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London: Only 9 Tamils Protested Against ‘War Criminal’ Sirisena

A negligible amount of around nine Tamils protesters which included a few children participated in the active protest against the arrival of President Maithripala Sirisena at the Heathrow Airport last night.

Interestingly the organizers of the protest who spoke earlier to Colombo Telegraph did not participate in the active protest. An organizer speaking to Colombo Telegraph earlier on said “the threat of British Tamils from all over the country due to gather before the airport to actively protest did not take place. Nevertheless it was cited by them that many of the Tamil Diaspora are of the view that although there is a change in the government of Sri Lanka, the oppressive conditions in Eelam yet continue unabated”. He however concluded by saying that “only the diaspora group named the Global Tamil Forum would not participate” he concluded.

After the unsuccessful protest the main organizer commented “fearful of confronting deeply emotional war crimes victims, it appears that President Sirisena ran through the back door of terminal 3 at Heathrow airport”. Although the leading British Tamil diaspora activists and organisers were at the Heathrow airport, none of them were participated.

Colombo Telegraph managed to obtain the parking tickets of some of the leading Tamil diaspora activists who were there at that time to support the protest. But many of them stayed at a distance and observed the proceedings.

Colombo Telegraph have blackened the faces of those in the picture as it was not clearly evident if there was any other hidden agendas with planting these nine active protesters at the scene whilst many other protesters watched from a distance.


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