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Malaka Silva Back To Terrorizing Night Club Revellers

Malaka Silva who was notorious for terrorizing guests at popular night clubs he patronized during the former Rajapaksa regime is once again back in business. Last Friday Malaka Silva accompanied by his friend Romesh Kulatunga and an alleged drug dealer named ‘Maama’ had badgered a reveler at the famous up market night spot the Park Street Mews.


This incident incidentally was blacked out by all main stream media outlets and also social media websites.

Meanwhile even several calls made to Harpo Gunaratne, the owner of the Park Street Mews Restaurant and Bar by Colombo Telegraph to obtain his version of the incident went unanswered.

However sources close to the Management confirmed that the incident had taken place.

This incident took place when Malaka had been walking around with a bottle of alcohol in his hand and began harassing other guests and revelers. He had then bumped into another guest and in an ensuing heated argument Malaka had threatened to beat him up.

Another reveler who was patronizing the night club that night and when contacted by Colombo Telegraph said: “The guest who Malaka Silva challenged did not back down and told him that they could take the fight outside. They then proceeded outside with Malaka Silva hurling verbal abuses. When they got outside Malaka Silva’s friend Romesh Kulatunga dragged him to their vehicle and along with ‘Maama’ the three of them took off. This incident happened in the view of hundreds of other revelers who were mortally scared. However many guests who felt uncomfortable decided to therefore leave the night spot”.

Malaka Silva the self-claimed play boy and alleged drug king pin during the former Rajapaksa regime is the son of former Minister of Labour Mervin Silva.

Minister Silva himself was earlier named in a leaked US Embassy cable which read “ according to a former Sri Lankan security services official, drug kingpins in Sri Lanka have political patrons in the government, chief among them Dr. Mervyn Silva, a Member of Parliament and the Minister of Labor. His son, Malaka Silva, is suspected of trafficking the drug “ecstasy” in Colombo”.

Malaka Silva was earlier imposed a legal ban from entering night clubs due to several brawls he had been involved in the past. Silva usually walks in with gun trotting body guards and has had a history of harassing guests especially ladies. Night club owners complain that they detest Silva’s entry to their establishments, as frequent guests walk out no sooner Malaka Silva walks in with his group of armed body guards.

During his last reported incident Malaka Silva was involved in a major brawl with a Scottish national James Casserly at a night club named Rhythm & Blues in Colombo. The incident which ended in court but more so with Malaka ending up suffering a broken nose, was when he had slapped the Scot’s girlfriend Belinda Mc Kenzie. This was after Belinda Mc Kenzie had pushed Malaka away when he had groped her. The Scotsman Casserly who was hailed as a hero in the local media had then punched Malaka Silva in his face resulting in him sustaining a broken nose. Thereafter Malaka Silva’s armed body guards floored and mercilessly assaulted the unarmed Scotsman.

In another reported incident in September 2007, an Accountant named Chaminda Senasinghe the brother of current State Minister of International Trade Sujeewa Senasinghe was hit on his face with pistol butt by Malaka Silva at the Bistro Latino Restaurant. Chaminda Senasinghe suffered 11 stitches to his forehead. Malaka Silva was subsequently remanded for pistol whipping Chaminda Senasinghe.

Other reported incidents of Malaka Silva are as follows

* Malaka Silva and two of his bodyguards on November 2, 2006 pleaded guilty to attacking Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) officers who were on a drug raid at a night club in a five star hotel.

* An Army intelligence officer Major C. Pradeep was admitted to the National Hospital after being assaulted by Malaka on September 08, 2012

* Malaka Silva was stabbed in the car park of Odel by a group of Army men allegedly working with the presidential security divission. He was admitted to the Nawaloka Hospital. (By Manisha Unantanne)

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