9 June, 2023


Mahinda’s Blitzkreig And Ranil’s Snailkreig

By P.Bertie Ranaweerage – 

Bertie Ranaweerage

Bertie Ranaweerage

All good hearted people were longing to see an emergence of a powerful common candidate acceptable to all the ethnic groups who can defeat the incumbent President at the next Presidential election. It is tragic that all their hopes are fading away because of Mr. Ranil Wicramasinghe’s desire to sit in President’s chair. The UNP has unofficially confirmed that Ranil would contest the next Presidential election.

The UNP was boasting many a time that it was ready to face any election at any time. But as we are aware it miserably failed at every election held during the last few years. The only occasion they were able to win was the Badulla district largely thanks to the sky rocketing cost of living. My conclusion is the unbearable price of rice made people to vote for the UNP. It is true that Harin Fernando’s charisma made a difference but the price of rice was the decisive factor.

Though Mr. Harin Fernando was able to translate voters’ anger into UNP votes due to his hard work and charismatic leadersahip now the million dollar question is will Ranil be able to do at the Presidential election what Harin managed to do in Badulla.

If we carefully look at what Mahinda did and Ranil did or what the SLFP did and theUNP did during the last week or so it is not difficult to guess who is going to win in the propaganda campaign in the coming weeks if not in the coming couple of months.

Mahinda RanilMahinda began his campaign in earnest by going to Jaffna and giving land deeds and gold to the Tamils. As he did during the last Presidential elections he has begun to summon state employees to the Temple Trees. He talked to the employees of the Health sector in the morning and in the afternoon he held a meeting for the employees of the Agriculture sector last week. As he knows the path to the mind lies through the stomach he never hesitates to treat those who are invited to the temple Trees with food together with propaganda material. Now don’t ask me whether he spends his own money or your tax money to fill the invitees’ stomachs in order to pocket their votes.

While government owned electronic media and print media are carrying on an incessant anti Ranil vicious campaign Mahinda supporters have launched an island wide mud slinging poster campaign against Ranil probably throughout the country. In the meantime we can see full page advertisements heaping praise on Mahinda in the newspapers daily.

Twenty four stages of which some are as wide as fifty metres and stands for large TV screens were being constructed at a facility of Sri Lanka Ports Authority by its employees when some UNP MPs made an unannounced visit to that facility according to one of the MPs who joined the’ raid’.

Yesterday the JVP said that all the printing shops in Colombo have been given orders to print election related material of Mahinda and as a result they have refused to accept orders from others.

In the meantime what has the UNP or Ranil been doing? At a small gathering  this week, somewhere in Colombo Ranil announced some election promises that he would do when he came to power. After that we heard that all of a sudden he flew to Singapore. There was another news from the UNP that its Committee of Twenty gathered for the third time. And of course there were a few press conferences summoned by the UNP too.

Is this the way the UNP is going to fight mighty Mahinda?

If we go back to the pre-election period in 1994 we can recall that dozens of anti-government tabloids and news letters were  published weekly and they were very popular among the people. They played a major role to tilt the balance in Chandrika’s  favour.

Another instance the UNP used posters in its favour was the pre-presidential period in 1988. Notwithstanding the threat of the JVP, Mr. R. Premadasa sent people from Colombo to every nook and corner of the country to paste his poster ‘ME KAUDA ? MOKADA KARANNE’ ( Who is this ? What is he doing? ) Premadas probably hoped to go on a second round of poster campaign with his name, intention and picture but he had to limit it to newspaper advertisements due to possible threats from armed JVPers to Premadasa’s men.

During the 1977 pre-election period tens of thousands of posters with cartoons on Bandaranaike family bandyism were pasted across the country which made a huge impact in shifting the public opinion against the SLFP.

Today’s UNP is a far cry from the JR’s UNP and Premadasa’s UNP. One of the reasons is able UNPers are now in Mahinda’s cabinet.

Ranil’s  UNP has failed to paste even a single poster on an island –wide scale so for announcing its candidate or condemning Rajapaksa family bandyism.

Has it been able to publish even a single anti-government tabloid so far? It seems it has failed even to publish their official organ ‘Siyarata’ as far as I know. Though it has a media unit, it has done little to spread its message to the public

While Mahinda has launched a propaganda blitzkrieg in preparation of the election  Ranil’s propaganda campaign, if there is one, is nothing but a snailkreig.

If the UNP hopes to beat Mahinda it has to launch an earth shattering propaganda campaign to begin with. It is true that a  powerful campaign alone cannot beat the opponent but a propaganda campaign that reverberates in every home in the country, a campaign that stuns the opponents goes a long way.

It is better for Ranil, for the UNP and for the country if Ranil abstains from contesting and support a candidate with a better personality who has a mass appeal as the common candidate at the forthcoming Presidential election for it is not easy to defeat Mahinda as he still enjoys the support of the majority of the Sinhalese. And don’t forget that Thondaman has promised his support to Mahinda which means a good number of upcountry Tamils will vote for the incumbent President. In case Ranil contests and loses it will be the end of Ranil’s political life.

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  • 4

    Kotte Nagaviharaya Sobitha Thero Should be the common Candidate. If not Sri Lanka will be ruined. Ranil cannot win. This time it is too serious to loose a illegal election illegal candidate and did enough damge to ruin democracy and other indepdendent insitutions.

    • 0

      Have you seen attempted TV interview after the budget? Even Mervin Silva made a comment for public according to his level. But what RW said… “give me space, let me go, “Ida Denna, Ida Denna”…. He wanted to leave as early as possible… He didn’t make any comment to those interviewers… Wasn’t RW been paid a good salary/allowances from public money to be the ‘Opposition Leader” for the last ~15 years?… RW doesn’t have couple words for people after a budget speech….

  • 8

    Absolute RUBBISH from this writer.
    Ranil can easily WIN 80% of the minority votes without electioneering in the Northern or eastern province minority areas.

    he would have to campaign in the Eastern province to try and win the Sinhala Buddhist votes in the recently colonized now Sinhala areas such as the Amparai District and the Kantalai/Trinco district.

    Rajapakse does not have to stoop so low, saying Ranil-Kotiya and pasting posters using the armed forces. First and foremost if the Rajapakses have won the genocidal war using chemical weapons, Cluster/Phosphorus bombs, illegal land mines and half years ago, why are they peeing in their pants of the thought of the LTTE or the Tigers.

    Why are they seeing or hallucinating that there are Tigers behind every bush and corner? Why all these lies and having a 200,000 armed forces in the NE if they have really won the war having the help of India, US, UK, EU, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria, Israel, Cuba and South Africa?

    if there were NO War Crimes why don’t they issue Visas to the UN, UNHRC and US investigators to visit Sri Lanka nearly 6 years after those crimes were committed?

    What are they so scared of and covering up?

    This writer must be a paid Rajapakse crony who has no idea of the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala electorate.

    We do not tell the Tamils how to or whom to vote. Just let the Tamil voters go to the voting booth safely and securely without all the threats, fear mongering, intimidation and harassment.

    Sadly, even the RAW is working against the candidature of Ranil for whatever their reasons are….RAW will never be able to influence the Tamil voters….However much and how hard they try.

    Donald Gnanakone
    Tamils For Justice

  • 3

    P.Bertie Ranaweerage –

    RE: Mahinda’s Blitzkreig And Ranil’s Snailkreig

    Mahinda R whatever he stands for seem to be more street smart than Ranil W.

    One wonders what the I.Q. of Mahinda is compared to that of Ranil W?

    The Average i.W. of a Sri Lankan is 79. Singapore and Japan over 106.


    What Is the Average IQ?


    Intelligence tests are designed to measure what is known as crystallized and fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence involves your knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your life while fluid intelligence involves your ability to reason, problem-solve, and make sense of abstract information.

    Rank country I.Q.
    28 Guatemala 79
    28 Sri Lanka 79
    28 Zambia 79
    29 Congo, Democratic Republic of the 78
    29 Nepal 78
    29 Qatar 78

    • 6

      Did they measure only the Tamils in Sri Lanka?

      • 4


        “Did they measure only the Tamils in Sri Lanka?”

        No, since they included you the average has tipped the bottom.

      • 2


        “amara, Did they measure only the Tamils in Sri Lanka? “

        Let me make some sense for you.

        No, since they included all the Paras from India, Tamils, Sinhala and Muslims who comprise the weighted population average.

        The Average IQ values for India and Sri Lanka are,

        India 82
        Sri lanka 79

        Assuming the Tamils and Muslims originated from India, we can assume the IQ of Sri Lankan Tamils and Muslims, who comprise about 25% of the population, is close to 82.

        So, if we assume, X is the I.Q. of the Para-Sinhala( 75% of the population) and the I.Q. of the para-Tamils and Para-Muslims is 82, then we can solve the equation, to find the IQ of the Para-Sinhala.

        0.25×82 + Xx0.75 = 79

        20.5+0.75X =79

        0.75X = 79-20.5 = 58.5

        X = 58.5/0.75 = 78

        This gives the IQ of Para-Sinhala as 78, slightly worse than the para-Tamils, Para-Muslims and Indians ( Pakistan IQ is 84, Singapore 108).

        So, there is some truth to the saying “Sinhala Modaya”, Sinhala are fools, but only in a relative basis to Tamils and Muslims, because on an absolute basis, they are ‘Modayas’ fools, too. On an individual basis you should find as many Tamil and Muslim “Modayas” fools, as Sinhala “Modayas”, fools.

        However, they ALL look better, on a relative basis, compared to most of Black Africa, but NOT African Americans, who have an Average IQ of 90, compared to the White American Average IQ of 102.( Remember, the African Americans have anywhere from 25% to 50% white genes). President Obama has 50% White Genes from his mother.



    • 3


      “Mahinda’s Blitzkreig And Ranil’s Snailkreig”

      Ranaweerages’ “Labbaskrieg”

      What is the IQ of Bertie? Any idea?

      • 1


        “What is the IQ of Bertie? Any idea?”

        Probably close to 78. Has he taken the A levels and Passed? If so add One-standard Deviation = 78+ 12 = 90.

        Has he entered the university and completed his degree? In What field?

        Of Physical sciences and Engineering Add 2 standard Deviations , plus 6 points, or 78 + 12 + 12 + 6 = 108

        If Medicine and Biological sciences Add 2 Std deviations, = 78 + 12+ 12 = 102

        If faculty of arts Add 1.5 Std deviations, = 78 + 12+ 6 = 96

        You figure out the rest.

  • 8

    It is sad. What Bertie says is correct.

    I still think Ranil will be an excellent President and a good leader to get back Sri Lanka into a well governed democracy.

    Need go engage a good PR company to kick start their lack luster campaign

  • 8

    The opposition certainly should be more aggressive and organized, and the UNP as the major opposition party does need to take leadership on this front. And it should expose the terrible crimes of the present regime against the people and the national interest. It however does not follow automatically that Ranil Wickremesinghe should be singled out as nothing but a liability. Nor does it follow that Ranil will loose in a contest with Rajapaksa. Patriotic citizens should recognize Ranil’s decency as a human being, his experience, his intellectual gifts, and the modernity of his mind. He also has an international standing that no other SL politician can claim. Rather than Ranil bashing we should recognize these facts and give them publicity.

    • 8

      Confrontational Politics is not Ranil’s cup of tea. He has said this from the beginning. It is the media’s responsibility to highlight Corruption and the shortcomings of Governance and it is up to the masses to decide and select who should govern without blaming all and sundry. If you do not have that capacity, stop blaming RW or the Opposition for that matter and why don’t you do your bit without blaming everyone else?

      I firmly believe as Donald Gnanakone says that Ranil will win the PE much to the surprise of his critics. The poster pasted island wide how Ranil has commenced his election campaign by getting the ban on the LTTE lifted will backfire on them. Any fool will understand of all people Ranil will not do such a foolish thing. This time round the truth will come out as to who had pacts with the LTTE, last time paying them only to kill VP but afford security and comfort to KP, Daya and George Master and their crowd of the LTTE who are now willing to break bread with MR. Very soon the real beneficiary of the LTTE Ban lift will be known as MR for KP to pull the funds out of the frozen LTTE Bank Accounts in lieu for KP’s security and safety.

      I do not want to speculate anything further till the date of election and the date for nominations are gazetted, lest I jeopardize the surprises in store for the public for the comfortable win of RW as the next President.

      • 1


        How can one become a Politician without expressing his views and debate on public issues. This is every Politician’s job around the world.

        Ranil was asked of his views on the Budget by the Media, and he kept numb and avoiding them while keeping silent. What a joker he is.
        This is not what people expect from an opposition leader who is been paid over 70 million of Tax payer money annually to look after people.

        First of all why Ranil chose a carrier as a Politician if he cannot talk to people through media. Had Ranil undergone an oral surgery on the day of the Budget speech, not to talk to media.

        It’s hi time for Ranil to choose another carrier if he cannot talk to Media on Politics and his views.Does he need an interpreter to talk to media. He misses free opportunities he gets to expose to the world, but prefers to have “Black coffee” at President’s house.

        Ranil has to explain to his voters as to why he stays numb with media. To whom he is so scared……..and why. He should explain.

        No wonder the puppet arrogant moron joker is loosing all the elections he contest. He should learn from junior Harin Fernando. He let us down.

        • 1


          What is there to comment when a President comments, ‘ Kohomada Gamey Baiyage Budget eke’. What standards the levels have sunk to?

          You want Ranil to spoon feed you buggers. You have no brains of your own to judge the Budget the farce it is? Have you also forgotten the Rs.2500/- per month increase he promised two years ago? Do you include yourself to the 2500 year old so called intelligent cultured Sinhala Buddhist society? Or is it that you are implying this 2500 year Sinhala Buddhist society are nothing but Dumb Idiots including you? In that case you and the rest deserves nothing but a Gamey Baiya to lead you buggers as President and not a decent, educated honest Gentleman. So be done with it.

          • 2


            People have already judged and have analysed not only “Game Baiya’s” Budget but all his rest of the other dealings. JHU is the first coalition party to come out.

            But we as UNPers feel shame to see how Ranil dodged the media when asked a simple question about the budget. Isn’t it part of his political carrier to answer to media when asked a simple question with a one minute answer. Who he think he is……after all. This is not the first time he did so. Who is he afraid of…..and trying to hide from. People are only looking for his opinions and he should be prepared to answer them and to safeguard his party. Not to act like DUMB ASS. Shame on him. He did same last year also and when CJ Shirani Bandaranayake was fraudulently impeached. He did not take the innocent voiceless Peoples side. But stayed with the might. People are confused of his attitude, his way of thinking and the way he behave. HE NEEDS ………..

            Please tell Ranil to either come out from his hidden cloak and face the world or to forget about Politics. My dog does a better job of protecting our family and our property. This is 21st Century.

            Also there’s a young breed of UNPers who are doing a wonderful job.

            • 1


              If as you say, ‘People have already judged and have analyzed not only “Game Baiya’s” Budget but all his rest of the other dealings’. what further do you want to make up your mind? Why do you want RW and the UNP to put up posters of all the villainy MR has committed? I believe all the paper in the world will not be enough to cover the misdeeds MR has committed. However If you can not still make up your mind as to whom you should look up to, it is your choice and it is best you do not try to decide for others.

              Also if you have been left ashamed of Ranil, being a UNPer as you call yourself, not having responded to the media on the Budget, not that even if he did it would have made any difference except subject him for more ridicule, I wonder whether there is a word to explain how you should feel for MR for what MR has done? Your tirade against RW shows your true self and your leanings, which I will leave for the readership to asses. Good luck to you.

              • 1


                Let me explain to you for the final time, and let the CT readers be the judges.

                1) Is it ethicle for the main opposition party leader to stay dumb and always try to avoid media when asked a simple question about the Budget…..He did same last year too.

                2) This is the leader who talk and preach about media freedom, and when the opportunity given he prefers to stay dumb and act rude saying “Aien Wenna” “Ida Denna”……leave me alone….give me space etc,etc. But all other UNP MPs both junior and seniors willingly answered well to media when questioned about the Bughet. Why not Ranil. Who he think he is….after getting paid 77 Million rupee Tax payer money every year just to keep his mouth shut……my foot.

                Is this the way he also behaves when he goes abroad and answer to their media. What is his priority for his voters to win next Presidential elections.

                Obviously with these kind of behaviour, people suspect if he has any hidden agendas with MR.

                3)If other UNP MPs and people could talk about “Game Baiya’s” budget, why cannot Ranil say just tow sentences to the media, but behaving like a Dumb Ass.

                4)Can you give me one good reason for Ranil to stay “Dumb” when asked a simple question by media. First of all why did he come to Parliament to hear the Budget. He would have jolly well stayed at home and watched it in the TV.
                Remember these are the things people watch and judge, specially a Politician getting ready for election. Ranil is answerable to the UNPers and the people for their vote, and not to let all of them down further.
                He should learn “Public relations” and how to inter act with people from junior Harin Fernando.

                Finally I say unless Ranil change his attitude and behaviour, he will take the whole UNP party down the drain along with him.

                Please tell that “Dumb Ass” at least now to open his Damn Fuck…g mouth and tell something to media and to the people who vote for him without letting them down again while getting Parliament Pin Padi.

                What do you expect from a politician other than to talk and communicate with the public. Is he a “Sleeping Beauty” getting 77 Million a year Tax payer money. For what…. What is the duty of the Media if he and all the rest plan to stay Dumb. These are the ones who always cry about free media, but when the opportunity given just stay dumb. It is not only this time but where ever he goes he avoids media. Why…….Can you tell me why…..

                As UNP voters for generations we are Mad at Ranil’s attitude and his behaviour when other UNPers sacrifice their lives to the party. He may be thinking that people will carry him to the throne.Bull shit.

                Also MR would not have played “Pandu” with politics and not hammered sixes had we had a strong opposition leader. Now JHU is sacrificing their privileges and perks for the sake of the country and it’s people mainly due to the impotent opposition mouth shut “Dumb A.s” leader.

                Let the CT readers be the deciders of my opinion. Good luck.

  • 2

    The UNP is paying the penalty for getting a set of nincompoops as their leaders.
    I do not think that VP decimated the able top of the UNP.It appears to be a home and home affair viz Ratana’s speech.

    To me Ranil and Mahinda are two sides of the same coin.Ranil had Batalanda.His period 2001-2002 was as corrupt and disorganised. Ranil sabotaged the effort of Hamuduruwo.Ranil also sabotaged the possible change in the Constitution in 2000.

    The idiot screwed Fonseka,He played out all the able juniors in the UNP. He brought all the corrupt, who are now with the Govt- Mervy Jhonston,

    What future does this country have with this lot?

    Ranil Tissa, Daya and the rest does not know whether tail is in front or rear.

    • 0


      You are absolutely right. People have either forgotten or do not know about Ranil’s involvement in Batalanda. As you pointed out, the corruption during his term as Prime Minister was no different(and his band of thieves and mouth pieces including Kiriella). Not to forget, Ranil almost gave away 1/3 of the country to the Tigers. All people see is the corruption and the nepotism of the current regime. No one seems to remember the times of Sirima, JR, Premadasa, Chandrika and Ranil. If anyone votes for Ranil, its because they are tired of Rajapaksa and not because Ranil is better.
      As I always say, every politician has a conscious when they are in the opposition.

  • 5

    Bertie Ranaweerage,

    Please do not be disappointed as Ranil has asked the working committee of the UNP to name you as the Presidential candidate. Bloody JOKER?

  • 2

    This Writer concludes that the Upcountry tamil votes are in MRs pocket,
    which is not correct, as the electioneering methods of this Regime will
    turn it around by Jany.,2015. This is easily predictible.

  • 1

    Why is Ranil leaving Sri Lanka and hobnobing the world, at a time when he should be in the country electioneering?
    He either goes to the UK or Singapore at crucial moments. It will be interesting if some investigating journalist finds out how many times Ranil has left the country and for how long.
    On anther matter, just because Thondaman had indicated to MR that the upcountry Tamils will vote for him, it does not necessarily follow that they will vote for MR. Those days are over. The upcountry Tamils are not idiots, that their votes can be taken for granted just because Thondaman says so. They too feel the rising cost of living and how much they are under paid when compared to other industries.

  • 0

    This is an unfair comment by the writer. Though he admits there are quite number of anti government news papers and other media outlets it has not translated it effect on the ground. How it can make a difference when UNP and JVP come with these proposals only at an election. The government has to balance such requests to all people. JVP and UNP though they ask 10,000 increase to public servants, do not bother to address issues of other sectors of the economy. People know this is ‘election gundu’ which was prevalent from early elections when UNP was famous of promising free two measures of rice. When people come to temple trees for talks what harm in offering them refreshments. Is it only for the rich??? UNP has not changed a bit in their policy except attacking the government. The flawed policies of UNP during the war will cost them dearly if they do not make those structural changes soon.

  • 0

    Sri Lanka is no different to supposedly rich nations like the US, Australia and some others in the west. Forty per cent of Americans
    live below the poverty line. Some pensioners and poor Australians
    are afraid to put a light switch on or turn on the gas heater. To quote India’s PM recent speech “……all we have is Rape and Shit.
    The list goes on.
    Think again fellow Sri Lankans!. You could be the envy of at least one third of the world’s people living in foreign lands.

    • 0

      “Forty per cent of Americans live below the poverty line. Some pensioners and poor Australians are afraid to put a light switch on or turn on the gas heater.”

      What a load of bollocks !!!!!!!!!!

      • 0

        I pity your ignorance.

    • 1

      L Perera

      Thank you for educating us with facts and figures of rich nations.

      I found another set of figures from United States Census Burea:

      [In 2013, the official poverty rate was 14.5 percent, down from 15.0 percent in 2012. This was the first decrease in the poverty rate since 2006.

      In 2013, there were 45.3 million people in poverty. For the third consecutive year, the number of people in poverty at the national level was not statistically different from the previous year’s estimate.

      The 2013 poverty rate was 2.0 percentage points higher than in 2007, the year before the most recent recession.

      The poverty rate for children under 18 fell from 21.8 percent in 2012 to 19.9 percent in 2013.

      The poverty rate for people aged 18 to 64 was 13.6 percent, while the rate for people aged 65 and older was 9.5 percent. Neither of these poverty rates were statistically different from their 2012 estimates.

      Both the poverty rate and the number in poverty decreased for Hispanics in 2013.

      Despite the decline in the national poverty rate, the 2013 regional poverty rates were not statistically different from the 2012 rates.]

      Your figure may be correct, their widely differ from yours. What is that United States Census Bureau trying to hide? Therefore you should inform the USCB of your findings and request them to review their figures.

  • 1

    I think upto now UNP has not done their duty to the society as the main opposition party. For instance it was JVP who brought up the Geneva Sri Lankan office renovation scandal and gave it much publicity to the country.

    UNP keeps arguing in the Parliament, but none is been communicated to the General public.

    When questioned by the media and by keeping silent on the budget, Ranil gives the opinion as to his silent approval on it. I wonder why Ranil stays silent when questioned about the budget by the Media. It does not make sense.Same what happened when CJ Shirani Bandaranayake was impeached. Ranil preferred to stay in Venice and ride Gondolas than coming out strong on the illegal verdict on her.

    Ranil should know what people expect from his as an opposition leader while making over 70 Million Rupees of Taxpayer money.

    I think Ranil should decide if he could stay up to the peoples expectations or just put up the shutters and leave UNP for a capable guys like Harin or Harsha or even Ranjan Ramanayake.

    Ranil either should act like a Politician, the one who could take up the challenge as people expect or simply be a “Sleeping Beauty”. He cannot do both.

    Next Presidential elections will decide Ranil’s fate and UNP party.

    Finally for the next presidential election, Ranil’s winning strategy should be to form a united front with the help from Ven.Sobitha Thero, Chandrika Bandaranaike, DP- Gen.SF, JVP, TNA etc,under one camp while the election manifesto should be to abolish corrupt Executive Presidency, re-introduce 17th Amendment and to form a government that is transparent and answerable to all communities.

    It’s time for Ranil to stop been a “Sleeping beauty” and “Black Coffee” and put his acts together. His show time is now. Let’s see his acts and Package.

  • 1

    Mr.Bertie Ranaweerage,

    There’s one question that we CT readers are curious and confused of. That is why Ranil always dodge Media, reporters and journalists where ever he goes.

    Ranil did dodge the media when media questioned him about this year’s Budget and he did same during last year too. Why he stay numb. He just kept silent and avoids media and journalists where ever he sees them. Why……

    I don’t know first of all why Ranil selected to be a Politician if he cannot communicate with Media and talk to people. He cannot restrict his speeches only to Parliament. He behaves much different when he goes to Royal Thomian Cricket matches or may be when he goes for “Black Coffee Breaks” at Araliya Gaha medura.

    Why does he behave like this. I guess if you Mr.Ranaweerage or Mr.Ranil himself or any other UNP MP or any other CT reader could answer this question.

    Thank you.

  • 0


    My view is Ranil now does not talk on things he is unfamiliar with.He has now learnt his lessons. That is a good decision. Do you remember what he said on how “Pasdun Rata” got its name at an election meeting at Agalawatta years ago?
    He said “Pasdun Rata’ gave soil to other areas of the country and that is why this area is called “Pasdun Rata”. But the truth is it is called Pasdun Rata or ‘Pas Yodun Rata’ because from one end to the other end of ‘Pasdun Rata There are five Yoduns. ( A term used in the past to identify a certain length).
    To the best of my knowledge since then he abstained from speaking on unfamiliar topics. It could be the very reason why Ranil did not say anything about the budget. I am sorry if my comment hurts UNPers.

    • 1


      I appreciate your answer. But my point is Ranil may not have known the meaning of “Pasdun Rata” and he was humiliated. But after all he is a Politician who should know how to face criticism, when some UNP MPs and supporters who even get death threats from ruling thugs. So why Ranil the leader of UNP is so feared and shy to face media. I wonder why.

      Also Ranil would surely understood what Pres.Rajapakse said during his budget speech to say something to the Media. After all he is the opposition party leader and both media and people would like to know his views on the Budget. But Ranil kept silence and he let down the UNP party, it’s members and it’s supporters in front of the world.

      Ranil embarrassed both the UNP and us UNP supporters. What is Ranil hoping to achieve by staying silent. I wonder what. Is this the way Ranil planning to defeat Pres.Rajapakse during next presidential elections. He is dreaming.

      My dog does a better service than Ranil who is been paid 77 Million rupees of Tax payer money every year just to keep silence. Whom he planning to humiliate. I wonder who. What kind of joker. My foot. Enough is enough with Ranil’s jokes.

      We UNPers are utter frustrated with an arrogant moron who does not listen or change his attitude.

  • 2

    People should give a mandate to RW to end the Family Rule and Nepotism once and for All. Furthermore, the wasteful Mattala Airport should be converted in to an Air force Base while Ratmalana Airport can be used exclusively for Budget Airlines.

    We should also not forget the CSN Network which was conceived by ill gotten means by the Rajapakse offsprings this too should be taken over by the Government .

    Finally the Diplomatic Service which is full of Rajapakse Cronies and his yes men should be kicked out replaced with distinguished academics

    Enough is enough for Rajapaksithan its time to eliminate corruption and nepotism so lets rally behind RW and bring back the UNP .

  • 2

    When Ranil is doing his election propaganda at snail pace how can people rally around him?
    Because of his laziness UNPers at grassroots level have become inactive.
    Tell Ranil to get his people to paste a poster with his promises throughout the country within one night It will wake up the anti government people and they begin to think.

  • 0

    What happened to the perpetrators of the Blitzkrieg ? Snailskrieg has never been tried before….who knows what will happen ?

    Shooting it down before it is even tried smells of Rajapaksa propaganda or some other ulterior motive from a tycoon who is backing an alternative option.

    If anyone other than Ranil thinks he or she can beat Rajapaksa they are free to contest not hide behind excuses that include allegations that the wrong person is contesting !

    The reality seems that in this land of buffaloes NO ONE can beat Rajapaksa.

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