17 May, 2022


Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire! Gnanasara Tells The President Where The Problem Lies

By Mass L. Usuf

Mass Usuf

Mass Usuf

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ~ Adolph Hitler, a man who learned how to lie effectively.

This person Gnanasara (with my highest regard to those sincere and respectable monks) is incredible. How on earth, I wonder can a person in robe who everyday takes the pledge of pancha sila (the five virtues) and who also administers it to the laymen, utter blatant lies. The fourth of the five virtues states:

Musāvādā veramaṇī, sikkhā-padaṃ samādiyāmi.
I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from false speech (lying).

The Judaeo-Christian commandment is “Thou shalt not lie”. The Quran states: “…surely Allah does not guide him aright who is a liar, ungrateful.” (Chapter 39 Verse 3)

At a recent meeting with H.E. The President Maithripala Sirisena and several others, matters relating to the preservation of archaeological sites were discussed. At this meeting was also present Galagoda Atthe Gnanasara among the other members of the Buddhist clergy and Officials. The President said that the problem of archaeological preservation is not a new one and has been there for quite some time. He acknowledged that the Department of Archaeology could not provide adequate security because it is understaffed. He further said that it is necessary for the places especially in the North and East be given priority in addressing this issues.

Polowa Pelena Boru

Gnanasara who was also present at that meeting had this to say, among other things. This is the English translation.

“Have we ever harmed any mosque or kovil or any other place of worship in the South anywhere? The Tamil people very rarely lay their hands on an archaeological site. However, Muslims are not like that. For them, in their religious teachings it is instructed to destroy such places. That is where the problem is.”

In my view, this statement of Gnanasara clearly points to the:

  1. Continuation of his meaningless vitriolics against Muslims;
  2. The spreading of blatant lies about the religion of Islam;
  3. Providing false information with regard to no harm done to mosques and other places of worship.

The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) has documented 241 anti-Muslim attacks and 69 anti-Christian attacks in 2013. These include attacks on places of religious worship of the Christians and Muslims. Against Gnanasara himself there are around 40 Police complaints pending investigation in relation to his role in the Aluthgama riots. There are also several other complaints against him which are not related to Aluthgama.

His lie that Islam teaches Muslims to destroy archaeological sites is aptly describable using the Sinhala phrase, ‘polowa pelena boru’. I do not know the English equivalent of this. A literal translation, I guess, would be “earth sundering lies”.

Quran And Archaeology

Quran is rich with several references being made to history and archaeology. I wish to refer to one Quranic verse only which amply demonstrates the importance of archaeological sites.

“To every nation, We sent a Messenger who told its people: Worship Allah and shun false gods, idols. Then some of them God guided, and some were justly disposed to error. Do but travel in the land and see the nature of the consequence for those who rejected the truth!” (Chapter 16 Verse 36)

The implication of this verse is that to every nation a Messenger has been sent. For example, the advent of Prophet Abraham was around five thousand years ago. Obviously, predating even Buddhism. Such Messengers/Reformers appeared at different times and, to different peoples living in different regions. They had been sent with the message to worship Allah and shun other gods, idols.

If Islam instructs the Muslims to destroy archaeological sites, how can the Quran ask mankind to travel in the land and see the consequences of what had happened to the people who lived thousands of years ago? How can Gnanasara, sitting face to face with the President of this country, tell such humongous lies to the President of the nation that Islam teaches the Muslims to destroy archaeological sites?


His success depends on people believing his lies. Lies ranging from the “little white lies” to huge, “pants-on-fire” lies to deceive the innocent and peace loving Sinhala people. Especially, the youth. Lying is Satan’s primary weapon against the people. He uses the tactic of deceit to influence people away from the truth. There is a beautiful description of Satan in the Bible, where speaking to a group of Jews, Jesus says,

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44).

The Satan also “masquerades as an angel of light” or “the saviour”, so that what he says and does sounds good and seems reasonable. But it is nothing more than a false appearance and deceit.

“Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness.”
(2 Corinthians 11:14-15).

Gnanasara is a person who donned the robe to seek the path of enlightenment. Is he not aware of the Maraya (demon) who is described as “the personification of the forces antagonistic to enlightenment? (Thera, Nyanaponika (2008). The Roots of Good and Evil). Is he not aware of the three daughters of the Maraya identified as Taṇhā (Craving), Arati (Aversion/Discontentment), and Raga (Attachment/Desire/Greed/Passion)?

One wonders if Gnanasara is in the fold of Buddha or Adolf Hitler. In his book, Mein Kampf (1925) Hitler tells about the use of a lie. A Big Lie always has a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted. A Big Lie will be believed by many since it will not be considered as a lie. The repetition of such lies over time will make it the truth and, then, even the real truth will be doubted.

It is an explicable tragedy that H.E. The President is involving such a person to discuss issues relating to the preservation of archaeological sites.

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  • 7

    Although I am a Muslim I am not much aware of the details in the Islamic view but what’s written about Galegoda Aththe Gnanasara is the very well known true we do not know why the authorities are still keeping a blind eye for all unwanted atrocities carried out by him he is openly accusing our Allah and Beloved Prophet he should be punished without entertaining by highest authority of the nation. Well explained sir Mass Yusuf.

  • 5

    Mass Usuf

    For example, the advent of Prophet Abraham was around five thousand years ago. Obviously, predating even Buddhism.

    Abrahm is Jew. Even though Muslims use Judaism scripts in quran. So, you are quoting Judaism as Islam.

    You muslims do not know buddhism.

    FYI, which says, that Birth of Buddhas and expounding buddhism is a cyclical journey. Even the religions and Almighty gods of all the Religions including Islam, Judai and christianity have the influence the influence of buddhism. For example, your explanation on Satan is very similar to that of Vasavarthi-Mara that comes in buddhism.

    IF you don’t believe that, Start a conference on comparative Religions with reference to buddhist aspects in each religion.

    • 3

      Buddha only revived the Dravidian Hinduism. So the real Buddhism is more than 5000 years old.

      • 7

        5000 years old? That is (330,000,000/5,000) 66,000 new Gods every year. 5,500 a month. 183 a day!

        I think all these Saiva Gods are just Masala. There is only one God. He may be called by different names by different people. But there is one and only one.

        • 0

          How do you know there is only one god? Maybe there are no gods at all.

          How come all Islamic countries are full of stupid people?

          Except for some countries with oil money, no Islamic country is technologically or economically advanced.

          Islamic teachings is the CAUSE of all your suffering Muslims.

          Just look at how Sunnis and Shias killing each other.

  • 5

    Usuf nana,

    Your article is full of lies, the article is “haram”. Saudi government ordered to destroy prophet’s relatives’ graves. Gnanasara thero has been right so far. As Muslims we must be ashamed of ourselves for being pest to our sinhala Buddhist host. It’s not a secret any more that Aluthgama riots were started by local Wahabi muslim extremists. Even though Gnanasara thero’s statements are bit harsher sometimes, super great Gnanasara thero has more chance of achieving full markes than anyone of us Muslims when the day of judgement comes .

    Remember Muslim’s enemy is always another Muslim.

    Western countries are getting ready for next crusade to kick Muslims’s ass AGAIN.

    • 0

      Mass Usuf:

      Muslims are dishonest liars. They lie in the name of religion.

      Thye never talk how Muslims destroy other religions and their devotees when Islamic population in the country is the majority.

      In Sri lanka, they can do anything, because the politicians are dumb chicken and majority buddhists don’t punish them.

  • 5

    Based on newspapers, infact idestruction of archeology and treasure hunting(Nidun Horu) are taking place outside NE. Main culprits are neither Muslims or Christians. Monk Gnanadara and his newly found his theologian Minister of Wijedasa Rajapakse are trying to divert the attention of public to their wrong doings committed, such as Monk Gnanasara got in to a tangle by insulting Islam/Muslims and Wijedasa with Avent Guard saga. My point here is President MS poor judgement to sit and giving endorsements to what Gnanasara and Wijedasa.

  • 2

    The once richest community, Tamils, has become the poorest in the land. That is well reflecting on the progress on the country. 1956 the country was at a very strong position. From 1933 the government administrations and land ownership lad come to Ceylon’s’ hand. Yet it was British planted the estates. British paved the roads. British laid the rail roads and set the locomotives in motion. Cargill, Millers, Hayley’s…. they started. Now Sinhalese are selling precise, national, sovereign lands to China to breathe out of loans. One time British owned the factories. Mainly Tamils and Sinhalese worked on them. Country’s Balance of payment was record high. Now Chinese own the industries. Chinese work on them. They take wage and profit home. All left for Lankawe Modayas is loans, loans, loans and loans. Once Sinhalese deported Tamil workers, when, there was nobody to do menial jobs. Now Chinese prisoners are getting million visas for engineering projects in Lankawe. After 70 years, there are still complains that the rural Sinhalese are poor, uneducated, cannot stand up for a democracy (but in 1933 Donoughmore thought they can take it). Even after China, Russia, Cuba… have given up communism, the Modaya of rural area still voting for SLFP’s fake socialism. They are one century behind in that perception. Though country is poor, inundated by loans, underdeveloped, sending indentured women to middle East for foreign Exchange, corrupted, crimes, War Crime and Genocide accused on its highest leaders at UN level, cultural – moral values have slipped deep down to hell, Sex Industry has become the fastest growing industry of the country, but Sinhala Majority are clinging to their fake Buddhist teaching rewritten to their values. They hate Muslims; they hate Hindus they hate Christians; they hate the minority religions. The elected Royals dynasties or the ruling political families have in$ billions in their bank accounts. They all are capable to manipulate the democratic systems and elections to their favor to centuries to come. Yet, now they not able to enjoy the fruits of their Galoya, Mahaweli projects and their 99% educational records, some of the development Sinhalese created for them selfishly. How did this happen? Sinhalese’ first leader, Don Stephen taught them that destroying Tamils will bring all prosperity. This is how they goofed. Sinhalese destroyed the Tamils’ wealth, but they failed to seek it or enjoy it.

    Tamils are not the richest community in the land anymore. Now Muslims are the richest community in the country. But, at least, if not Tamils and Sinhalese, will Muslims be able to enjoy their wealth peacefully? One question “How did they earn that wealth?” is the one gives the answer of that question. The answer for the first questions seems to be “Unlikely”, based on the second question. It is not because the country did not attain stability and harmony, but it is because Muslims earned that wealth by watering out the minorities (mainly Tamils’) strength. So, as they too are minority, they don’t have the strength to protect their newly earned wealth or enjoy it peacefully.

    While hitting the Tamils with Indian Pakistani Citizenship act, Don Stephen gave hug to Muslims with MMDA. From Tamils side, Though GG wasn’t, SJV identified this game as it not simple deportation, but it is a deep wedge within Tamils too and refused to take DS’s hand. He refused to accept the CJ DS offered to him and he told GG to reject the minister post. So he and Tamils was punished by Sinhalese. Muslim didn’t remember they were the people who kept DS in prison under British rule and how they could easily think that he had excused them all for that. Immature Muslim leaders could not realize how shrewdly they are being split from Tamils or being wedged within their families, but took the hands of the cunning Sinhalese leaders. They were prepared to make wealth from the newly invented friendship.

    This is what Wikipedia says in Badiyuddin’s page: “A community must be politically recognized before it could do anything great and contribute its proud share towards the progress of the country. An individual however great, however cleaver, however patriotic, cannot honestly feel happy in his individual greatness, when the section to which he belongs and from which he derived all his inspirations lies humiliated and relegated to an inglorious place in the political structure of his country” But that is not Muslim leaders sought for their society. That is not what Badiuddin taught to them either.

    Badiuddin Mahmud introduced standardization to gain few admissions for his Muslim acolytes. Badiuddin’s new philosophy worked for them. Muslims very quickly and impressively built their new wealth, without turning back.

    Though some Eastern Muslim boys worked with LTTE to gain freedom, as community, Muslims worked with from Attulathmulai to Old Brother Prince to destroy Tamils’ uprising. Unlike Tamil DIG Indran, who attempted control Aluthgama riots and punished by brother prince, many Muslim police inspectors, police officers, CIDs, Translators did their best to penetrate LTTE. Razik Kuzhu and home guards worked as paramilitary against Tamils’ freedom war. Once the war was won, all Muslims MPs and Ministers went Geneva to defeat Tamils’ effort to seek justice against Sinhala government. Muslims were heavily rewarded by Old Royals. Two years ago, while Hakeem was Minister of Justice, 72 Muslims entered to the Law College. It became the Muslim leaders’ culture of Lankawe to be a traitor and be rewarded for it. That is ok, but so antagonizing is when Hakeem cheaply disgraced Tamils as beggars who show off their beggar wounds to beg.

    Let’s go back to once more to what is in the Badiuddin Mahmud Web page of Wikipedia. “A community must be politically recognized before it could do anything great and contribute its proud share towards the progress of the country. An individual however great, however cleaver, however patriotic, cannot honestly feel happy in his individual greatness, when the section to which he belongs and from which he derived all his inspirations lies humiliated and relegated to an inglorious place in the political structure of his country” Yes, Muslim were handsomely waged for their spy work they did against every effort of Tamils to free them, that is Vanni war front to Geneva’s human right round tables. Muslim leader’s eyes were on the money and Muslim mass’ minds were on the Allah in Mecca. They could not appear to be patriotic to Sinhalese because of their pretentious Arabic culture. Sinhalese could not see them as honored, respected citizens but nothing more than double crossed spies on their own kind. Muslims have become rich but they earned it by spring against the minorities. They remained as the axe handle to cut the tree “the minority”. Now like a fool who cut the branch he was sitting on, they are getting to be alarmed when the branch’s cracking noise started to be heard.

    The Best strategy of the Lankawe minorities is what Burgers did. Part of them tried become Sinhalese. Those could not, left the country even before the own started to heat. Tamils have paid the highest price. Until now, Muslim appeared to be the biggest beneficiaries of Sinhalese anti-minority attitude. Now it too is cracking. They say in Tamil “Arasanai Nampi Purusanai Kaividda penn”. We have to wait and see if that is going to be case of the Muslims and if they are going to be the woman, who left her husband to be with King for a night. Muslims failed to work with Tamils to strengthen the minorities’ rights. From 1949 SJV did everything to woo them, but they did not like the Tamil husband and they walked away with the Sinhala Royal King. BBS & the like see them as the prostitute followed them to the war front. They are feeling angry on them as they feel Muslims earned their wealth while Sinhalese were fighting hard against their enemy. They so they do not see the Muslims have the moral ownership for their wealth. On the other hand, the inhuman MMDA they gained by attaching to DS is no longer recognized as law respects human rights. Though Halal exchange money gets very little attention, but not so easily escaping the Middle East customs and education systems they have set for them. If it starts to crack, their education superiority is also not likely not to last, just like it happened to Tamils leadership on education. While, Other than Syria, every Middle East and non-Middle east Muslim countries, including Iran’s governments are working with America, EU and UN the Lankawe Muslims, with some obstructed unique theories, has isolated itself from the West and UN.

    “A community must be politically recognized before it could do anything great and contribute its proud share towards the progress of the country. An individual however great, however cleaver, however patriotic, cannot honestly feel happy in his individual greatness, when the section to which he belongs and from which he derived all his inspirations lies humiliated and relegated to an inglorious place in the political structure of his country”. Muslims while slipping into newly attracted, influential Arabic cultures, they were dreaming that they were elevating them as the most honorable, patriotic Lankawe citizens. But, that to become a reality, they have destroyed the minorities hold in Lankawe. They even used 55 OIC countries to block the UNHRC revolutions to punish Lankawe government to its minority beating. But, BBS likes only ready to see them as enemy side spies that they employed – double agents, the traitors, nothing in them to respect. They see Muslims as destroyers of Sinhala ancient hereditary.

    Water is standing at the nose. They are calling the platform they standing to move out of their leg so they can go for “Ethir Neechal” (Swim against the wave). The Muslim who have earned all their wealth by unconditionally supporting the ruling parties, are now calling the 21 MPs and ministers to resign from National Unity government. Are Muslims, once the platform they are standing start to move away, going sink or swim? If they 21 politicians resign, will they look any different than Tamils in political strength? Now Sinhalese are inundated with loans. When they get out of it, Sinhalese, who are so far not ready to do reconciliation with Tamils, will they see at least the Muslims as friends and reconcile with them or going to blame them for all the problems Lankawe has gone through as the starter of it in 1915.

    • 1

      Can someone please summarize this comment by filtering out the Masala, translate it from Andara Demala to English and publish it please.

      The only thing I could understand was something about ‘swimming’ (across the Palk Strait?) in the last para.

      • 1

        I think CT’s policy states articles should be in the English Language. This by the way is Gibberish. Cant understand how it slipped through CT’s sharp eyes

        • 1

          It is called verbal diarrhea. No known treatment for it.

          • 2

            We also ask you to shorten your verbel diarrhea. Please go back to them and check how your posts have been. You prove to be foul at reading others but behave the same way. Pot calling cattle is black.

            • 0

              Pot calling cattle is black

              Edvin miss fired his cannon. He wanted to call as black tiger, but ended up calling blacksheep.

              Every time when there is a verbal diarreah, one can hear Edwin opening and closing the bathroom door. His only cry is always “Kottiya Avilla”. He get confused and get hit on pillar CT. He can not digest the truth. He brings out his “Naar Mattai” (fiber bat) to the field to play a hard ball.

              The Yahapalanaya’s last few days new policy of racial harmony and reconciliation with freedom of expression, RTI…ets is about allowing the Monk-ies to say anything but curtail the mass from talking. CT is following that path and going out on a “Cutting party” celebration.

              A biological fact is if the calf butt on the udder only cow secrete milk. If CT ties the calf with the rope of “Cutting”….. it is going to be a one hand clap.

              Still I get Ewin’s point. Thanks Edwin for your both comments, with others.

              • 1

                Pot calling cattle is black?????

                My English teacher would have said, what kind of cattle wrote this.

                You say, “Every time when there is a verbal diarrhea, one can hear Edwin opening and closing the bathroom door”. The door is opening and closing not only because of diarrhea but, because, unlike some people, I use the bathroom to urinate too. And, I don’t know why, but when I read your name Mallaiyurin I get this strong urge to use the bathroom. (Your name is so funny, even for a Tamil name, which are always funny, and I am curious to know what it means).

                No wait a minute, let me have a go at it. Mallaiy means hill, mountain or bag. So bag of urin? My problem is the second part urin. However much I try, I cannot decrypt it.

                Proceeding further, we come to ‘Kottiya Avilla’. It should be Kotiya – not Kottiya. But then we appreciate the deficiencies in your language, with so many sounds taken away by the Kotiya, and some useless sounds added by kalaveddahs, it speaks volumes about your personal skills in making any sound.

                What makes spoken Tamil sound so garish are the sounds like tti, ට්ටි which makes butter බට්ට‍ර් and කොටිය a කොට්ටිය. But as the Sinhala saying goes, the forest may be different but the spots of the leopard are the same. Similarly, කොටිය may be become a කොට්ටිය but spots are spots.

                Do you know that in ME we have 4 types of Butter Chicken sold as a ready to eat Tamil dishes. All 4 are very tasty.

                1. බටර් චිකන්
                2. බටර් චික්කන්
                3. බට්ටර් චිකන්
                4. බට්ටර් චික්කන්

                Go for No. 4. Oh My God! I can sense Simon De Silva coming. I must run along. Vanakkam. Anyway, the rest of your comment is encoded. I cannot add anything more.

                • 0

                  How tall are you my child to talk about the world class Language Tamil? I can’t blame you. “Thanakkena Muram illathaal arivaaloo thavidden Mathuram”. The woman who did not have winnowing pan would not know the taste of the Bran. You never came across a language as sophisticated as classical language like Tamil, my poor soul. How could I expect from a chaff like you to understand the sweetness of the superior, world’s oldest, still alive classical language?

                  One time a group of fisher women were returning from the market to their village. They had fallen back and lied down in the forest to sleep for the night. The fragrance of the night flowering wild Malli started bother them. Those poor women did know only one smell, that is the rotten fish. They could not take it. Solution? They put their smelly fish baskets under their heads and peaceful fell asleep. Are you bringing and showing me you fish basket thinking I may want know of it?

                  You are bringing the rubbish and trying to convince me it as gold to me! Tamil is a language purposely eliminated hanging sounds out of its vocabulary. All its words starts smoothly ends with clean landing. If you know the science, if you know the physics of sound you would know what all are about it.

                  Like the licking dog lick on expeller and the Sivalingam for dripping oil, you are writing your own research about Tamil too.

                  Tamil is repeatedly edited for a period of millenniums to make it perfect. It is not a soup concocted with alms received from one kilo of Pali, two ounces of small Portuguese, one cup of white English, one measure raw Sanskrit one spoon of yellow Malay, 1/3 of Tamil words, complete grammar structures from Tamil, Letters from Tamil. It is very pure and very original language. It sounds are very natural human sounds, no artificial sounding words like “Hrvupmlkn” or Ding dong cing mong….or harapinga, kabaragoya. Man take some rest and eat some kavvum or kavvvvvuuuummmm.

                  Would a donkey knows the smell of the camphor?

                  Read man – My name nowhere having any word of “Mallaiy” in it. There is no word in Tamil such as “Mallaiy”. Mine is a pure Tamil name synthesized to sound similar to Sanga Kalam Tamil (the most famous period of Tamil). It is not a foreign Language name like yours. Hear this please Edwin, If you want to continue to comment on politics you have to have your name Edwin changed to Ethiri weera singe(am) . Otherwise Sinhala Buddhist will kick on your butt to fall into your smelly Pork Strait.

                  Your Godiva syndrome is exposing the contents inside.

                  • 1

                    Tamil – A Great Language

                    Malleurine, I see some improvement in this from your previous comments. I guess you are employing a ghost writer at a considerable expense. But there is a lot to be improved yet. (e.g.) Take, “Are you bringing and showing me you fish basket thinking I may want know of it”? Giving you the benefit of doubt and assuming the ‘you fish’ is a typo, it is complete gibberish. Kick your ghost writer out and get a better one. Or send it to me, I will do it free for you.

                    You say, “You never came across a language as sophisticated as classical language like Tamil, my poor soul”. In Sinhala we have a nice saying, which goes, උනභපුලුවට උගෙ පැටිය ලස්සනලු (meaning, For the Loris its offspring is beautiful), the Loris being one of the ugliest looking animals by human standards. Sorry if the Loris happens to be one of your deities, but that is what it is.

                    I am not saying that Tamil is not an ancient language. It is. But with all that time available to you guys, as you say, to edit it, the language has been rotting just like those fish in the baskets (or paskets) you mentioned. Look at these:

                    What happened to the ba as in balla. You have no ba and use pa which is a poor substitute for ba. Thus balla becomes palla. Supposing you want to say එඩ්වින් කියන්නෙ බල්ලෙක් you will actually be saying යෙඩ්වින් කියන්නෙ පල්ලෙක්. What is the use of a language, however ancient it may be, if you cannot say Yedwin is a dog – a phrase in common daily use? You get my point?

                    Even Prabhakaran became Pirapaharan because you have no ba. And he died because he yelled ශිංගල මුනිය මරන්න නේ instead of මරන්න නෑ on that fateful day.

                    I will not mention ha and sa, two other sounds conspicuous by their absence from your ‘great’ alphabet. But try saying Edwin Mahaththaya and what comes out is Yedwin Mathiya. It looks like your Tamil is smooth on take off and smooth in landing but nothing much in between even – not even putter chikken.

                    Despite all evidence to the contrary, let us accept Tamil as a great language, still being fine-tuned because the Tamils do not know how to do it and that Tamils are Dravidians, great warriors, liberation fighters and conquerors etc. After all the ‘fighting, liberating and conquering’ that you have done, what do you have to show? Do you at least have a country of your own? Even a tiny island like Kytes? NO!!! Why are you under those Aryans of India? Moghuls invaded, conquered and ruled. What have you achieved, other than to cause the death of 1000’s of your own, as in Nandikdal, every time you tried to fight?

                    Think of that Malleurine. It will do you good. You can send your comments to me for proof reading. I am not kidding. Believe me, you are risking a Falkland type attack from UK if you go on murdering the good old Queen’s English like that.

                    • 1

                      Why are you under those Aryans of India?

                      Because we don’t want to be beaten by the Chinese ambassador. Ask Your finance minister he will explain.

                      What a dictator is that Chinese ambassador you have in your country; he called your president yesterday also to complain of something in Hambantota. Is now the situation your EP has to call him before he start his car to go to Hambantota?

                      Talk to Gnanasara he will tell whether it is being under India is more fun or being run by every Tom, Dick and harry (who are in the Chinese embassy, North Korea embassy, Iran embassy, Pakistan embassy and other your bosses) is more fun.

                      Now, who beat the the Petroleum Corporation President D.G.Jayasinghe in China Bay Trinco? Why he keep saying he wants to resign?

                      Old King has said it appears very dangerous because India had not said anything about China capturing Hambantota. Soon India is going to send its troops again.

                      Lankawe cheated 32 countries and got help to win war. Borrowed from all of them $200 billion. Now they all are eating Lankawe alive for their shares. Can your politicians’ brains cells handle something called “Planning”?

                      You are bragging here; But your EP and PM on the flights for ever to beg for EU’s GSP+, loan from China, help from Japan, more Visas to export women to Middle East, arms from Russia, Mig from, Ukrain, Devora from Israel…….. Tell me man another country’s name, even in the poor South Asian hemisphere, running around day night with begging bowl like you.

                      You cannot fly Air Lanka because your ministers have stolen even the fuselage of those planes. What a horrible country?

                      It seems, even Buddha is not taking care of these poor souls.

                      Stealing, looting, borrowing, begging…..What kind of culture is this man? Who are you man? Who are those people in that country? Where did they come from? Which country expelled to seek asylum in Lankawe. So sad man….Shah shah shah…

                      You guys came from Loan or Lion? Can you check if the Mahanama had used the correct spelling in Mahavamsa, please?

                      India loan, China loan, EU loan, Iran loan, IMF loan, Japan loan, South Korea loan ….. America MCC.

                      From eating to speaking you are opening mouth only to beg. Come of man, even if it is a filth or rotten, find something of your own.

                      Don’t run a country by begging and borrowing man. Same way change your language also soon man. Don’t speak a language by begging,borrowing and using others’ words. Create some real words for that Language called Sinhala.

                      Live with a philosophy of “iraval pudavailum paarka ithu Nalla Koyakam” ( instead of a borrowed sari, dressing only a part is more beautiful) Tell your ministers to practice austerity to abolish the name beggars and borrowers.

                      First thing is, if Trump is not helping to New King, Old King is going to the UN electric chair. Is there any solution for that?

                      You have no idea in how many matters Lankawe has hit the bottom in the recent past. If have any idea list them here down.

                      Fix your problems man and have more fun. Bye

                    • 1

                      Edwin, why you need to fall the level of Buruwanse (Wimal W) or Udaya Gonthadipila ? Until now, I thought only those men ONLY laugh LOUDLY at their own minority folks.

                      Dont you have anything better to do than leave criticisms on langauges this way. Yours or mine cant change the melody of a language. At the very first days in Europe, I thought they would have laughed at us listening to sinahala langague. But they never did so. But you guys even immitate the manner tamils speak sinhala. Would you agree if tamils would immitate sinhalaya speak tamil – man grow up, it is high time us sinhalaya to see our own mistakes. If we can see our mistakes only we can correct them. As you yourself say,උනභපුලුවට උගෙ පැටිය ලස්සනලු (meaning, For the Loris its offspring is beautiful). So anyone with a little brain would agree with this regarding own langauge, own religion, own family, own community etc. I have the feeling the men of your nature are inherited with all failures – above all you guys unfortunatley cant control your tongue.

                      I really dont know why you as an old man need to go on attacking fellow srilanken this way. Now it is becoming more clear that you guys were the reason for the civil war which held over 30 years.

                      Edwin, at least now try to behave to your age. That can help for all srilankens not only tamil srilankens.

                      Rome, Italy wishing you a new year for 2017.

            • 2

              Statistics of Mallaiyuran’s comment:

              No. of words = 1748
              No.of characters with spaces = 10,518

              More than the length it is unreadable, written perhaps in Greek, If written in some form of English then it is encoded using some sort of encryption algorithm and on top it all the grammar is horrible if at all there is any grammar.

              Anyway, with 20/01 approaching I may not have time to read CT leave alone comment.

              I am intrigued especially by Mallaiyuran’s comment, “Water is standing at the nose. They are calling the platform they standing to move out of their leg so they can go for “Ethir Neechal” (Swim against the wave)”.

              I feel that this is the encoded ‘go ahead’ message for a batch of swimmers of unknown strength to start their perilous swim across Palk Strait. I understand only the “Ethir Neechal” part.

              I can control my verbal diarrhea with a tight Amude. My concern is that the swimmers ‘verbal diarrhea’ may pollute the Pork – sorry Palk – Strait.

            • 0

              Pot calling kettle is black. typo

        • 3

          It is just the ENglish unique to Edwin – not at all queen s langauge. Surprisingly, this sexagenarian man attacks almost everyone for not writing understandable English in their comments. This is an another example typical behaviours of some lankens. I remind the following proverb -Crabs teach their offspring to walk straight.

          • 0

            If one could only teach the Tamils how to write English, and the Sinhalese how to read, our ethnic problem would be over and even the crabs would start walking straight.

            • 1

              From the day one on, I thought you cant be normal.

              Now I can realize as to why you behave so. Rajaakshe and their supporters are born idiots.

      • 1

        “The only thing I could understand…”

        no one here expects you to understand complex political and economical and social comments/article….

        just read your own comments….

      • 1


        No wonder Saudis AND other arabs are NOW frustrated of the lankens and treat all srilankens so bad by today taking their legs or any antomical parts away before being sent back home. Sinhalaya balu wela සිංහලයන් බල්ලො විදියට අද වැඩ කරන්නේ- that is all I can say, whenever I get to read your posts EDWIN.

        Anyways I hope you will recover your psychological problems in the dawn year 2017. Happy and healthy new year !.

        • 0

          Sinhalaya balu wela

          Samson Gunaratne, you say, “Sinhalaya balu wela සිංහලයන් බල්ලො විදියට අද වැඩ කරන්නේ”. Samson Gunaratne, please do not throw unintended but unjustified insults like that. It is also not good to generalize like that.

          The dogs are upset and are planning an island wide protest from tonight, where they are going to bark continuously and loudly until you apologize for your insult. No one will be able to sleep.

          What they say is, there may be an occasional dog who do things the Sinhalese way, but to paint all dogs with the same brush is not justified.

          • 1

            You may be right mine sounded somewhat generalized for all mere truth of sinhalese like you සිංහලයන් බල්ලො විදියට අද වැඩ කරන්නේ- They dont have nothign in their heads. Just go back to the posts of yours and see it. You should have the patience to do so an learnt man who is said to have delivered your services to the foreigners for such a long time.

            Just attacking the other should be stopped.That is the fundemental mistake of our sinhaalya.

            Mouth pieces and pen are the most dangers weapons than any other weapons sofar.

            Talking about high standards but not being able practise the least has been seen all along when reading your texts. Who do you think you are man? what should we be the folks superior to anyone ? Gone should be the days those idiots let think that way. That costed us thousands of innocient lives.

            we each of us are Just an another sinhalayek only.
            Rajaakshe have bred nursaries for all kind of thugs and all ill formed people in this country over last ten years. Regardless of the areas, nothing has been easy anyone to shape up today,…. it can take years actually. That is one of the hidden reasons not to see tangible reasones in this country.

            Some in your age, behave like mischievous- teenagers in schools. Even today teenagers behave somewhat better than in our days.

            My wish is a peaceful year 2017 not allowing idiots to get back the ground again – If I were one of them, I would have put them all in jails following rigorous laws. Will never let any wrong doers to abuse the innocience and gentleness of the average. Silence masses are fed up of not seen Rajaapkshes are yet to be punished. Basta.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    Wijedasa Rajapakse in his explanation to the President {video above) refers to the Tamils as ‘Dravida’ as probably opposed to the ‘Aryan’ Sinhalese. I cannot help but comment that Wijedasa Rajapakse in appearance fits the classical Sinhala definition of a Tamil, than most Sri Lankan Tamils! I do not see why he does not refer to us as Demala or Damila.

    Further the Dravidian – Aryan theory has been debunked long ago and recent genetic studies have confirmed that there is no difference. Please read the following link:


    For more references check google.

    The Aryan-Dravidian divide is a Western construct. The Aryan myth was sanctified by the German Nazis, preceding and during the Second World War and wholeheartedly embraced by the Sinhala nationalists to prove that they were were different from the Tamils and were a separate race.

    Wijedasa Rajapakse, yet has not learnt the truth.


    • 1

      Dr RN, this I too question myself several times but I am very cautious when using the term ” Demala or Drawida” when we exchange it in Sinhala. Both terms are interpreted by some so that the tamils could easily feel offended. Demalaaaaa.. is an insulting word as I see it. To avoid this many are used to call Tamils and Tamils and sinhalese as Sinhala. In Germany, calling a black as ” Neger” sounds no polite at all so as Eskimos in Greenland are today named after “inuits”. (Eskimo can be translated as – raw meat eater- a derogatory term)

    • 3

      දෙමල, දෙමලා and දෙමළ දෙමළා

      දෙමල (language) and දෙමලා (person) or the plural forms දෙමෙල්ලු, දෙමලු are derogatory, especially since the Tamils don’t have much of a sense of humour to laugh it off. There is also the fact that there is no counter word that they can use against Sinhalese. Perhaps Hingalaya may be used but it is not so hurting as the above words. I think, Robert Knox used the word Chingulay. But the Sinhalese being of Ravana blood laugh off both words.

      The much more serious aspect is that HR guys may take it as a form of discrimination and derogatory action against a whole race. Can someone suggest a solution or shall we appoint a special committee to study the issue?

      They can also take up the issue of derogatory words used against the Muslims, which, if you ask me, pale in comparison to the Tamil ones.

      • 1

        Pirates of Serendib

      • 1

        Please have a check – I guess your mouth has been wandered to the other end so that not a single word comes out of you sound to be normal. Please have yours checked for the benefit of readership.

        • 0

          Punchiburampi, who said that my words are for the benefit of the readership? Ask Amarasiri, if you do not believe me. They are, all parayas, including you and me. To hell with them all, with the possible exception of the Kalaveddah who is not a paraya for the simple reason that he is just not human. So no paraya for him. But others, to hell with them all.

          http://www.nature.com/jhg/journal/v59/n1/full/jhg2013112a.html as suggested by Amarasiri for further details.

      • 3


        RE: දෙමල, දෙමලා and දෙමළ දෙමළා

        The correct wording based on genetic studies should be, dor Demala, Sinhala, Muslim and other Paras, Paradeshis:

        Para-දෙමල(Tamil) Para-දෙමලා(Tamils) and Para-දෙමළ, Para-දෙමළා

        Similarly the Sinhala should be Para-Sinhala and Para-Sinhalayo.

        Similarly the Muslims should be Para-Muslim and Para-Muslims etc.

        “Robert Knox used the word Chingulay. But the Sinhalese being of Ravana blood laugh off both words.”

        That was 300 years ago, and he did not know the facts. The facts on the Para-Sinhala, Para-Demala, Para-Muslim and other Paras are given below.

        Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations

        Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.

        Journal of Human Genetics 59, 28-36 (January 2014) | doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.112


        • 0

          Amarasiri, E:

          Para-දෙමල(Tamil) Para-දෙමලා(Tamils) and Para-දෙමළ, Para-දෙමළා

          Are you sure? Let me make sure by typing it in Para Sinhala: පර​-දෙමල, පර​-දෙමලා, පර​-දෙමළ, පර​-දෙමළා.

          Isn’t that a too hard on them? I know that when one is angry one may sometimes say all that. You remember Bama with whom I had my first love affair. That is what she used to call her husband privately with me although she was also Tamil.

          Please read it carefully and sanction it before I start using it because I have a bad feeling about it.

      • 3

        WHEN WILL YOU GROW UP EDWIN ? You are already a sexagenarian. How many more years you will take to treat all equal. Why is that that difficult to you and some ? With the news that ballige putha is about to return to power again, I am appalled this evening.

  • 2

    What is so funny is that all of them are discussing rubbish at ‘high’ level. They think the subject matter is so important instead of implementing the law.

  • 2


  • 3

    OK, people, that is enough! Let us leave this article and go to another. It has become so stale that even crabs are walking straight, not to mention the ever omnipresence kalaveddahs.

    We are already at the 100 comment mark. It may encourage Mass L. Usuf to write another article on Buddhism and we don’t want that do we?

    “I’ll Be Back To Rule Sri Lanka: Mahinda Rajapaksa Declares While Serving Hoppers” seems to be the most popular judging from the number and caliber of people commenting. Let us all go there and have some Appa.

    • 0

      Take a break Edwin, yours have been so messy.
      Please add topic- coherent thoughts.

      • 1

        Mahinda Rajapaksa – The Modern Dutu Gemunu

        Sinchuappu and other unpatriotic commentators of CT, you cannot get rid of me that easily. I am like Mahinda RAjapaksa. I rise from the ashes like a phoenix and come back to haunt.

        Now that my hero Mahinda Rakapaksa is coming back, you must be defecating in your pants or vettis. Why do you think I waste my time writing comments free of charge for CT? It is to get the gen about everyone (yeveryone to be exact) of you. All that is in our database now.

        I suggest that the enemies of Lanka start swimming back right now, without loosing anymore time.

        • 1

          My foot. Dutugamunu ? Edwin, then please ready to celebrate his nemesis soon. Patience of the people and UNP will not last longer.

  • 0

    Sinchuappu, I also had trust in UNP but not now. Ranil is a joker and acts like a juvenile. But I lost faith with him finally because of the way defended the crook Arjuna. Put Ranil cronies like Arjuna on one of the pans and the whole country in the other and Ranil will still see the Arjuna pan weighing more.

    How can I trust the UNP led by a traitor like him?

    • 0

      If it is as COPE pointed out, the billions would have been gained by the govt. No doubt about that. Leaders are no perfect. But the billions that Rajapakshe alleged to have grabed according to the documents available – will not be easy to touch.

      Ranil may have done a big blunder in terms of that bond scam putting all the faith on this men, but there we see some investigation are underway; but what Rajapkshes have done is left wihtout proper trace.

      Talk to your colleagues back in home country, there can definitely get more about the ground realities regarding documents/records left by anywhere where todays authorities need them for contnuation them.

      That means previous regime regardless of the field, they had maintained no records. Not at all. If yes, they are just partly complete. Like we from the west on try to get some data on DENUGE related from the MRI in the country. Either they are obsolete or never updated even if they still go on with their big talks ..

      At least prez secreatariat should have left with proper maintennce of records under the lead of that Wijetunga the right hand of the former.
      Can you imagine ? The manner they abused transport under Wijetunga is not traceable at all. Vehicles belong to Prez Secretariat are yet to find. Some find them backyards of the politicians even today.
      Wihtout documentation left properly, how can they trace anything ????

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