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Lies, Lies And More Lies As President Triumphs Over Lies

By Barbara Seneviratne

Barbara Seneviratne

Being suspicious of the outcome of the Provincial council elections the President insisted to appear in a live program “Janapathi   Janahamuwa” which was broadcasted by the national and private television stations for three long hours. He gave a very convincing speech as well as hopes to the people who are facing the upcoming election. He called upon all government officials to execute all projects and attend to repairs immediately while blaming them for corruption, rape and crimes. And all of a sudden he announces in an election rally in the Tamil and Muslim dominated eastern province that he is the President for all races saying “I am not the President for Sinhalese, not the President for Muslims, not the President for Tamils but the President for all Sri Lankans,”. Well if that is the case why is he so reluctant to implement the LLRC recommendations?  Why was he silent when mosques are being destroyed? Well he and his political goons must be thinking people of Sri Lanka are fools because any donkey can realize that these as usual are election gundoos (tricks) to swindle unsuspecting voters.

What puzzles the voters is why had the left leaders become a party to dupe the voters. These leftists of the communist party who are contesting this election separately claim they are doing so for several reasons.  Those they say are to educate the voters to avoid electing thugs and corrupt individuals and to enlighten the voters about socio economic crisis in the country and as well as collapse of the law and order.  But unfortunately whatever their intentions may be they too are partners of this corrupt government.

As another election gundoo (trick) the President requested the Indian government to expose the sacred Kapilawastu relics in Sri Lanka at this crucial stage.  Of course, this too is once again a very thoughtful cunning way to rob the voters so that the attention of the voter is drawn from the burning issues they are faced with. He thinks that by marketing Buddhism to the Sinhalese Buddhist people he can get the votes he is so desperately seeking.  All these years he was actually doing exactly this – marketing Buddhism to the gullible Sinhalese who think they have the sole right to dominate the minorities.

Well, this is not the first time or the first executive president who was a diabolic liar who duped the public with false promises. The first is J.R who they believed would give them 8 pounds of grain. Instead he changed the existing constitution expecting to carry on forever and created this mess. J.R introduced the Executive Presidency and also changed the UNP constitution likewise. But unfortunately with all his shrewdness he did not realize that Ranil unlike the late Lalith Atulathmudali or Gamini Dissanayake is not capable nor has he the credibility to manage both the country and the party.

Second is Ms Chandrika Kumaratunga who made an attempt to change the constitution acceptable by all, but failed due to the greed or shortsightedness of the UNP as well as her own party people. However, she stepped down to give way to the demands of the SLFP seniors to nominate Mahinda Rajapaksa. Pity she could have done a good job, if honesty prevailed with better advisers to guide her.

Thirdly is the current President who thanks to Srimavo Bandaranaike and of course to his late mother who taught him to be honest, decent and truthful and who requested Ms Bandaranaike to make him a member of the parliament.  But never in their wildest dreams had they expected him to swindle the people of the nation.

The general public had great hopes since he was coming from a respected family being a cousin of great politician George Rajapaksa. George Rajapaksa was an honest man with integrity.  He was never a greedy man but spent his own money to serve the people.

Besides, the President did do a good job during his tenure as the labour and fisheries minister. As the opposition leader he stood up for the workers demanding their rights and voiced his opinion over injustices. Hence, his nomination to be the candidate to the executive Presidency was hailed by majority.

After the victory over terrorists with the support of the Indian Government and the Sri Lankan armed forces the public expected not only peace and harmony but improved economic wellbeing as well. But within six years the people realized that they are being taken for a ride. It was not because of the war that the cost of living had gone up but due to the poor administration and corruption. That nepotism and impunity is the norm and that crimes against women, children and the ordinary people had increased alarmingly.  People are aware that these are perpetrated by the very politicians they elected.

The very man who said that he will not allow family dynasty created the biggest Dynasty. The country is aware but since a fear psychosis has being introduced by the State with help of thugs, like Mervyn Silva, Julampitiye Amare, Duminda etc. People are forced to grin like in the bill boards that carry the President’s picture.  He little realizes that people are fed up viewing his picture and mega cut outs. In fact Premadasa too did this same mistake during his regime by promoting a personality cult.

However, it is evident by the current state of affairs the country is moving towards a fascist regime. It is all so clear by his attitude of not taking seriously or merely turning a deaf ear to demands of the civil society. Some of the blatant examples are as follows.

The tax report which was handed over to the President in 2009 was completely ignored.

No action was taken on the findings of the COPE report.

Business mafia is supported to thrive fraudulently and the share market has been messed up.

He encourages the Health Minister to continue his corrupt deals knowing very well that the health sector is in a chaotic situation. This, alarming situation was created despite Sri Lanka one time being a role model to other Asian countries with regard to health indicators.

He and his political goons have messed up the education system completely depriving children and youth of their right to education.  Theses very politicians who received free education from grade one to university are now against it.

Demands of the farmers of the country are completely ignored. Farmers are deprived of basic facilities such as water and fertilizer and are unable to engage in farming and the country’s food security is at stake.

Racial and religious intolerance is created. When mosques and churches are attacked he turns a blind eye.

Workers EPF monies are busted and he being the Finance Minister pretends that he is unaware of these corrupt deals.

Judiciary is attacked and manipulated. Law and order is a dream in this country now.

My dear voters this is what we have reaped during these last six years.  Will there be a Sri Lanka for the future generation?

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