Colombo Telegraph

Maithri Threatens Joint Opposition MPs

President Maithripala Sirisena who summoned an urgent meeting last evening with MPs of the joint opposition declared that if any member continues to contravene party decisions and work in an unacceptable manner, they will be removed from their organization positions.

Speaking to the MPs further, Sirisena had said that there was going to be a shuffle within the party before the next local elections, and if any member of the SLFP was found working against the party, then they will be removed from their organization positions and replaced with new members.

Sirisena had however not explicitly opposed the Joint Opposition mooted Pada Yatra which is set to kick off on July 28 from Kandy and reach Colombo on August 1. But members of the Joint Opposition said that the sudden meeting was an indirect warning to them. However despite Sirisena’s warning, the anti-government walk is expected to go ahead.

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