17 June, 2024


Maithri’s Daughter Chathu Kicks “Own-Goal” With Daddy’s Powers

President Maithripala Sirisena‘s daughter Chathurika has turned his passionate pledge of putting an end to nepotism and family bandyism on its head when she dragged state officials with her on a visit to villages in Welikanda, Polonnaruwa.

Chathurika Sirisena stated to the media that she had not come ‘just to show face with an entourage’, but had come instead to share her father’s dream in helping to solve the problems of the people. She added that this is why she was accompanied by state officials.

ChathurikaShe is reported to have visited Mahawelitenna, Sinhapura, Dimbulana, Perakumyaya and Kudapokuna during this ‘fact finding mission’.

“She has every right as a citizen to go anywhere in Sri Lanka and talk to anyone who is ready to talk to her, but Chaturika Sirisena has no legal status to warrant escort by government servants including police officers,” good governance activist Chinthaka Perera told Colombo Telegraph.

Maithripala Sirisena, during the media conference where he announced that he would be running for President stated vehemently that one of the reasons for him contesting for the Presidency was to put an end to nepotism and family bandyism.

Meanwhile when Colombo Telegraph contacted the President’s Deputy Director Media Sunil Jayasekara to clarify if Chathurika has been given a portfolio in her daddy’s government, said that as far as he knows she holds no governmental position.

Chathurika Sirisena 1


Chathurika S

Chathurika S


Chathurika S

Chathurika S

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Latest comments

  • 9

    Would you rather look at this good looking girl or the [Edited out] Namal?

  • 16

    Dear Mr Kuru,

    You are making obnoxious noises about a young lady. All what she’s doing is using her fortuitous circumstances for the benefit of those who do not have a voice.

    You as a Democracy Warrior should realize that it is in very poor taste, not to say hypocritical, to run this insulting write up at No.1 spot for the last four days. If she has even come close to abusing her situation you may dance the devil. But she has not. You should also know that respectable journalists are expected to do their work responsibly. Your freedom is restrained because you ARE a journalist, unlike me, a nobody, who on mere suspicion of foul play will say fuck you to anybody. You know I use that privilege from time to time.

    Are you of the opinion, that the lady should be deprived rights that any citizen is entitled to just because she is the daughter of the President? You should realize you are abusing your position as Owner/Editor of Colombo Telegraph. I like CT, that is why I read it, and use the forum. The facility you possess to speak to the electorate does not confer on you immunity / impunity. Show us you are a fair minded person. Remove the story, with an apology in the same space. I hope you are blessed with the necessary humility to do that.

    • 2

      Agree. Give this girl a break!

      • 3

        What is her educational background and what is her civil status?
        What is the background of the husband ,if married, and the children?
        Some say her one side is bigger…what does it mean?

  • 8

    room is created by Public Servants….has anyone seen public servants of the area calling villagers to assemble to discuss their grievances to look for collective remedies…unfortunately our country’s public service is structured in to a system where public servants awaits directives from Politicians to action….Problem is not with politicians..it is the inefficient public service and officials. The sad truth is there aren’t any takers for public service entry level positions from children from Leading schools.The intake largely is from remote village schools. These entrants continue their backward looking/boot licking culture when they enter public service. Country needs a complete revamp of Public Service…The current so called SLAS leaders lack visionary approach to the challenges of this century.

  • 9

    I my view, we should look at the plus side on this matter. During the last regime Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapakse was involved in many such events, like Mrs, Obama or Chinese President’s Wife and even she used her husband’s powers to command the Police Officers. In comparison, we all should accept that Mrs. Srisena is by nature a Backward Village housewife and this Young Lady, while helping to nurture her Father’s Electoral District and their Birthplace, is also covering her mother’s role in public life. Therefore, I do not see anything wrong here, as long as she knows to maintain her boundaries and do not command/insult Public Officers and get menial jobs from Police Officers like Basil R’s wife. I am really impressed by her Presentation at those events.

  • 7

    Family members have no right to get involved directly in politics on the strength of the father. If you dig into our political history there have always been instances where family members take the authority into their hands.This is non other than abuse of power. This must acome to an end. Here in Europe where democracy is practiced more conspicously than in most other countries, family members of politicians keep a distance from politics. In fact the husband or children of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel have never appeared on TV or newspapers.

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