5 July, 2022


Mangala Files Action Against Kili Maharaja But Not Tiran Alles

Notice was issued on Sirasa Network Chairman R. Rajamahendran (also known as RR and ‘Kili’ Rajamahendran) to appear before the Matara Additional Magistrate’s Court after UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera filed a criminal case against him accusing the channel of inciting a witch-hunt against his supporters using his broadcasting network.



Samaraweera has filed action against Sirasa and its Chairman for telecasting news and views and that violate the peace. The UNP MP has accused the Sirasa Network of repeatedly promoting the protest march against Ranil Wickremesinghe’s leadership of the party on 5 October, leading to violent clashes on the streets of Matara on that day.

He has accused Rajamahendaran and his network of the malicious and unethical abuse of the media aimed at dividing the UNP.

The famously reclusive Chairman of the Capital Maharaja Group has been ordered to appear in Court on December 11.

Questions are however emerging at Sirasa Network as to why Samaraweera has not cited Ceylon Today and Mawbima proprietor Tiran Alles as a respondent in the case.

Sirasa and Mawbima and Ceylon Today have often published deeply prejudicial news about the UNP, its leadership and members loyal to the leadership in tandem.

Samaraweera has a history with Alles, having formed the SLFP Mahajana wing with the businessman after they quit the Rajapaksa Government. Alles was appointed Chairman of Airports and Aviation by President Mahinda Rajapaksa after he became President in 2005, but he was introduced to SLFP politics by Samaraweera.

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    Sirasa Network Chairman R. Rajamahendran is the News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch Wannabe of Sri Lanka.


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      Ben, let Tamils rule u and us country will be and heaven on earth…sinhala bailas only good for wasting and destroying…am I wrong….I am not….

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    This isnot Killi. This is his brother. But three cheers for Killi for exposing those tinker bells.

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    Thanks Mangy for exposing this man! Sirasa is disgusting, worst than the state media in their attacks against the opposition.

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    According to the Kandy Tube, its this same Maggie,who tried to put the Mapila in Uncle Para’s pants.

    Now Maggie is taking on the Maharajas, the real deal.

    Is there a connection, one may wonder?..

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    These chaps have gone full circle and now singing for the powers that. They seem to be doing a job for the powers that be. Very obvious as the very mention of the ruling family’s name by any opposition politician is “bleeped”. Who pays the ferryman?

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    Who killed Princes Diana. The ITALIAN PRESS. Who is killing the UNP and RW. The Sirasa MTV/MBC net work.

    Maharaja’s proxies/nominees were not nominated in the UNP list, despite having Dr Harsha de Silva, Buddihika Pathirana, a tamil SOB, Sri Ranga

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    Mangala should quit the political kitchen if he can’t stand the heat.

    Just look at the media battering Ranil gets day in and day out. He has so far never complained, a champion politician (though really a runner-up!).

    Mangala is looking more and more foolish with every passing day. His recent behaviour pattern makes one wonder whether he has lost his marbles.

    Of course, some of his vitriolic critics say Mangala lost his marbles as a young man, but that’s another story!

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    This is an interesting turn of events. Let us take
    Mangala Samaraweera first.

    When he was media Minister, journalists protested
    and burnt his effigy. The wild arrogance of then
    Minister Samaraweera forced the sacking of Bandula
    Padmakumara who was then Editor of the Lakbima. His
    offence was carrying the effigy or the pambaya.

    Today, it is the same Samaraweera who is taking
    Maharaja to Courts on the issue of reporting by Sirisa
    Group. The great champion of democracy and his cohorts
    used poles to assault those engaged in a democratic
    protest over the removal of Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    If this is what Mangala and company are whilst in opposition,
    what would it be if they come to power? Will then not be
    the same as those in the current Rajapaksa regime. Then why
    blame them? Mangala’s ego is much bigger than anyone else
    in the opposition. The footboard passengers in the UNP bus
    has now got a front seat. He will plunge the bus into a
    precipice by the extreme limits to which he is taking the
    party which he once loathed.

    Now to Raja Mahendran. Remember the days when he called the
    shots with Ranasinghe Premadasa. Unfortunately for him, the
    late President’s son is not of the same calibre. Yet, he and
    a few others like Tiran Alles (and his newspaper group Mawbima)
    are trying to create leaders and form Governments. Sajith is
    such a political novice he will not mind anything as long as
    he gets publicity. Sirisa’s credibility is no more. It is dead
    as a dodo. Their unflincing criticism of Ranil Wickremesinghe
    won him more sympathy.Raja Mahendra has a personal groups against
    RW. He did not give three National List seats to Sri Ranga.

    Should we have such king makers who are using a powerful
    electronic media to slant and plant news. People are being misled
    and Raja Mahendran attacks anyone whom he perceives are opposed
    to him and his cohorts. He of course has used his TV station to
    give coverage to government and opposition politicians of his own
    choice. Example Minister Rohitha Abeygunawardena in the government.
    In the opposition there is Ravi Karunanayake etc.

    So Mangala is no angel. His ego, which counts most to him than
    the UNP, is now hurt. For this, he is screwing up the UNP on the
    basis that any Sri Lankan has the right to go to courts. Of course,
    that is correct. But ask him, does not any Sri Lankan have the
    right to have a peaceful march from Matara to Colombo?

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      UNP continues to splinter under Ranil. RW is behind the Mangala S Vs Sirisa issue because the network is less anti-regime now. Ranil is
      livid he has been brought down in the party. MTV/Sirisa is a creature of the UNP and their current pin-up boy is the less popular but super-ambitious Ravi K, who can never be numero uno. His rise is largely due to the Sunday Leader. He insulted the army during the war, comes of a Christian-Muslim family background and is a late entry in the UNP. Ravi has no specific electorate and is far involved with the underworld. Mangala has no appetite for him.

      Of the Maharajah Brothers Kili has been more maverick and backs political parties while the elder Maha is a quiet businessman. The latter, from the time his house off Bullers Road was attacked by Mathews hordes in 7/83, knows the days for Tamils in the country are numbered and therefore built himself up more in Australia. The Brothers saw the big times beginning NAM 1976 – where they got the plum of the Contracts. Milk Powder from Australia/NZ and Sugar trading brought them the windfall by which they got the support of SUN TV from Tamilnadu – courtesy Karunanidhi’s nephews Daya and Kala Maran. MTV/Sirisa flowed from there. The Brothers have been scrupulously national, patriotic and have a strong network of friends across the communities. The hard fact is in countries such as this partying with politicos – unreliable, unpredictable, opportunistic and unethical it is like being close to electrical power lines. One does not know when one will be electrocuted.


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        I wouldn’t step in to sirasa for a drizzle.

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        RaviK is the most corrupt politician in this country. During 2001/3 UNP regime, RaviK even tried to shift that Rajagiriya kora-wattuwa to some remote place in Battaramulla to grab that massive land there to make a kill. Aren’t they all the same?

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    The current UNP is full of clowns, everything they say or do is just another circus act.

    Sirasa TV is trash TV anyway.

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    Mangala is no fool! He is only an imbecile! Why splinter the opposition more? Why cant he take the R-passa’s to court for many of things happening? Or are the partners RW & MS agents of the RRRR BROTHERS Or working behind the backs as the duo is used to? Please you guys please please, cross over to government or move out of politics!!

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    First people blamed Ranil Wickremesinghe for ruining
    the United National Party. After September 27 polls,
    there were more pressure on the UNP asking the leader
    to quit.

    He survived. He took protection under heavy armour in
    the form of a Leadership Council. Traveller Mangala
    Samaraweera, who was in political wilderness, jumped
    on board. Now he is holding tight to the position of
    LC member.

    All other close advisors to Wickremesinghe have been
    sidelined. RW listens to Mangala more than others

    Very soon, he will convert the UNP into another JVP.
    There will be nothing left of it. This is because there
    is no one with guts in the UNP to speak out against this
    camel that first put its head into the tent. Now it is
    inside the tent. The next thing, he will fly hig removing
    all the moorings.

    Why does not RW ask Mangala to form his own youth club
    and manage it. That would be better than screwing what is
    left of the UNP.

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    The man to watch out in all these
    is Tissa Attanayake, the Secretary
    Genral of the UNP. He is not happy
    that he who holds the very important
    post in the party is not in the
    Leadership Council.

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    Maharajah’s networks know that if they don’t support the ruling regime, they will be destroyed. Their offices have been destroyed in the past, so they know they have to tow the line.

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    manGala is digging his own grave. He has been the pawn from the 90s to 2010s to every major leader… he is more used than a 50 year old prost*****… maybe he craves and loves the attention and drama.. major Daddy issues

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