28 May, 2024


Maithiri’s 100 Days Lack Luster Performance

By M.K. Eelaventhan

Eelaventhan Manickavasakar

Eelaventhan Manickavasakar

Maithiri’s much publicized vote catching 100 days promised actions commencing from January 8 started with a whimsy and has ended with a whimper, much to the disappointment of all Sri Lankans. However, some actions have been taken and/or initiated and the noteworthy step is the introduction of the 19th amendment. Reviving the independent police judicial and public service commissions and reducing the powers of president without abolishing it as promised and demanded by some political parties. This bill is likely to reach the statute book. The other notable changes are:

  • The reduction of fear psychosis from government sponsored criminals and ruling politicians
  • The fresh air of press freedom in the south while the north is still a haunting region for the Tamil journalists
  • Avoiding diplomatic and state appointments based on political favouritism and nepotism
  • Curtailing China’s hold on Sri Lanka while forging more friendly relationships with India and U.S
  • So far there are no signs of any abuse or misuse of power by Maithiri and also any dictatorial attitude. Maithiri has also not shown any lust or designs to cling onto the position of Executive President
  • Maithiri is still lacking the dominant spirit and move like a President with decisive step

The Maithiri-Ranil brittle and uneasy union is meandering and plodding to fulfill the promises and meet the aspirations of all Sri Lankans. Firstly, the disgusting pampering of the past regime’s corrupt officials, ministers, and including the self-made king of corruption, the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa is still continuing. Maithiripala Sirisena promised to close the airports to stop the fleeing of the corrupt including criminals. This promise is dead and no one knows the names of those who fled to avoid the long arm of the laws in Sri Lanka.

Ranil and MaithriSecondly, some investigations have been initiated against the members of the Rajapaksa dynasty for their involvements in bribery, tamashas, frolics, misuse and abuse of state machinery, sexual trysts in homes and airlines. The media is exposing the disgusting details of various disgraceful episodes, but there is inexplicable slowness and reluctance to bring them to face the crimes and culpability upholding the rule of law, though the arrest of Basil Rajapaksa is a bold step and it is hoped that this will be followed by many more arrests including the defiant Mahinda. Ranil Wickremesinghe for his part has blocked the arrest of Gothabaya Rajapaksa, thus freeing from more grilling investigation. This lawless step of Ranil is just the writing on the wall and one can be rest assured that the Rajapaksa dynasty could be leniently dealt with while giving a body blow to good governance in Sri Lanka. It looks like Maithiri is haunted by the menacing spectre of Mahinda like a phoenix bird.

There are signs of this uneasy coalition of two major rival partires of Sri Lanka breaking up as elections near. Maithiri’s soft approach and attitude is a cannon fodder to Ranil who is exploting it to the hilt to strengthen his party while engineering divisions within the already fragmented Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Ranil is also playing his usual game of “divide and rule” policy towards TNA. His first move appears to have succeeded, with his indecent outbursts directed at C. V. Wigneswaran calling him a “Liar and not worth talking to him”, at the same time nursing a friendly relationship with R. Sampanthan. Ranil has obviously forgotten the fact that ‘Wigneswaran’, was elected by the people to run the Northern Provincial Council, while Ranil usurped the position of Prime Minister illegally and unelected with the support of a mere 45 UNP members, in violation of parliamentary democracy.

Ranil is also trying to create a parallel administration in the north aiming to destabilize the northern provincial council’s administration with designs to isolate and weaken the popular Wigneswaran.

The most glaring neglect and inaction or no-action of Maithiri involves the sixty years old Tamils’ problems.

Maithiri is ominously silent on this matter and so far no proposals of settlement, not even any expression of determination has been made by Maithiri. Ranil on his pact as usual harps on national unity co-operation, while focusing his efforts to strengthen his party in the north with elections in mind. The handing over of 470 acres of army seized lands out of 6030 acres in the Vadamaratchi is just the tip of the iceberg to paint a picture of reconciliation and hoodwink the world community.

The security forces entrenched in the north are continuing their presence which is now declared permanent by Maithiri’s government. Displaced Tamils continue to live in camps as refugees and adequate compensatory measures have not yet been effected. Maithiri has appointed yet another commission to deal with truth and reconciliation. The earlier LLRC report and some of its constructive and useful recommendations have been laid to rest. There is nothing new for the new commission to search, investigate and recommend. The truths are there for the whole world to see and know. They are simply militarization, Sinhalisation, Buddhisisation, genocide, racial discrimination and crimes against Tamil women and children more after the war.

Maithiri and Ranil have also vowed not to accept any international investigation into the roles of Sri Lankan government, state officials, and security forces. The proposed internal investigation will commence and end up with covering of perpetrators who executed the crimes lest Maithiri runs the risk of dethroning by Mahinda who is waiting in the wings to pounce on Maithiri and Ranil at the opportune time. The grim truth is that the problems of Tamils as usual will be kept dormant partly aided by a sleepy and inactive TNA as the priorities of Sinhala political parties are solely winning Sinhala votes and capture political power and for this purpose Tamils will be exploited in whatever way possible leaving them to pursue their life of misery, sufferings, degradation and final decimation in their traditional homelands.

Mahinda has to some extent succeeded in weakening the hard posture of USA towards Sri Lanka, by relegating China’s dominance in Sri Lanka. For USA and some countries, Tamils are like curry leaves ‘ Use and then discard’.

Maithiri and Ranil company are channeling their energy and efforts to paralyse the impending UN commission’s report and make it sterile. It will not be a surprise some more commissions could be appointed targeting to solve the grievances of Tamils while their recommendations are consigned to archives.

The current highly charged political atmosphere is testing Maithiri’s energy, concentration and skills to defeat the plots hatched by Mahinda gang who are channeling all their efforts to dethrone Maithiri and Ranil while paying scant respect to the rule of law by employing political thugs to prevent and disgrace the administration of justice to the political criminals. Maithiri is warned not to allow the Mahinda clan to recommence their autocratic rule by perverting the democratic system and ideals and turning Sri Lanka into a police state.

As for the Tamils and TNA, no light is seen at the end of the tunnel and any hope of a dignified political settlement from Maithiri or Mahinda is as good as dead. It is high time for Sampanthan and company to face the realities and ground situation and look for new directions, ideas and moves to launch fresh campaign and agitations for a solution with the help of the international community.

A disunited TNA only worsens the causes of Tamils and it appears that M. A. Sumanthiran is more worried and concerned about the resurrection of the Tigers than the Sri Lankan government and other international community.

It is better late than never for the TNA to act in unison with one voice and note living on hopes, promises and tiger fantasies.

The 100 days programme discarded the cancerous ethnic problem and thus treating the TNA and Tamils as irrelevant in their political agenda, and relegating it as a matter of less or no importance.

While Sampanthan is chasing a mirage with hopes of settlement, Tamils feel isolated and desolate with no hopes without a dynamic and bold leadership at this crucial period.

*M.K. Eelaventhan – Former Member of Parliament Sri Lanka & Member of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam Representing Canada

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  • 12

    M.K. Eelaventhan –

    RE: Maithiri’s 100 Days Lack Luster Performance

    “However, some actions have been taken and/or initiated and the noteworthy step is the introduction of the 19th amendment. Reviving the independent police judicial and public service commissions and reducing the powers of president without abolishing it as promised and demanded by some political parties. This bill is likely to reach the statute book. The other notable changes are:”

    Have you heard about Realpolitik?

    Parliament Passes 19th Amendment – 215 Votes In Favour


    Lack Luster Performance? Do you mean non-ideal?

    At least he got some things done in 100 days, and trying to fix a broken system, without destroying a country.

    This is the problem with Mootals, Modayas and Fools. They do not see their reality and the environment in which Mairtipala Siresena had to operate. The environment was crowded with Mootals, Modayas, Fools, Idiots, racists, paras of different flavours, and yet he was able to get the 19A passed with 215 voting for.

    All the Common Sense Voters who voted for mr. Maitrupals Sirisena must be relived.

  • 12

    Lets be honest.

    Not a bad achievement during first 100 days

  • 10

    “The wolves are howling” The perpetrator of death of 100’s of innocent srilankans dares to write about our govt. Your funding of the terrorist LTTE virtually decimated your own people. Are you not ashamed. Do you have no remorse.
    The CM of the NP is [Edited out]. How many projects has he initiated to get the innocent tamil population back on their feet? How many houses have you helped rebuild and where?
    [Edited out] like you dont give a hoot about the common tamil man, you just want your peice of the pie. Thats it.
    Its the likes of you who stir up disharmony in this country.

  • 13

    Do you want MR back? He will satisfy your need for Fire and Brimstone!

  • 12

    Divergence starting from Sir P Arunachalam’s time has been widening for 90 years. Can the gap be bridged in 100 days?

  • 12

    “January 8 started with a whimsy and has ended with a whimper, much to the disappointment of all Sri Lankans”

    Not all Sri Lankans were disappointed. Some Sri Lankans were aware that a completely unexpected situation arose when the leadership of the SLFP was handed to MS on a platter barely 72hrs after he was elected president with a bulk of the winning votes coming from the opposition UNP. A sham UNP administration was in existence on purely the goodwill of the president. Given the fickle nature of South Asian politicians, some Sri Lankans are surprised anything got done at all.

    There are some northerners who have the deeds to their lands,in their hands. Wiggy is slightly elated by Palihakkara’s appointment.

    So not all Sri Lankans are disappointed.

  • 12

    The 100 day vote catching MAY be bad in ur eyes YET it had been the corner stone for a spring..and bodes well for SL not the Imaginary Eelam that you dream about.. the best bet u can have eelam is the shawl around the neck… so keep dreaming… YOU lot who cry foul just so your citizenship would NOT be revoked and sent back to SL have hidden agenda’s.

    Were ANY of your kids, kith or kin, boots on the ground wearing a cyanide capsule who were sent to the fore-front to take bullets while the war was on? I dont think so, they all would have been sitting in air conditioned luxury in Canada. EVEN IF eelam was achieved, would YOU come to SL and RULE? I don’t think so..so the best for you is to STOP fiddling in SL affairs from afar and spoil it for the Tamils WHO LIVE AND BREATHE IN SL… We may have differences, but it’s only human, so let us sort our own problems within the borders of SL…and stop prostituting your selfish agenda’s which may not be beneficial to the TAMILS of SL…

    Be glad that MS is the President of the country, IF MR was, you’d not be able to talk shop that could benefit the Tamils… Now that a new era and political culture has dawned in SL… let sanity prevail for the betterment of the country…YES OUR country not Yours…

    • 0

      As long as there is the triangle of India China Russia the country can count the Satan Islamist as dust with a Moroccan cap out to destroy Buddhist statutes as in Afghanistan- take care all Lankans bbs.

  • 12

    This [Edited out] Eelaventhan is a political failure and an international embarrassment to Tamils.[Edited out]. He cannot work with anybody for long. He got kicked out by the FP, TNA, LTTE and now various diaspora Tiger outfits are racing against each other in booting him out. At the moment he is the undisputed sole leader for life of a Tamil Liberation Movement which has managed to recruit him as its sole member so far.

    The above piece of writing is a fine example of Eelaventhan’s razor-sharp intelligence and penetrating analysis in guiding the Tamils towards their final destruction. He exhorts the Tamils not to become part of the effort by all right-minded Sri Lankans to restore democracy and rule of law, and build a pluralist country. Instead he urges them to view the new measures introduced by Maitri-Ranil administration cynically …..as attempts to hoodwink the Tamils. At the same time he complains the Tamils are being ignored by the new government.

    This kind of duplicity practiced by Tamil racist politicians like Eelaventhan has been the curse of Tamils for far too long, keeping them firmly on course of a self-destructve politics. These rascals have ensured parliamentary seats for themselves election after election by this despicable strategy of fear mongering and hate peddling. This is the lifelong contribution of Evilventhan. It’s time for a decisive change.

    • 5

      This joker got kicked of Tamil Nadu for shooting his ungrateful mouth against India which tolerated his plight as a refugee there, and his numerous visa applications to visit India thereafter during the time he was MP in SL was refused.
      The corrupt Jayalalitha who was CM then did not lift a finger against his deportation to SL as he also had made vituperative comments against her.
      .Even the LTTE which was responsible for his becoming an MP deprieved him of the vehicle he became entitled to during his term as MP on the ground that he had pocketed the funds he collected during his sojourns abroad.

  • 4

    Jealous or what ?

  • 8

    These disjointed rantings and ravings of an ex-politico in his evening of his life is understandable. He is finding fault with everyone Maithri, Ranil, Sampanthan, Sumanthiran and others. He is a doomsday prophet when he claims “As for the Tamils and TNA, no light is seen at the end of the tunnel and any hope of a dignified political settlement from Maithili or Mahinda is as good as dead.” And mind you it was the TNA that appointed him as a nationalist MP in 2004. He nurses a grudge against the TNA since losing his seat by overstaying his absence from parliament for more than 3 months. It is hilarious to see him praising NPC Chief Minister Wigneswaran after making derogatory comments about him day in day after in the newspapers and electronic media. He must know Ranil became Prime Minister because the people gave a mandate. President Sirisena said that if he wins the presidential elections he will appoint Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister. No doubt Wigneswaran was elected Chief Minister by the people (132,255 preference votes) but the UNP backed presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena polled 394,991(75.82%) in the NP, 583,120 (72.01%) in the EP and 272,605 in the Nuwara Eliya electoral district. These are all Tamil speaking people dominated electoral districts. So dismissing Ranil Wickremesinghe with a wave of the hand is extremely stupid. It shows his predudice towards him and not political judgement.

  • 1

    Maithiri’s lack luster performance and passing of the 19 A has given more hope to Rajapakse and his family, their cronies in the SLFP, and the gang of four.

    What good the 19 A can do if the SLFP makes MR a candidate for PM in the forth coming GE .

    It will be back to square one.

    Even if Maithiri – Ranil power continues, Rajapakse family and Gotha will be well protected bu Ranil.


  • 2

    [Edited out]

  • 3

    For USA and some countries, Tamils are like curry leaves ‘ Use and then discard’.

  • 2

    Just about every average reader and contributor in these pages seems to be convinced of the bone fides of President Sirisena’s political stance and the mala fide ambitions of his predecessor Mahinda Rajapakse and his immediate family – the latter who were, in fact, the government here for some years until Jan 08.

    I am also of the view the 100 day limitation was more a gimmick duplicating that of Indian PM Modi than one calculated to solve the more immediate needs of the Lankan public. If the latter was so, we would need at least 1-2 years to show specific results – notably in the ever rising CoL and the stagnantly performing economy. That great supporter of the new government Ven. Maduluwawe Sobita Thero seems to agree. Anyway, the 19A is now through but truncated with Govt MPs making a majority of the Constitutional Council. As Ranil suggested, it would have been best – more in view of our recent sordid past – if the entire CC were free of political presence consisting only of learned individuals of sound, expertise and unquestioned integrity.

    Mr. Eelaventhan and his Tamil Nation have little option other than to wait and see how matters move. Meanwhile, Ranil will have to forgive and forget his strained relations with the NPC/CM. He cannot afford to be adamant and small-minded. He must engage with the amiable Justice Vigneswaren.


  • 12

    “A Leopard never changes its spots” or “A tiger never changes its stripes”.
    For Sri Lanka, better a 100 days lack-lustre performance from Statesman President Maithri than one more hour of former president MR.

  • 10

    Lack Lustre? Of that you are right, Sir! It really has been boring these last 100 days. NO disappearances, NO white-vanning, NO exotic gatherings of the BBS. And NO diplomat was dethroned by slapping. Most of the days seemed to have been taken up with bloody 19.

    Be realistic Sir, give the new show a little more time to come good. Yes, it would have been nice to have a Ceaușescu-like toppling of the old regime; public hanging etc would have been an exciting alternative to the Gangaramaya Navam Perehera, but that is NOT our style in these days of Maithriya.

    Sir, you were once the future; now sit back, relax, and watch the next generation forge a brave new world.

  • 6

    It’s pretty clear just as failed politics of Sri Lanka Diashora too is in need of Mara Jarapassa for their own survival.

    All this hullabaloo is to justify that cause. While the world moves on a section of the society remains in the past. It’s unavoidable as not all are smart.

  • 4

    Yes, in comparison Vellupillai Prabakaran had a “stellar performance”supported by a good portion of expat Tamil racist. But it was short lived.

    It is possible to do “stellar preformace: doing dumb things(that will win the support of racist), its harder to do wise things.

  • 0

    Still on sick leave ?

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