2 July, 2022


Live Webcast: President Maithripala Sirisena At United Nations

Live webcast of the speech by President Maithripala Sirisena at the 71st UNGA

To read the English translation click here

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    President Maithripala Sirisena

    President Maithripala Sirisena, a very good speech, st United Nations. Congratulations.

    Please deliver on the promises, even though it may take some time, but need to happen. Since the speech is translated to multiple languages, the French, the English and other languages, everybody should know the contents of your speech.

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      Enitre world will applause if good governance would marginalize all the extreme groups led by Wimal Buruwanse and Gonthadipila. No doubt about that.

      Easy targets that have been manipulated by Wimal and Udaya will take more time than others do. Who would not like to get together for one goal – which is sustainable peace for all walks of like in the island nation.

      What matters is no body else to iradicate Frog in a well mentality bearers and their Gurus than anything else to this date.

      Aggressive monks such as Ghansara should allow derobe and join hand with underground drug kin pins while all the measures should be strictly imposed against drug free, crime minimized country

      Just hang on paranoic theories that EXTREMISTS such Wimal Weeranse/Udaya Gonthadipila led gulliable folks should be defeated nationally and internationally. These men have one common target, that is to divide the nation for their own political gains. Udaya Gamanpila has been very radical for all the times while Wimal Weerawanse has been hired man of former Prez Mahinda Rajakshe – Wimal may be servile to MR for all the grabs succeeded during the last 10 years.

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    Well done President Sirisena.Atleast we can breathe and sleep in peace because of 8th January 2015.That by itself is a major achievement by the people of our country.When the history of Sri Lanka is written about your term as President it will be in letters of gold for making us a free people after those 10 years of Rajapaksa murder,rape , looting and tyrany.

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    Congratulations to our Prez, finally a light at the end of the tunnel, we believe. Appreciate your sincere efforts to establish a democratic Sri lanka for all, be they sinhala, tamil, muslim, malay or burgher and to project that image to the world as one country, one nation!

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    A day will come you declare Tamil Eelam as independent territory in the UNGA.

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    The usual tripe, well boiled, and for the consumption of the attendant delegates. Still, Our Prez didn’t alienate anyone, or frighten the horses.
    So, back to the Island of Unfulfilled Dreams where there is real, urgent work to be done if we are to avoid the return of the dreaded Mahasona.

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    Things that come to mind; Praise of Ban Ki Moon may be counter productive for the request for co operation within the Organisation. It would have helped if the camera was focused on the attendance. Reference to a ‘social transformation’ from a previous era, probably borrowed from Obama, is blatantly inappropriate.

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    Why is it that the video for this article doesn’t work?
    At least, it doesn’t for me!

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    Great speech Mr. president.

    1. Sri Lanka is Sinhala Buddhist Country. Buddhism is the State Religion. Sinhalese is the Official language. Tamils and Muslims are second and Third class citizens.

    Drugs and Booze are freely available in the Northern Province. Over 150,000 Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist armed soldiers are still occupying the Northern Province. The SLA has occupied Tamils lands and engaged in Farming and in Fishing making the Tamil population unemployed.how can you have reconciliation when the Northern Tamils are under a Military Junta and racist Sinhala Governor. Now the war is over and there is no need the Army to remain in the Northern Province.

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