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Maithri Is Trying To Break SLFP Backbone: Salinda

Former Minister Salinda Dissanayake today lashed out at President Maithripala Sirisena and accused him of attempting to break the backbone of the SLFP.

Salinda Dissanayake

An angered Dissanayake made these remarks in response to the decision made by the SLFP central committee to remove him from the committee with effect from today. The Kurunegala district MP who is a supporter of the UPFA snubs’ call to bring back Mahinda Rajapaksa into politics and as the Prime Ministerial candidate of UPFA at the upcoming polls said President Sirisena is attempting to create a SLFP that is servile to the UNP.

“That is what happened with this recent creation of the national unity government. . . We have no objection about him being elected as the President – that was through the mandate of the people. But he has no right to remain as the Chairman of the SLFP since he contested the election from the swan symbol,” he added.

MP Dissanayake went on to state that after President Sirisena was elected and thereafter appointed a new set of officials to the party administration, MPs who are way lower in the seniority hierarchy of the party received higher positions than him. “These positions were given to these individuals simply owing to the fact that they pledged support to him at the election,” he said.

Speaking further he said that he will not back down against such actions but would continue their struggle to elect former President Rajapaksa as the PM of Sri Lanka.

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