7 July, 2022


Mahinda Can Win Without Minority Votes???

By Granville Perera

A strange phenomenon on the streets of Colombo! It was the morning of 29th of November; I was at the wheel at a busy intersection, waiting for the light to turn green. There were groups of people (many) distributing election propaganda material to people in passing vehicles and pedestrians. Someone walked up to my vehicle and offered a booklet. He turned towards the vehicle parallel to mine, and stopped, turned and walked away to give those booklets to other vehicles waiting for the green light. I noticed that the vehicle that was not given the booklet had a man and a woman inside, and the woman had her head covered, a Muslim. This intrigued me very much and as the lights turned green, I had to move on due to the heavy traffic behind me. I drove a few hundred yards, but could not resist turning back. I drove back and parked myself on the opposite side of the road and watch the unfolding events. I observed that the people distributing this propaganda material to pedestrians avoided giving these booklets to people who seemed Muslim and wearing the Islamic attire, women wearing black maxis and the men with beards and in Arab gear. They offered them to all other people who walked by. They also avoided two women who were wearing the south Indian salwar kameez, probably assuming them to be Muslim women. I was concerned that the literature being distributed were intended to cause racial hatred but to my surprise the distributed booklet was promoting the incumbent President as the most suitable candidate in the upcoming elections. Why would they avoid the Muslims?

Mahinda LionCould this be the work of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s latest declared ally, the Bodu Bala Sena or any of the other extremist groups he and his brother, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been using against the minority Muslim and Christian population. According to sources close to the Church of England, Buddhist extremists have unleashed over 140 incidents of violence on evangelists and their places of worship. A source close to the office of Prince Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the new U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, there are much larger evidence of violence, threats and intimidation of Muslims during the last three years. Many mosques and businesses of Muslims have been targeted. A local civil society organizations, the secretariat for Muslims, claims this number to be over 350 incidents. Justice Minister and the Sri Lanka Muslim congress have made the hate campaign, assault and threat to the Muslim community as one of their main grievances when they met the president a few days back to discuss their support at the next presidential elections. Did they asked him to discard the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) from his election campaign? The Bodu Bala Sena is not the only force that has been controlled by the president and his brother, they include Sinhala Ravaya , Ravana Balaya. When is he going to let the other pawns in the racist card start their political campaign in support of his candidature?

Maithripala Sirisena, on the other-hand played his cards well by ensuring the minority Christian and Muslim votes by rejecting the offer of support by the Bodu Bala Sena. Was this a genuine declaration by him or a vote grabbing strategy? He too is considered a Sinhala Buddhist who would play the racist card to woo the Buddhist vote. Did the United National Party, who would have got the majority of the minority votes instrumental in ensuring that the minorities stuck with the common candidate, Maithripala Sirisena?

Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, the charismatic Buddhist prelate  who would have won the hearts of majority Buddhist was not considered because of the possible loss of minority votes due to his robe. Will this be capitalized by Mahinda Rajapaksa to woo the majority Buddhist votes by building a larger Buddhist alliance sans the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU)?

I wonder if President Rajapaksa has made up his mind that he doesn’t need the minority votes. Is he going to be a president of the Sinhala Buddhists only on his 3rd term? Can he afford to ignore the votes of the Muslims and Christians? Or is he feeling that it is a lost cause, that he has already lost their vote.

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    It is only once Mahinda Rajapaksa and his CORRUPT family are defeated that Sri Lanka will have REAL AND SUSTAINABLE PEACE, and the Economy will take off and people reap the benefits of peace.. THe joint opposition needs to do 2 things to ensure peace
    1. Limit the number of Cabinet posts 20 under 20
    2. Bring an amendment to STOP CROSS overs in the parliament and make those who wish to face and election first. It is the cross over culture with corrupt rats jumping sinking ships that has led to the ocean of corruption that Lanka is wallowing in today.

    BTW: Jarapassa has an inflated EGO and thinks that the international community is working 24/7 to bring him down. But in fact this tin pot dictators of a tiny country is pretty insignificant in the world! Jarapassa however is trying to mislead the masses by pretending that he is so important that the rest of the world have nothing better to do than hatch conspiracies to get rid of Jarapassa!

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      So who are coming foward to save us from this evil corruption “Don Stanley”?

      Mrs Chandrika (satellite queen) who is the only Sri Lankan politician ‘certified’ by the Supreme Court as corrupt (by transferring government land to her cronie Ronnie Peiris).

      On behalf of the Satellite Queen we have her feudal subject Mithripala whose brother has gained a rice monopoly with his help. The man can’t fins his ass from his elbow at the moment, with Ranil not signing the MoU. He is supported by a bunch of losers (Maduluwawe, Fonseka) and other nobodies.

      You will be a very unhappy man on 9 January 2015 Stanley, by whatever name.

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      Granville Perera –

      Common Sense Pamphlet?

      I am quite convinced, just like Thomas Paine was in 1776, the Common Sense Pamphlet need to be concise less than 47 pages, in simple language the masses can read and easily understand. Something like “Gam Peraliya”. Another version is Gone with the Wind.
      You can get a Free Copy Pdf of the Common sense by Thomas Paine here.. http://www.forgottenbooks.com/search?q=Common+Sense+Thomas+Paine&t=books


      Now to Common sense Pamphlet. Amarasiri is Pushing the Sri Lankan version of the CS Pamphlet for Altruistic reasons. Amarasiri’s only satisfaction is the defeat of MaRa , the Despotic Medamulana MaRa Dynasty, and there is no financial gain, other than he “Good Works” and “ Pin” in afterlife, if there is any as such.

      So Amarasiri is with the Common Opposition in this endeavor. The Common Opposition should embrace Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, agnostics, Atheists, Democrats, Republicans, and others EXCEPT the MaRa, their Shills and their cronies , BBS and Rapists and few undesirables
      However, Amarasiri has limited time. This is What Amarasiri can do. This post to the Common Opposition and well wishes, and ask them to Complete it.
      There will be 8 Chapters. Why, January 8,? It is the Triple Point. The Day SWRD Bandaranaika was born, the Day Lasantha Wickramatunga was killed and the Presidential Election.

      Common Sense Pamphlet
      Sri Lanka 2014
      Rata Peraliya – Family Dictatorship Vs. Democracy.
      Anonymous Author(s)

      Chapter 1: Introduction Common Sense Sri Lanka 2014 – Author 1
      As long and violent abuse of power , and as the President of Sri Lanka has undertaken in his own right , to support the parliament in what he calls theirs, and as the good people of this country are grievously oppressed by the combination, they have undoubted privilege to suppress and abuse the citizens rights given by the constitution.
      The cause of Sri Lanka is in a great measure the cause of all Sri Lankans.

      Who the Authors of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the public, as the object of Attention is the Mahinda Rajapaksa Family Dictatorship Doctrine and Proposed dynasty Itself.

      This Pamphlet has 8 Chapters by different authors. Use Common sense and make the choice between Family Dictatorship and democracy in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

      Chapter 2: Of the origin and Design of the The Democratic Socialist Republic o ofSri LankChapter 3: Of Monarchy, Dictatorship and Hereditary Succession. Author 3

      Chapter 4: Thoughts on the Present state of Sri Lanka Affairs 2014. Author 4

      Chapter 5: Of the present ability of Sri Lanka 2014 with some miscellaneous Reflections since Independence . Author 5
      Chapter 6: Rights of the Citizens of Sri Lanka. Author 6

      Chapter 7: Dangers of Dictatorship Sri Lank 2014. Author 7

      Chapter 8: Bribery, Corruption, Nepotism and Crime Sri Lanka 2010-2014. Author 8

      a in general, with remarks on the Constitution. Author 2

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      Granville Perera –

      What were the contents?

      Why cant the common opposition come up wit the Common sense Pamphlet?

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      Granville Perera –

      RE: ahinda Can Win Without Minority Votes???


      The math does not add up

      70% Buddhist Vote will be split between the UNP. Maithri a, JVP and MaRa.

      So Medamulana MaRa can expect 33% of the Buddhist Votes

      He Can also expect 10% of the minority votes?

      So MaRa will Get ).70*0.33 + 0.30^0.10 = 23.1 + 3.0 = 26.1% of the Overall Votes.

      Maitree Will bu Approximately, 74/26, IF There is Fair election


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    It is only once Mahinda Rajapaksa and his CORRUPT family are defeated that Sri Lanka will have REAL AND SUSTAINABLE PEACE, and the Economy will take off and people reap the benefits of peace.. THe joint opposition needs to do 2 things to ensure peace
    1. Limit the number of Cabinet posts 20 under 20
    2. Bring an amendment to STOP CROSS overs in the parliament and make those who wish to face and election first. It is the cross over culture with corrupt rats jumping sinking ships that has led to the ocean of corruption that Lanka is wallowing in today.

    BTW: Jarapassa has an inflated EGO and thinks that the international community is working 24/7 to bring him down. But in fact this tin pot dictator of a tiny country is pretty insignificant in the world! Jarapassa however is trying to mislead the masses by pretending that he is so important that the rest of the world have nothing better to do than hatch conspiracies to get rid of Jarapassa!

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    “Mahinda Can Win Without Minority Votes???”
    Good there are many question marks at the end. He does not have the support of the majority as he thinks. Because of his own actions a good portion of the majority want him out. So good luck relying only on majority votes. Only way is to cheat on a large scale which wont surprise me.

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    Jan 8th 2015 is the day people choose by hook or by crook, freedom from slavery to one family.

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      Talk, Talk, Talk,

      Need Action

      Need Common Sense pamphlet to be distributed to the masses.

      Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

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    “by hook or by crook”, eh?

    How the fook can you blame Rajapksa if you scoundrel are prepared to do things “by crok”.

    You hypocrites smell so much I can’t be anywhere near you.

    • 2

      Hey you Land thief, you must be a fraudster like MR and his kith and kin gang. So what’s the big difference? MR uses computer jilmart to rig the voting results to his favor, whilst you think that winning methods by ‘hook or by crook’ can only be attributed to him? Palayan pako yanna. Anyone is free to express themselves as they please. You don’t like it, take your stinking arrogance some place else. You inbred fagot.

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    Bodu bala sena is a creation of government with the intention of protecting faith among Singhala Buddhist vote bank. But it is back fired unexpectedly against government. No one like to obtain BBS support publicly. Maithripala will gain considerable amount of Singhala Buddhist votes with the help of hela urumaya and also small percentage of SLFP votes.If Maithripala can break 10% OF slfp votes, he can win easily with UNP+TNA+JVP+SLMC, minority . At last Thondaman,s CWC is also going to join Maithripala. Mahinda knows that he is going to loose. Now he is trying to win by fraud. Baallot printing machine is found at Welisara navy camp according to new web.

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    Don’t know about the Muslims,

    But the Tamils, even the Vellala category are going to vote for Mahinda.

    Dp the the thinking Tamils who have enjoyed 5 years of relative peace , harmony and prosperity want to risk what ever they have just to help a regime change.

    UNP. TNA, Diaspora alliance in its original form made sense as far as the TNA was concerned.

    The West would have forced the UNP to give at least 80 % of the TNA demands.

    Is it now possible?.

    Not according to the Venerable Rathna who has become the main weapon of the Sira Camp.

    And the Venerable Monk said clearly that there won’t be any 13 A if Sira wins

    Can Sira win without the JHU ?.

    If Sira bypasses the JHU , just imagine the consequences.

    I don’t want to mention the word pogrom ,

    But the UNP, initially the main partner,who has now been relegated to the second row, will be waiting to exploit any cracks among Sira and his Sinhala Chauvinist mates.

    And they have the experience of the last pogrom.

    West wouldn’t hesitate to help the UNP which is their top priority.

    Looking at Libya, Syria, Iraq , and Egypt ,West couldn’t careless about the majority who are the poor , innocent inhabitants..

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      I don’t understand the mentality of this racist , fundamentalist KA Sumanasekara. He cannot write anything other than Vellala Tamils. IS he from a low caste Sinhala Buddhist?

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    He will LOOSE the election for two reasons.
    1) Minority lost faith on him and therefore vote My3.
    2) BBS the ruthless Buddhist terror organisation supporting him as the way he supported them in Aluthgama Muslim ethnic cleansing.

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    all depends on how much of a % Rajapaksas will get from jilmarts, is the common candidate can keep the jilmart around <5% of the total votes, then MY3 will be a clear winner.

    This will go as the most corrupt election of the modern Asian economies and Rajapaksas will do what Mugabes or the Burmese Juntas tricks to win at any cost.

    There will be a big part to play from civil society like professional bodies/International community/US and Western embasies/UNHRC/Amnesty and HRC, Commonwealth secretariat, Govt of India, Donors, EU and US govts etc to force Rajapaksas to hold a clean election as the commissioner and the dept of Elections are just a puppet show.

    Its time the civil society comes with an uprising and civil obedience to make sure Rajapaksa junta will be kicked off come 9th January the day that will start a new era for modern Sri Lanka.

    At least, that will be the start we need desperately.

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    mohomud rajapassa should chase muslims and tamils away, then he’ll get our votes and can become the president. if not, sorry thamai

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      Minority member expressing his/her views ! Now that the end is near, heat is felt rhetoric is strong.

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    Just because a sinhala accepts such a brochure does not mean he accepts what is in it! I will certainly pick up one to use for toilet paper!

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    Who can blame the minority for not wanting to vote for a man who has not done anything to stop racial attacks on places of worship, businesses, and property, belonging to the minority, and did nothing to stop the attacks and killings in Aluthgama? Neither he nor his brother are smart, if they do not realize the international community is counting the attacks against minorities. If the international community is “out to get them” it is for good reasons. Rajapaksa and his family unlimited, has not only been guilty of human rights abuses, they have broken laws, been corrupt, and have muzzled, threatened, and harassed, journalists, some who are missing today. Perhaps the international community is also worried that the aid they keep giving is not going to the Sri Lankan people, like for example the tsunami aid. So they do have good reason, which the Rajapaksa’s will not mention.

    I hope the minority will support MS, and help this country get rid of the vermin that has ruled as if they own Sri Lanka.

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    Your article assumes the tone that the Sinhala Buddhists are all racists voting for the Rajapakses. No consideration given to the moderates, therefore MaRa winning the election without the support of the minorities is a bit presumptious. It is about time our fortunes turn as we deserve it after thirty years of misery with no let up.

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    January 08, 2015 is the day People will liberate Sri Lanka from Rajapakse Junta.

    We got rid of one Terrorist in North to face a bunch of Terror Juntas in the South.

    Also all these Rajapakse Cut outs, bill boards,posters and flyers are mere Psychological gimmicks Rajapakse plays to bloat his image among voters.

    What common opposition should do is to bring out all the Rajapakse corruptions, waste and pillage to the public. There cannot be a winner without been on offensive. Therefore opposition should go on offensive and bring to voter whenever Rajapakses intimidate or harass them.

    Also common opposition should call in for International monitors in advance, as no one can rely or have faith on the Ape looking Election commissioner to do a good job. All their efforts will be fruitless and waste without International election monitoring team to supervise elections.

    Finally all opposition parties should help each other whenever Rajapakses unleash violence and should bring the culprits to the books and to the UN.

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    The article started off well but the ended without saying what was in those flyers that the article was written about , majority of Sinhala Buddhist people are decent educated human beings wiho would love to live in peace with any community , Buddhist people too want a govt that is not corrupt ,a govt that is fair,transparent ,etc……

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    If Mahinda Rajapakshe can get 70% of the Sinhala Buddists vote, he can win without minority votes. Can he get 70% of the Sinhala Buddists votes?
    The war winning president Mahinda Rajapakshe could have ruled the country for many more years if not for the corruption, bribery, family monarchism, interference in police, judiciary and civil administration.

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    simple answers for all this writer ,just read sobita thera interview with India paper you have proper answers. we should never give-up chance to work all community together one more time this country and must consider all community as one nation. what benefits can get dividing people by line of religion, ethnicity ?over 30 years people learn lesson do you need more to learn?

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    Hello Granville
    So you did receive the election propaganda material , was it in Sinhala?

    If it’s in Sinhala only, that makes sense as obviously the distributors were very wise no to waste it on Muslims and possibly Tamils who the distributors may have thought, cant read Sinhala?

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    Why quarrel about Votes of the Tamils or Muslims when MR has gone
    much beyond it? – he is PRINTING HIS OWN BALLOT PAPERS, as this newslet
    has it. Read below:

    In a do or die situation, MR as the Chairman of the C/W would prefer to
    show his “Democratic” WIN and as the elected leader seek immunity from
    International Law – thereby establish the Family dynasty for 2 more
    decades amongst the enslaved sinhala subjects – this is the agenda.

    IF M.PP cost under 200 million rupees, WHY CANNOT THE EC & HIS
    Department be “purchased” for Rs. 500 million??

    “A lathe machine at Welisara Navy Camp has been dismantled and an imported printing machine is being placed there instead, say sources at the camp. This location has been declared out-of-bound for the naval ratings. Coordinator in this task is Yoshitha Rajapaksa, Navy officer and the second son of the president.

    The sources that gave the information say that plans have been made to print fake ballot papers using this machine. A two-storey house in front of a well close to the Narahenpita public fair has been given for the use of a special unit being supervised by the Presidential Secretariat to disrupt facebook, twitter and other social media sites.

    Activities pertaining to the releasing of the election results are to take place here using Chinese technology. Await further details. We warn that if they do not withdraw immediately from this illegal activity, we will expose the identities of all persons involved in this.”

    Question 1. Will the EC act on this tip-off. No, never!!

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    Granville Perera

    I wonder if President Rajapaksa has made up his mind that he doesn’t need the minority votes. Is he going to be a president of the Sinhala Buddhists only on his 3rd term? Can he afford to ignore the votes of the Muslims and Christians? Or is he feeling that it is a lost cause, that he has already lost their vote.

    *** In the current Sri Lankan context the above is immaterial. Win or lose Mahintha is cooked as he will almost certainly jetted off to the Hague.

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    Sure you can Mr President,

    You can get a new born baby to say jayawewa before the baby spoke to the parents…. so why not?

    The day will for you and your siblings to dive into Hamabantaota port.

    good black.

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    It was the assumption two weeks back that the ruling party will win the EP election hands down without the support of the minorities but
    the tide has changed with the participation of an equally important
    personality from the same ruling party to contest the incumbent Prez.
    This was planned months ahead to ignore the minorities in order to win
    the hearts and minds of the majority Sinhala votes with the anti Ltte slogans but it back fired, unfortunately and the majority votes are split now, almost equally and at the same time, Ltte stories are taken off the shelves in the country due to expiry date and no one wants to listen to it anymore as it is peace and harmony they look for now, stupid.

    The analysts now say that the minority votes, specially Tamil votes will be the deciding factor in this election and its too late to garner
    such votes now as the minorities have a grudge of ill treatment. More over they have a set of weak organizers in the North & East, who uses intimidation and not polite talking with the people and they cannot change the minds of the people anytime.

    One danger is that there could be mass rigging and impersonation in
    N/E by using thuggery & intimidation and if it is left to happen unchecked, opposition candidate will be the loser. Voting booths should be protected and TNA cannot do this job of being present in person for fear of their own security.They are capable of making lengthy speeches in parliament but will not go out to the streets
    to protect people’s rights, except a few like Sivajilingam and MS Sasitharan. Mr.Sirisena and his organizers may have to come to the rescue of TNA, in their own areas.

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    Maithripala is acommon man from farmers family. He has no corruption charges, no sexual abuse cases. Clean character. Singhala , Buddhist who can obtain minority votes. Earlier, before MAiathripala come forward , government party publicly predict that Mahinda will obtain 54%. But after Maitripala,s arrival to boxing ring Mahinda,s boasting shadow boxing talks has gone to dustbin. Now Maithripala will win with 51% and Mahinda will get 48%.

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