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‘Lightning Should Strike Tiran Alles For Giving Blood Money To The LTTE’: UNP

The Mawbhima newspaper which has joined the Sirasa TV network to spearhead a campaign of misinformation and slander against the main opposition United National Party was slammed at the Party’s annual convention on Saturday (21st) by parliamentarian and former Bar Association President Wijedasa Rajapakshe.

Tiran’s residence damaged during a bomb attack, that has been blamed on the ruling party. / File photo

Wijedasa Rajapakshe accused Mawbhima proprietor Tiran Alles of engaging in base treachery by paying money to terrorists at the Presidential Elections in 2005 to deprive the Tamil people of the North and East of a franchise.

Rajapakshe said that those without blood on their hands were appointed to the UNP Leadership Council which is now working towards Party victory. “Those who used to attack Ranil are now attacking Council Chairman, Karu Jayasuriya.” Refereeing to an article in Alles’s newspaper which claimed that lightning had struck Jayasuriya at a rally (Karuta Hena Gahai) Rajapakse said that it was a blatant falsehood and warned Alles that it was not Jayasuriya, who is a staunch Buddhist, who would be struck by lightning, but Alles who had given blood money to terrorists. Wijedasa Rajapakshe further claimed that Tiran Alles had handed over Rs. 784 million to the LTTE on behalf of the Mahinda Rajapaksa campaign in order to ensure a boycott of the poll in November 2005.

“The person who gave blood money to terrorists in 2005 and prevented Ranil Wickremesinghe from becoming the President of this country is today carrying out a similar contract of the regime through his news paper in the hope to prevent a UNP government from coming into power” Wijedasa Rajapakshe added.

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