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Maithri Greeted By Anti-Government Protests In London

President Maithripala Sirisena who arrived in London on Wednesday for the Anti-Corruption Summit, was greeted by protests led by the British Tamil Forum demanding justice for the civilians killed during the war, while also labelling the Sri Lankan Government as a war criminal.

The protestors holding placards demanded to know the fate of some 18,000 civilians detained, while also demanding the government to return the land belonging to the Tamils, which is currently under military control.

The protestors, who were carrying LTTE flags, also alleged that ‘profound barbarism’ continued unabated in Sri Lanka, and called for the punishment of all war criminals, while also demanding an immediate halt to the abuse of Tamil children. The protestors also wanted Sirisena to immediately disband the ‘white van’ squad, amidst increasing concerns of the reemergence of the white van style abductions specially in the North and East.

The British Tamils Forum said that they were against Sirisena participating at the summit. The Forum cited that Sirisena who was the acting defence minister during ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime was along with the government responsible for the killing of over 70,000 innocent Tamil civilians in just five months during the last leg of the war in 2009. “Seven years on, there is still no justice for the victims of genocide,” the Forum added.

Sirisena is attending the Anti-Corruption Summit on the invitation of the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Incidentally, the protest in London comes just days before Sri Lanka commemorates the end of the country’s quarter century war.

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