,000. We also have 27 kilometres. But two kilometres of the 27 km had already been built by Mr. Premadasa in 1991. He had actually taken the train from Matara to this station. Tudor Wijenaike, General Manager of the State Engineering Corporation, wrote a very interesting piece some time back on the same subject. According to estimates the cost is to be US$14.7 mn. per kilometer. The point being made is that the government is spending US$ 14.7 mn. per kilometer on this track. Since the USA is still operating on miles the cost estimate for this type of railway track by Von Brown has to be turned into km. It’s really US$ 2.1 per kilometer. But the government is spending US$14.7 mn. Where is that money going is the question. So this cannot be. US$ 270 million is coming in from the Chinese Exim Bank for this project. The point is that this is the story. The growth as calculated on these figures. The guy with the hard hat working on the track gets Rs. 800 per day. Because it’s built at this hyper-inflated amount the man on the track doesn’t get more than Rs. 800 day he would have got if it had been built for the right amount. The first question is therefore, where is that money going? The second question is at what rate is the economy growing? It expands by fourteen point six million dollars per kilometer. That gets registered as the value added to the economy. How much really stays with the people. Only the salaries. That is why you cannot see or feel this growth. That is the quintessential story. There is absolutely massive corruption, the scales of which we have never seen before and it is now complex. Why is there a Bank of Ceylon in the Seychelles? – the Seychelles Strategy. Mihin flies direct to Victoria, Seychelles. It may take people some time to figure out what we say but they will notice it.

      One more question, the SriLankan Airlines Bond issue? Why would people buy corporate debt from a company that is repeatedly posting losses even though it comes with a sovereign guarantee?

      Seychelles Strategy! What do they do with the money? Who bought the NSB’s 9% bond issue?

      I don’t know.

      Seychelles Strategy, my friend!

      Step one. Take the loot from here to a destination. Step 2 – take it from the destination to various other places. Step 3 – invest in various other real estate, paper. Interestingly this can be circular too. So clean money in various places. For instance what is the biggest revenue for a casino?

      I don’t know, I say again.

      It’s money laundering. A casino can even get up to 15% to launder money. Cool money. Without a regulator this is a super deal. By the way The National Savings Bank’s annual report was out this week. It’s profits fell by 69%. And they wrote off its entire investment in SriLankan Airlines. Fully impaired. The whole thing is gone, Rs. 1.3 Billion. Last year alone SriLankan airlines lost Rs. 29 Billion. So the Seychelles Strategy is where the guys bring money to SriLankan airlines at 6% also guaranteed by the government. Now its white and they get a thumping return. Ordinarily you would have to pay around 15% to launder it but here you get a return also then they get paid but the poor NSB with 20 million accounts loses. So the growth they are talking about is only for a few people close to the regime.

      And as Dr. Harsha De Silva sums up the Seychelles Strategy, it turns out his diary wasn’t that free after all. Its time for me to leave him – contemplating but more knowledgeable about the growth that I do not see and the growth I do not feel.

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        [Edited out]

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          Sri Nath.

          YOUr Excellent Comment.
          from so-called an educated, Intellectual Domicile.

      • 0

        Hey man go for a walk and ask any Indian merchant about sending millions of dollars to anywhere and you can do it in SLRs. Why go to Seychelles, Wanavatu, Netherland, Ireland, French Riviera or Switzerland.
        Go with Harsha de Silva and he may be of help.

        • 0


          I do not have Much sri Lankan Rs and Any foreign Money.
          Why we want a Bank, High commission, and Air line to be stationed In Seychelles, With a Unqualified person, Close Family Relative as High Commissioner.
          You tell this to your Jrapassa clan but they do not want your advises as they are Master THIVES In the History of Sri Lanka.

          But your Dhaj Jarapassa Ma Ra ya and his clan is having Lot of looted money from Our poor people.
          What he has now is not from his Shiratha’s Dowry. But pilfered and looted From mostly Innocent Women working in Arab countries, Sri lankan’s Tax money and EPF money.

          We consider Some body helps Thieves also a Thief.
          So you are One of Them Or a Paid Shill from Ma Ra ya .

        • 0


          I do not have Much sri Lankan Rs and Any foreign Money.
          Why we want a Bank, High commission, and Air line to be stationed In Seychelles, With a Unqualified person, Close Family Relative as High Commissioner.
          You tell this to your Jrapassa clan but they do not want your advises as they are Master THIVES In the History of Sri Lanka.

          But your Dhaj Jarapassa Ma Ra ya and his clan is having Lot of looted money from Our poor people.
          What he has now is not from his Shiratha’s Dowry. But pilfered and looted From mostly Innocent Women working in Arab countries, Sri lankan’s Tax money and EPF money.

          We consider Some body helps Thieves also a Thief.
          So you are One of Them Or a Paid Shill from Ma Ra ya.

  • 3

    This is a competition between Sinhala-Nationalists and Sinhala-Liberals.

    Maithreepala is there to divide the rural vote if the Sinhala-Buddhist voters.

    It does NOT matter WHO is in power.

    If there is a East + Northern Tamil and/or Muslim province then there WILL be a Sinhala-Buddhist state in the rest of Sri Lanka including Ampara district.

    We don’t care it’s Mahinda or Maithreepala…This is irrelevant.

  • 1

    The nincompoops at Lankaweb should read this letter by Percy G
    LW is full of diashoras with their heads in the sand.

  • 0

    May be this Percy got caught without a bus ticket and got deported back to SLTB tin can bus service so he doesn’t like it here. How can you trust someone who claims Percy a Sinhalese Buddhist name.
    Percy Rajapaksa was once another such Sinhalese Buddhist imposter.

    What a long story and a boring pointless appeal.

    I am a leading member of SLFP UK and now campaign to make out of job president Percy World President.

  • 2

    Well you cannot sum all expat Sri Lankans as being MR supporters. I for one is not, living in the west for the last 15 odd years. Guess it’s all about the perspective. Most expats go back to Sri Lanka and usually loath the roads, buildings, the messy urban landscape etc. Now that the Colombo has been somewhat “cleaned”, roads paved, and landscape improved, we feel good about Sri Lanka. We see ‘development” that has never been there before. We got some money to spend and Sri Lanka is great to have a good time. So most expats think it’s great what MR and the clan are doing.

    What we fail to see is how an average rural Sri Lankan manages to get on with their lives. They don’t drive cars on the expressways, cannot afford to put food on the table, there is no upward mobility, most if not all civil institutions are corrupt, and the list goes on. We expats do not see this side or do not put ourselves in those shoes. Hence the disconnect. Then there is the cognitive dissonance, where we feel uncomfortable seeing the dark side of MR clan and selectively avoid information that would enlighten us about their corruption. We stick to the “known unknowns” like the foreign conspiracy, diaspora, separatism, and all other vague hullabaloo. There you have it; Sri Lankans and expat Sri Lankans have very different points of views. Trying to make them understand the situation is a futile exercise. When I meet my fellow countrymen at parties I see this all the time and I try to smooth talk into this. But rarely one changes their mind.

  • 1

    MR de Silva

    Your note is appalling,disgusting. You are truly a racist and whither do you think you are heading ?Don’t worry about the expats,they can voice their own opinions too.
    I am surprised that the editor missed editing your crap from this platform.
    Thank you

  • 0


    It’s a warped community isn’t it? There are multiple (and contradictory) agendas at play (Tamil vs. Sinhala nationalists, liberal vs. “rural”, expats vs. natives, upper vs. lower class, capitalists vs. leftists vs. authoritarians, etc. etc.)

    And each group has a loudspeaker courtesy the Internet. I doubt that any ONE person gets accurate and reflective analysis of the situation on ground in Sri Lanka, regardless of whether they are in Sri Lanka or abroad.

    I have not yet seen what I would call a balanced analysis of the political or social ills in Sri Lanka from any one source yet. And when I try to gather a variety of perspectives, what I end up with is mostly rhetoric and opinions that are not supported with evidence and fact.

    What role should diaspora play in the lives of those who live on the Island? Whose Island is it? Who should determine what is best for those inhabitants?

  • 1

    So! many! exclamations! Write and just make your point. No need to shout.

  • 0

    Why you end: “SUBA ANAGATHAYAK” only? Please continue “EHEMY NETHA APE HAMUDURUWANE”.

  • 0

    Vote for Maithree for his 12 brothers company instead of 2 brothers company of Mahinda

    For good governance like pollonnaruwa

  • 0

    I have only one simple question to ask. Is your mother still alive?

  • 1

    Dear Pearcy
    Up until now , only few hours from election I was undecided to whom to vote. I was leaning towards the common candidate challenging. One sentence in your article made me realize what a mistake i was going to do. Now Im sure whom i want to be the next president of my Sri Lanka.

    what I think about you is that you are some one who wanted to migrate but haven’t been successful and living with a ravaging anger and a jealousy towards expats. Also Im sure that you are not a Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanken as you claimed to be.

    I do agree and disagree with certain parts of the article, but i don’t have the time.
    but I thank you for helping me make my decition.

  • 1

    I am an expat and have visited Sri Lanka on over 20 occasions in the 38 years of of living abroad. Neither a supporter of MR or MS, all I wish is that the progress that SL has made since the end of the ethnic war is maintained by those in power tomorrow. In my opinion, corruption and abuse of power may be curtailed if the new incumbents have a reduced majority and strong opposition.. But the high cost of living, I am afraid could take a while to be brought down, for the simple reason that, ones wants are judged according to the prevailing standard of living. As the standard of living improves so too are the wants and desires. For example, at the time I left SL many senior public servants /most executives in the private sector did not own a car or telephone but it was not an issue then. Today most of my relatives and friends who have cheaper vehicles and more than one cell phone are crying poor. It will be a while before Lankan society becomes EGALITARIAN like say Canada and Australia.

  • 0

    “Percy Gajanayake – A Sinhala Buddhist born in Ceylon, living in Sri Lanka”
    Dear Percy, a good letter to the more than half a million Indians (Tamils and other) born in the island nation and mostly living in the West and India. These supports of Indian terrorists has no vote but give plenty of money to Indian Emperor to be distributed to voters and supporters of Chandrika’s coolies.
    Indians in Sri Lanka were and are not different to Indians living in Guyana who are a privileged group of Indians since their arrival under British guns.
    Percy please go for a walk in Fort or Pettah and talk to your friends; Sinhala Buddhists if you can find any of them living there. Please let me know I will give you, your bus fare.

    • 0

      You moron!.

      Your Ma Ra ya Jrapassa Already Sold Trincomalee to HIndian for Terorist training {Tank farm, Sampoor Drgon Power plant, Nilaveli Hotel stirip],
      Now nothing left for Sri Lankan Farmers.
      Raw agents are Busy with Locale Spies of transforming Sri lanka to another Toilet country.

  • 0

    Percy Gajanayake – A Sinhala Buddhist born in Ceylon, living in Sri Lanka”

    How pathetic can one get ????????????
    Powa is round the corner. Enjoy your Coconut arrack with fried beef bite. A cure for all your ills.

    Come to the North, give you even better stuff with some fried fish. ” sorry annai “no beef bite” here.

  • 1

    For Gajanayake, the team consisting of The Queen of thieves, the man who tried to give one third of the country to LTTE and lost 29 elections, JVP, Sarath Foneseka, AwaMangala & the man who photoshopped Lester James Peiris’s photo to hoodwink masses, that have made Sirisena their Puppet, are much better people who can make Sri Lanka a better country than now. We should be whipped for wasting our time reading this sort of bunkum written by a naive bull.

  • 0


    • 1

      Language, Language,! Posts like yours bring disgrace to all Lanikans.

    • 0

      I say Perera, the post was clearly titled ‘Letter To All Those Expatriates Who Support MR’ so it is NOT addressed to opponents of MR like you.

      Read it well before becoming exited and spoiling your jungees in rage. BTW how do you know he is a bastard? Did you know his parents?

  • 0

    Ah! at last an intelligent Sinhala Buddhist.

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