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Matale Mass Grave Case: Magistrate Refuses Affidavits, Ignores Submissions & Avoids Recording True Proceedings

The Matale Magistrate yesterday (4 November 2013) refused to accept further affidavits from persons whose relatives have disappeared and were seeking to provide information to court on incidents relating to the mass graves discovered in Matale.

Mass Grave At Matale

The Magistrate verbally asked that all statements be given directly to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID). According to several relatives contacted by Colombo Telegraph, this paves the way for the police to be used to cover up for powerful interested parties.

The lawyers appearing on behalf of the aggrieved parties objected to the decision to send forensic samples to a Chinese institution, given the different legal standards applied in China and the recent incidents which have discredited the Chinese Forensic Medicine Association.

The above issues and concerns though raised in open court, are not reflected in the official case record. The case record would only reflect the next date given as 22 May 2014, which is all that was dictated for the record.

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