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Major General Prasanna Silva Involved In A White Van Controversy To Be Transferred

Commander of the Commando Regiment Major General Prasanna De Silva, who got involved in a white van controversy recently, is to be transferred out of the unit, according to reliable sources.

Major General Prasanna De Silva

He is to be replaced by Brigadier Ralph Nugera. The transfers will be effective from the 19th of this month according to sources.

On July 22, three civil-clad army soldiers were arrested by the police while they were travelling in a white van with a firearm.

Police were suspicious as the vehicle’s registration number did not tally with its papers.

It was later revealed that the van had fake number plates. Also reports suggested that it had been earlier used by the LTTE.

Later the Army said the vehicle and the weapon had been issued to Major General Prasanna Silva.

The major general, who had played a key role during the final stages of the war in 2009, had said that three soldiers were a part of his personal security detail. He had also said the weapon concerned was his service pistol.

Former Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa at a public event later had said the white van belonged to the LTTE and it was now being used by the Army. He also said sending the ‘white van’ was an attempt to kill him and the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who happen to live in the surrounding area of Nugegoda.

The Army meanwhile said the preliminary investigations by the Military Police have confirmed that neither those soldiers, nor the vehicle in question, were involved in any criminal act whatsoever.

However, the Army said necessary legal action would be instituted against breach of military law, if any upon completion of Military Police investigations,

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