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Lies Unlimited

By Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” ~ George Orwell

Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.”  ~ Oscar Wilde

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently, it will be believed.” ~ Adolf Hitler

It seems we are fast stepping into an epoch where truth is relentlessly tampered and tainted. Lies elevated, enthroned and reign supreme. Trillions of dollars thrown to preserve and protect the status quo. It’s happening, we are already living it. And that’s not the bad news. The trend is trickling down at speeds deadlier than a cascading avalanche. It’s taking a toll. It’s affecting us all.
Lies manufactured at industrial scale. Disseminated with great aplomb. The world and most of its inhabitants are living the most fabulous lie and they are relishing it. Our Economics is a lie, our Politics is a lie, our Morality is a lie and so are our beliefs.

Democracy dictates that people are sovereign and elected representatives their servants. Reality is far from it. Provocative balderdash is the best way to describe this. In essence people are worse than slaves today, greatly neglected and progressively pushed to penury with a mountain of debt.

Most of humanity are slaves to banks capping their credit cards max. This is the condition of the middle-class. Those below take one day at a time and some live dangerously. Elected representatives flaunt ill-gotten wealth and seek more. We the people heap abuse and obloquy on our representatives but are quick to get amnesic. We are the very ones that stay in queues at the next polls to elect the same corrupt politicos to high office.

Monetary Policy, Fiscal policy and inflationary trends are nothing but insidious theft eating into people’s wealth. Governments know nothing beyond Keynesian Economics. Deficit spending either through Quantitative Easing or Imprudent Borrowing is the order of the day. People are squeezed to the wall. Legislators are bereft of any intellectual capacity to seriously and deeply analyze economic woes and get to the bottom of it.

Any threat to the supposedly almighty dollar is swiftly addressed with vicious aerial force whether it’s an individual, group or nation. The multi-dimensional insulation and manipulation extended to the dollar by those concerned is greater than the love shown by faithful for their creator.

Individualism and secularism has invaded and besieged the space of cherished morals. We are conditioned and choreographed to live a lie called modernity. We’ve accepted nudity for fashion, drugs and alcohol for general coping and social stimulus and all kinds of satanic music and movies for refreshing entertainment. It seems we are doing well. Propaganda and manipulation seems to be working, how mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions.

When a people are fed a big fat lie it behooves regular lubrication for long term sustainability. This too is happening with an elaborate apparatus well in intact.

As a people we exude profound amazement at the sight of a great wonder whether it’s the Eiffel tower or the Great Wall of China. The irony is that we fail to comprehend a much greater wonder within our own selves. The creation of the human being – approximately 8 billion of us testing and intermingling yet only a few able to appreciate the purpose of our creation.

Most nonchalant and negligent resorting to esoteric science and philosophy to seek refuge. Some openly claim we originated from monkeys. In western academia none escape evolution theory – the foremost and conspicuous ethos.

Beginning this century the world witnessed the biggest lie. 9/11. A new forensic investigation into the collapse of the three World Trade Center towers on 9/11, published in Europhysics News – a highly respected European Physics Magazine claims that “the evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition”

A continent that demands scientific evidence even for belief in God should take due cognizance of the latest revelation which is nothing but eminently scientific with more of it.

Sixteen years later new twists and developments are getting added to the official narrative. The US Congress has overridden Barack Obama’s veto of a bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. If lawsuits are opened against Saudi Arabia over the 9/11 attacks it will have far reaching consequences for the world. Obama called the vote a “dangerous precedent” while Saudi Arabia warned it risked having “disastrous consequences.”

Surely the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can do things that can have “disastrous consequences.” For one thing if they along with oil producing countries refuse to trade oil via the dollar another lie will be exposed. Yes world war lll may start but another lie well exposed.

There isn’t a shred of an evidence to implicate Saudi Arabia. As a matter of fact all vital evidence were quite mysteriously annihilated quite early on. Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam and its Prophet (may Allah exalt his mention). It’s close to the hearts of all Muslims. No one would want start a war with Saudi Arabia unless someone has a sinister and ulterior motive.

Mention about lies names that naturally come to a sensible person are George W. Bush and Tony Blair. Bush administration deliberately misled the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Another gargantuan lie. No doubt Muslims paid dearly. The act subjugated, humiliated and wantonly annihilated Muslims. It’s estimated according to reliable sources in excess of a million Iraqis perished.

Lies and deception in the name of democracy has affected almost every country in the world. In Sri Lanka deals were made with terrorists to win elections. Terrorists who mercilessly killed Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. Lies were then incessantly fed to the people. False promises made by Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2005 presidential election was indeed a record. How many of it were fulfilled is anybody’s guess. When he eventually left office he left the Treasury bankrupt.

On June 8. 1967, on the fourth day of the Six-Day War between the invader Israel and the Arabs, the USS Liberty, an American intelligence gathering vessel, found its way into the middle of the war zone. The Israelis then identified the Liberty and still continued to bomb it. The strategy was to blame Egypt for the attack and involve The US into the quagmire. Hallmark Israeli lies were soon exposed.

The advent of Donald Trump embellished the world political landscape with his rather refreshing yet immaculate lies. In the beginning he labeled his political opponents liars. He dubbed Senator Ted Cruz a liar. He called Senator Marco Rubio an “even bigger liar”. He dubbed Dr. Ben Carson a “pathological liar”. Little did he realize he was a walking lie factory.

We are marching against time. First and foremost we must educate ourselves and understand our purpose in this world. We must destroy the myths and strive to discover the truth – so help me God.

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