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Malicious Media Discrediting Government, President Tells Sri Lankans In London

President Maithripala Sirisena lamented that the ‘forward march of the motherland’ is being stymied by certain people’s efforts to suppress truth and inflate untruths.

Addressing a gathering of expatriate Sri Lankans living in London, President Sirisena requested them to understand the true situation and support efforts to put the country back on track, according to a media release of the President’s Media Unit.

Sirisena further stated that correct information about the government’s programme to develop the country while establishing democracy and freedom has not been disseminated to the general public. He principally blamed unnamed media institutions and social media platforms for this state of affairs, claiming that political and commercial objectives have motivated these to suppress the truth and disseminate lies.

He added that the Government has spared no efforts over the last three years to discharge all responsibilities to the ‘beloved motherland’ and noted that turning the peace obtained by establishing reconciliation and co-existence into a sustainable peace has been a priority in these efforts.

President Sirisena boasted that several significant victories have been scored over the past three years including economic policies that have been successful at strengthening the economy of the people and developing the country, and winning over sections of the international community previously arrayed against the country.

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